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I will be straight up with you all and say that manifesting a relationship is not easy. I like older women and would like a relationship with one. I have had women interested in me, but, they are not the type I want. Some are my age or younger and I want to know who can tell me their success story so that I can do what you do.


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Go Marie!
Go for it! Age is simply a number. It's your state of mind -- and there are no doubt many "older" women who would love to connect with a "younger" man.

I'll bet the desire is more common than you think -- people are just a bit afraid of the so-called "taboos."

Bet you have a maturity that makes you feel more connected to older women, eh?

And perhaps you will find a younger woman who is more mature. Age doesn't matter -- it's what's in your heart -- and it is your prize and treasure to enjoy.

Mary Jo
I am kind of surprised that with all of the groups like BBW, Lesbian and Gay, Animal lovers, etc.. that there are no groups or events featuring older women that desire younger men. I live in New York City and have searched the internet left and right.
I guess the older women range will vary depending on what age you have... the range can be any age, i mean if you are 20 a 25 years old will be older, but if you are 40 a 25 years old will be younger... hope i am making sense.

I guess that´s why maybe there´s not a group for older women wanting younder men, cos at any age the women can be older and younger, depending compared to whom
Hi Ed,

I think like anything in life, manifesting what we really, really think we want is harder than those things we aren't as attached to.

I have attracted quite a few younger men over the last few years. Which is sort of odd, because I was always attracted to, and mostly attracted to me, men much older. I freaked out in when I was about 19 because I was dating a guy 2 months younger than me. It didn't work, partly because it was "freaky" to me.

Now (many years on) I've recently gone out with a man who is 12 years younger than me. And a man who is 19 years older than me... Not because I aimed for any of those things but simply because I aim for people that I will have fun with and want to be with and age is no longer a factor. It's all about the attraction so as a result, interesting things keep happening.

So I personally think age is one criteria we can loosen up. Because older men have been attracted to me because we "work" and because I've been attracted to younger men because we "work". Relax and have fun with it. And see what breaks loose. You might be suprised.

Truly. I never thought I would date months younger - let alone 7 years younger, as I am!
I've always dated younger men with few exceptions (and those exceptions did not go over well). When I look for someone, I look for characteristics that I want, not the package, of which age is part. If you want, it go for it. Ask for your criteria. Specifiy the traits that you like about older women.
A much younger man came on to me at work and I have to tell you, I was taken aback. It was months and months ago and I sort of wish now that I would have gone out with him. So I guess I have to say that it may be something that certain women need a little time to wrap their mind around.
Oh i see, that makes sense Samadhiatman500, i think many girls prefer younger guys, some of my friends do, they think younger guys are better looking

It all boils down to how you are feeling about yourself.  You know what you want and the Universe knows what you want as well. You need to become a vibrational match to that. So start now by paying attention to your positive qualities, and affirming many times a day that YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Be very diligent with this too (aim for 1000 times a day) and you will become that vibrational match. The Universe will then send you the ideal older women and you can choose which one you would like to be in a relationship with. 

You also say that manifesting a relationship is not easy, and that too is a belief which is creating your reality.


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