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I want to start this discussion since it's interesting to see what others think about the subject of Negative news on TV. How does one treat this? I understand that we accept what the universe feeds us at any given time, but are we at liberty to really change this? Does me asking the question post a negative stance on the power to change an outcome of an event? Is this a deeper subject that takes time and practice to understand or is it merely as simple as just counter reacting with positive intentions?

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It definitely does take time and practice to understand.....

I personally don't watch the news anymore - if there is information that I am required to know, it will find it's way to me, but I don't get caught up in the media anymore - I don't allow their influence or vibrations in.....

I am learning to think constructively all around me and see everything in its best possible light. By doing so, you will gradually transform your entire existence, and thus you will promote your own welfare. As you look for the good, you will move towads the good. Of course this doesn't mean that you ignore the bad things you see, but instead you learn to look beyond them to the inevitable good inside of everything and everyone. This in turn will bring out the best in you.....

I still have issues with this - but I am learning more and more everyday and because of my AWARENESS - I know I am getting better and better at it.....

I like your questions Joey - it is as simple as counter reacting with positive intentions - having the ability to do so takes practice and discipline and you will amaze yourself!

Gotta love you man,
LOL... Thanks Awesome! Your name fits well...

I love this topic!
I do not watch the news or read the paper.
There is an abundance of sensationalized media and information out there in the world, most of it negative. We are the creators of our existance, dont let society choose how you feel and react to the world. Just because its there doesnt mean we have to consume it. If something is really important someone will tell you. Otherwise your ingesting mass amounts of garbage and filler which produce addictions, fears and negativity.
I mean you really dont need to know about the guy who was murdered 80 miles away from you, nothing you could have done then or can do now. Back in the 90's there was a schoolbus that got hijacked and driven out to the desert. It was filled with kids. The hijakers buried the schoolbus in a quarry in the desset. The kids were still in it. Big story you may have heard of it. Two of the kids dug their way out and went for help. When the kids were rescued not a one of them appeared harmed. A group of psychologist did a long term study on them. At first they showed no signs of Trauma, but over 10 years every kid except the two that dug themselves out had severe Post Traumatic Experiences. I'm relaying this story because it is proven that unless you can activly work through traumatic experiences they will effect you long term. Most news is out of your hands, but we still have emotional reactions to these stories. In the long run, after hundreds of these stories, we will be effected. Its a slow erosion, think of the Grand Canyon.
Stacy... I see what your saying. Thing is that I work in a clinic where they have the news blaring in all the waiting rooms and on the plasma tvs, so it's kinda hard to walk by when people are standing gathered around the screen to see whats going on. But yeah...I thought about it as well. Thanks for your insight on this cool subject.


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