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Hi guys,

I'm having some trouble in keeping on track with my daily motivation, which leads me to feeling detached from the world and from the Universe.

When I discovered The Secret, I got really good at using the Law of Attraction with little things, and progressively moved on to bigger things. I became I much happier person, living a more positive oriented lifestyle. It was a true transformation for me. And to this day, I am a huge believer in the Law of Attraction, and I try to do visualisation at least once a day!

But as time went by, some of my old lifestyle events came back, such as the lack of opportunities, I lost my job, money got short and my love life just vanished.

Something happened, and I feel as if I became disconnected.

I tried starting over again. Went back to the very start and watched the secret again 3 times. But I'm afraid it hasn't changed much about my current status.

Does anyone know of a good course that I can do, or even better, a Law of Attraction Coach that I can work with, who can help me get back on track?


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Mike Dooley is one of d best LOA teachers, you can find some free courses by him on the web, here's a great interview with him:



Thank you Stefania.

I also found this one audio book course online called The Quantum Combination. Have you ever heard of it?
The page describes my problem exactly how I feel it. Because I feel a very big imbalance between my mind and my emotions, and I think that that is causing the horrible life I have now.

I can't think positive thoughts when I'm not feeling good. But I also can't think good things that will make me feel good because that only creates temporary results. I need something that can completely change the inside of me, my emotions, and the way that I think, so that I can attract good things again.

I just feel completely out of alignment with the Universe right now.

I will check out our link, and I will also see if I can find more information out there that can help.

Thank you very much Stefania! Really appreciate your help!

I don't know if you get the link. It's http://thequantumcombination.com/

If you can afford to hire a coach, Brian Freedman on here is very good.

The best is Brian Freedman.

Haha Brian is Super Amazing, a Perfect coach!! And he is a Super Funny Incredibly Intelligent person!!

You're very welcome Noa!! That site seems to be really great!! As regards me, what helps me alot are abraham's quotes, here are some of them for you:

Thanks for all the advice!

I'm going to go with The Quantum Combination http://thequantumcombination.com/ because it goes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and because it seems like a good course that I'd definitely do to get unstuck, and to make the Law of Attraction work for me.

So I'll give it a shot, and as I progress, I'll post a few updates on how things are going. Also so others can see what it's like, because I can't seem to find information about the course. 

Oh well... gotta take the risk and see how things go.

Again, thanks for the quotes and the help!! 

LOA  always works for us .

Hi guys I just wanted to give you an update about which path I chose.

So between paying to get a coach answer a few questions, and have a time limit to get them answered, and getting a full course which can help me work my issues with the Law of Attraction and my connection to the universe, I went forth and bought The Quantum Combination course. And I did this for a few very specific reasons:

Firstly because it talks about a holistic coaching method which I'd never actually considered before. It works on the roots which create our beliefs around certain subjects and topics in our lives, which are what primarily influence every single emotion that we feel, which is then put out into the Universe. So it's a way to work on our essence first, so that every vibration that comes out of our body is always in tune and aligned with what we wish to manifest, and not up and down like what happens to most of us.
Secondly, because it's a practical course, and not only theoretical. It spans over about 15 different topics, such as life purpose, forgiveness and gratitude, intuition, fine-tuning success and attracting money, and about 20 different techniques and exercises, one for each different topic. So depending on where you actually feel stuck, you can easily get unstuck by focusing more on that particular topic. The exercises are mostly in meditation and visualization, but they have a technology which is infused in the sound, to enhance the process of learning and neural reconditioning. There are also some written exercises as I can see the course comes with an exercise book, and another 60 day course (bonus material apparently), which will force you to keep track of your progress and commitment to the exercises.
So for the price it's sold at, I believe this can be a truly good investment, because you can always go back and forth, instead of having to pay a coach again and again every time you have a question.

I've only just started the first level and can already say that this is completely different from the normal audiobook for the law of attraction. The content completely new. and tackles real life issues and changes, and nothing about "positive thinking when you're feeling down". This one will tackle the issue of why you're really feeling down and change you inside which will then change your vibration forever, so that this issue will never be an influence on you again. And It's exactly what I needed. It's like the author knows me. And I trust him because he's certainly been where I am now. Stuck! And he got out of it.

Another reason why I got the program was because I can try it for 60 days, and if I don't like it, I can just get my money back.

So like I said, I just got started with Quantum Combination, and I've already learned so much about myself that I can already feel change inside of me.

So I'll keep you posted with updates about this course if you want. I'm not sure if I can post pictures, but if I can, then I will.

Hugs to all!

  • Abraham videos really helped me for years with anxiety.....
Illusion (Odille Rault) does amazing work! She recently helped me with faster eat. And Tolemac as well! I had a session with him in the past and it helped clear energy and open a path for me.

Hi friends!

I just wanted to give you another update about the course for the law of attraction that I'm doing. It's just like having a coach working with me, getting me through all my challenges and doubts and putting me back on track with my alignment to the Universe.

How The Quantum Combination starts:
So the program begins with an explanation about the human mind, and how it tends to keep us in the same frequency that we're used to working with. It's the mind's primitive function which we are going to work with, and control, so that it allows us to change our inner selves and create higher vibrations, which will always stay high, no matter what.

So this first part sets the mood for the entire program. It's pretty scary in the beginning, I must confess. Because I sense that this is something that will really transform my life completely. So anyone buying the course will have to either be willing to completely transform your life and your energy, or walk away and keep getting what you've always got.

I say this because after the introduction, you're immediately inducted into "finding your life purpose" and using it to work with the law of attraction, which is something that I'd NEVER heard of before. This first exercise completely made sense to me because there's no better way to become fully aligned to the Universe, than working from your essence outwards. This course is not about "attracting a cup of coffee". It's about "attracting a million dollars" to be able to fulfil your life purpose.

Roger Mac (the author) explains that by doing this first step, everything about yourself just falls into place. Because everything that you feel frustrated about in life goes against one or more of your core values. If you hate your job, or if you dislike your husband's attitude, it's because it goes against a core value. So the goal of this first part is to know what you value the most, and to set goals and make decisions from "that place" instead of logic. I could go on and on and on... but this is just step 1 of 20.

I dare say that the level of pragmatism, knowledge and applicability in this course exceeded my expectations. Roger Mac is an excellent coach, and the whole course is just sooo complete and beautifully designed!! I attached some screenshots just so you can "see" how it looks on the screen.

You can also download it and listen to the Quantum Combination audiobook on your ipod. Meditations and Sound Quality are A++!!

Please share your thoughts if you've done the course before!




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