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So I wanted to share some inspiring success that I have had.  I was on the forum long ago, and shared many things.  I got married last year to the most amazing woman on the planet who I love and adore.  I shared at the time, we were hoping to create a family and that we discovered my wife was unable to conceive owing to some complications.  The precise nature of which aren’t important, but it was a trying time.


However, we had been together for a number of years.  I’m a psychologist by trade, and have a thriving practice and she is a nurse and a key worker.  We had both shared between ourselves from the get go that we had both envisaged having a family (hard to believe it was 7 years ago) and she had always had the dream of a family and little children running around.  We are both healthy and work hard and have a loving relationship so it seemed, at first glance, like a cruel blow.  However we are both followers of the law of attraction and so we both knew we would change our lives somehow. 


So the first thing was that we got ourselves some counselling.  This helped me a great deal and my wife.  It is hard to imagine to folk who haven’t gone through the process, but we needed to grieve for that life we weren’t going to have and the children that weren’t going to be.  We weren’t in denial of what happened, but we also had a lot of anger and other emotions around it and so the counselling helped us to express that healthily.  So we took a time out from work and we went away.  We did some brain storming whilst away and we knew we both wanted to be parents so we decided upon adoption as an alternative instead.  We went through a long process but got approval to adopt a child through an agency.  We were granted a beautiful little girl of 4 years old.  She is an absolute angel.  She didn’t have the easiest of starts in life, but we were so happy and over joyed to receive her and it was a blessing we were both so grateful for.  Anyhow, life was going great, I had returned to work, and my wife had changed to working part time. 


A few months passed, and we were loving life completely.  We had an amazing family and both loved this little girl so much.  We received a call from the agency asking how things were going and scheduling a home visit (they do this for protection of the child).  We were anxious but knew that we were providing a good home to this little girl and so we both gave each other positive self talk and focused on our blessings.  During the visit the two people asked whether we had considered adopting any further children?  It kind of took us both aback as we had  and it seemed to come from no where.  They had a special case of a young 2 year old boy, who was needing urgent foster care and wondered what we felt about it.  This was something I had been dreaming of, a son and a daughter.  However, initially I was worried about our first foster child and shared that with them and my wife shared my thoughts.  So we discussed it with our daughter, and she was not 100% keen at first.  We had a few conversations and quickly got to the bottom of her fears – that she was going to be passed on to another family and have to start again (in her mind).  However, when we alleviated those fears, she was on board and within a week we had our new son at our home.  I had a huge week redecorating the study into a nursery room for the boy. 


Now the day of arrival was stunning.  We boht awoke in the morning to what was the most glorious sunshine day.  We were blessed.  Our daughter was also excited about it too.  Our son’s arrival time came and we were over joyed.  However the agent warned us that the child had been a bit poorly and was unwell but that he had been checked out and it was all okay and good to go.  Well, like so many times, life threw us a curveball.  He was pretty poorly for the first few weeks and was quite unwell and sick.  He had a fever and was throwing up and unable to express himself verbally so we were patient and kept loving him and the whole situation and our daughter could not have been any more of an angel and helped support us both through this period.  Our son was diagnosed with diabetes (insulin dependent) a few weeks after that and so again we had a challenge to over come which was incredibly hard.  Luckily my wife had worked with diabetics so was a bit more familiar with the whole thing than I was.  I had to learn to count carbs and then inject him insulin 4x a day.  It was heart breaking at first, as I felt like I was hurting him injecting him, and he would cry, but I also knew if I didn’t inject him he would die.  So it was a kind of struggle for me to get my head round and again I sought some counselling to help me through this process.  Also having to explain to our daughter the reasons why we were injecting him and trying to explain it wasn’t about hurting him but empowering him to live was such a challenge but we did it and got through it.


Within a short space of time, my son has become 100 times better.  His diabetes is also in check now and we have learned a whole lot about diabetes and life in general.  However, it hasn’t been a ride in the park and without challenges, but we both had wanted the family and we knew we would be great parents (and we are).  I’m sharing this to show that life may have challenges but if you put your mind to it you can and will achieve anything you desire.  


Now my wife is a key worker so has been working with people during the Covid 19 process and that has presented some interesting challenges too but we are working through this.  A week ago, she was having a check up (as part of her role she has them regularly) and we discovered she is pregnant.  This was supposed to be impossible and it is early days but it just really illustrates the power of the law of attraction.  More scans and checks are yet to come but so far the process is looking really good and both our children are going to be involved in the process.  I just wanted to share this for those in circumstances where they feel they are going through challenges – not to give up EVER.  As I say, this hasn’t been an “easy” journey by any standards, but it has been by far one of the most rewarding and even better than I could have imagined.  


I’m in two minds at the moment about the future – whether to continue in private practice to to switch to a different career (and will be exploring that moreso as time progresses) as it may be something that I can do with ease and earn a similar wage but we shall see.  However I am hoping that sharing this experience will help inspire others not to give up.  

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Oh wow! Congratulations to you both! 

Thank you for writing this as it is what I need to read today. Even if the outside world is saying not,’ the LOA will say ‘yes’ if you believe that it can orchestrate things. It isn’t restricted by human life or whatever is happening on planet Earth. 

We all need these reminders at times!  The only limits that exist are the ones we give ourselves.  

Reminds me of a tag line on a flyer which was in my post box a few weeks ago. It said: A MILLION MILES AWAY IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.  Reminder that our dreams aren’t as difficult to manifest as we think, and we wouldn’t have been given the desire by the higher intelligence, if they were. 

So for example, career wise I have a practice that I love and enjoy doing but I've also been feeling a call to doing something else.  I have been approached by a publisher who had an idea about me writing up some of the cases I have worked within professional terms of what I did and how I approached and the results I have achieved (well not really anything I have achieved but rather my clients).  It did get me thinking as during the past 30 years I have quite a compendium of clients that have had successes with all sorts of challenges from smoking and drugs, to alcohol addiction for example.   Obviously I have spoken to clients about this proposal and sort their permission and they have all been happy to give their permission (although it should be noted that some details of their case histories such as who they are, etc would remain anonymous) but the way they have gotten through these challenges is very inspiring and I think may help a lot of people.  The downside is that the publishing company wants a fixed contract lasting for 3-4 years and 3-4 titles during that time.  Not to mention there would be book tours and signings that need to be taken into account so that seems less appealing to me at the moment but its food for thought at least.  

The other thing is that having been in private practice for so long, I was recently asked to consider being a guest speaker/teacher on a University Program.  I am still seeking further information as to what this would exactly entail but it would be to helping students wishing to get into the field of work that I have done for the last 30 years.  I find that quite exciting and it will be challenging.  There is a teaching certificate I would need to undertake, but its doable.  

For me, right now the draw back is that I do earn a lot of good money in the private practice working one on one with people.  With the book deal, this isn't a "full time" role as such but it is money creating longer term.  However I'm not sure I have 4 books in me, and the publisher kind of hinted that each book needs to be different.  So at first, I was thinking well I could do a book on x, a book on y, but then I keep revising those ideas and going hmlm... also each book starts out with a simple idea and kind of turns into 10 books automatically too.  

This is so beautiful!!


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