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I keep reading the things that happen to you are your mirror or some words to that effect

Can some please what this means - not sure if I agree


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The basic idea is that the outer world reflects the inner world. The inner world being your energy, mental state, vibration.

Everything which happens to you is a reflection of the beliefs and feelings you are having.  Every event and circumstance in your life manifests because it is in your thinking or your vibration somehow, and you are putting your attention on it.  If there is something or someone in your world you dislike, then it is being shown to you by the Universe, so that you may release it.  However, if there is something or someone you like, then keep on giving out those energies.

Examples are abundant.  You fear scarcity, and can never keep a job or are always struggling for money.  You feel inner peace, and are drawn to tranquil lakes and oceans.  You are angry, and are always around arguments, or rioting.  You are eccentric, and so you live in the 'anything-goes' city of a country.  You're feeling low on energy and run-down, and keep seeing dead batteries and used cigarette lighters everywhere.  You suddenly start to upgrade your self-esteem, and suddenly, you become very popular with everyone.  You start loving yourself, and suddenly start attracting admirers.

The Universe can be very creative in the way it shows you these things through the reflections of your outer world.  You are feeling stuck and in need of help, and then you see breakdown assistance vehicles everywhere.  You desire to visit foreign countries, and you start finding foreign coins everywhere.  You are feeling silly at work, and then some circus clowns come in.

There are also mass-consciousness elements to this.  So for example, the leader of a country will reflect the energies of the people of that country.  If they are fearful, they will attract a dictator.  If they are feeling peaceful, they will attract someone competent who creates prosperity.  If a town or city has positivity among its residents, then this will get rewarded in some way, such as the Olympics, or the Expo World Fair.  The fortunes of a company reflect the energies and beliefs of its workers.  Are you contributing to a mass consciousness right now?

Illness is a big way in which your thoughts and beliefs are reflected back to you; mainly the fears you have.  You send out negative energy, and it gets reflected in a symbolic part of the body.  Having trouble letting go of something?  You may attract a blockage such as constipation.  Do you have a lifelong feeling of being unloved?  This usually shows up in heart disease.  Are you feeling powerless?  This could show up as sensitive teeth (as in feeling toothless).  But when you start to deal with the negative root cause, then these symptoms will fade away.

Your world is your mirror.

Very well written Sir Neal

Thank You

Love this answer, what about diseases caused by pollution, waves, malnutrition etc? Isn't it harder to stay healthy in the world we live in today?

At the bottom line, we get what we believe in. If we believe that we will get diseases from things like pollution, then we will attract the outcome of that belief. We will get what we fearfully put our attention on. Malnutrition comes from a fear that the Universe won't provide for us in terms of food, and there as well, we will get what we believe in.

This doesn't mean that if we live in a very polluted area we will be alright all of the time, and that we don't need to eat, but what I'm saying is that our thoughts can help us along the way. Believe that we are healthy, and we will be placed into locations and circumstances where the air is clean, the water is clean and we have more than enough food to sustain us. It is always about the beliefs we hold and focus on.

In Huna philosophy the world is what you think it is. Essentially our own beliefs and attitudes create our experience of physical reality. In Kupua (shaman) tradition life is a dream that we imagine into existence. As we change our beliefs and attitudes the world around us moulds itself to match. We have a huge amount of influence but most people don't realise that they have the power to choose.


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