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I have intended to write this in response to the corona virus, but it can be applied any time of year, Covid-19 or not.

Whatever LOA wisdom says, there is a situation around the world at the moment, and everyone's going potty. A result of that is that fewer people are going out and less money is being spent, and this can have an effect on the world economy. This is why I am suggesting that, a couple of times a week, we all make an unnecessary or 'luxury' purchase. Something we don't actually need too much, but which will still put extra money in tills and into businesses.

Law of Attraction is one law of the Universe, but there are many others, and one of them is the Law of Tao and Flow. It too has staple LOA knowhow as its root: whatever you give out, you get back. So whatever money you send (or flow) out to the world, comes back to you multiplied.

At the moment, people are staying indoors due to virus panic and media fearmongering, less money is being spent and less abundance is circulating. What I am suggesting, is that we spend a bit more on things we don't necessarily need. I don't mean being wildly extravagant with your bank card, or buying 20 packets of toilet rolls; I'm talking about buying that extra pint of beer in the pub, that extra item in the supermarket aisle, that cup of coffee which you briefly consider on the railway station platform, or even putting your spare change into the charity box on the counter. (I don't recommend gambling though; that's a slippery slope downwards).

I have done this today by unwittingly spending more on London Overground (I forgot to tap in with my Oyster Card, and was charged the full for a journey) and then buying an extra bottle of water from the Co-Op in Ruislip. This has amounted to about £3 more than I was intending, but it's an extra £3 which has gone into the bigger economy, and it's a vacuum in my life which the Universe will fill, because Nature abhors a vacuum. And it's money I have anyway, and can share.

When we outflow and share the wealth like this, it contributes to the energetic whole of the world. If your country is in lockdown, spend when it opens up again. If your country is open for business, spend now. It may seem like madness to open yourself up to a supposed virus risk, but you're far more likely to remain healthy than be infected, and basic common sense, a good diet with vitamins, and keeping a safe distance between people will keep you healthy. Plus of your thoughts are positive, and if you visualise a white light around yourself, the Higher Power will also do its bit.

We add to the energetic 'pot' of abundance, to the tune of the price of a cup of tea or packet of Cheese-Its each time, and all of these little extra contributions add up over the days and weeks. They are what help the world economy to expand and keep on expanding, and what will come back to you in some way or another. It could be directly as cash, or it could be as a gift, a discount, a favour, or something else you benefit from.

And you will be helping the planet and allowing the Universe to send you more.

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Better still, if you can make these purchases from small shops rather than bigger ones.  Supermarkets etc are multinational corporations, and can withstand a crisis.  Smaller shops need our help. 

Yesterday I bought a large latte coffee from a local cafe which had been closed for 7 weeks.  On Friday, I bought a tin of sweet corn at the supermarket on a whim, and on Thursday I got a small latte coffee from Wenzel’s bakery. All around the world, countries are coming out of lockdown, and businesses will need support, so let’s all make those luxury extra purchases. Anything from the extra food item in the supermarket, to the impulse decision to “ sod it’s, let’s go away for the weekend, “ helping trains, airlines, hotels and so on. (If these still aren’t up and running, send your intentions out to the Universe, and it will help you with them).

I have made a list of things I intend to do post-lockdown, and that includes places I intend to buy things if only just to give them some trade. All of my favourite pubs and coffee shops, a couple of online ordering sites, and actually going to my favourite branch of Waterstones and ordering a book there. I could buy it from anywhere, but if I order it in that store, they get the mark-up for the sale.  When we make these little purchases, they all add up, and they benefit us as well because we are out flowing energy into the Universe. 


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