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Watching the jubilee celebrations has brought a lump to my throat, i'm so proud of our queen. she represents hope, love and dedication. I truly hope Prince Phillip is better soon and am so thankful that the queen found the strength to be there for the people despite the fact that her husband is ill in hospital. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! X x X

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Enlighten us Yanks.... What's it all about?

Well, in blighty we've been celebrating 60 years of queen Elizabeth's rein. I've just been watching her jubilee concert and have (rather sadly) been reading up on her rein, she's rather good at what she does! but it was beautiful to watch the tributes and she seemed extremely humbled. Her husband ( prince Phillip) was rushed to hospital with a bladder infection. But she was still smiling at the concert! I'm not usually so patriotic, but it was so lovely to see such a pillar of strength and hope. she's been there through wars, riots and controversy, guiding our country through the dark times and into the light. I think I'm a tiny bit in love! LOL x       http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2154539/Queens-Diamond... there's a link too! x

Oh, so it is celebration of her rein.... It is yearly?


They were just talking about it on the news, stating that Paul McCartney and Elton were performing....


So, do all the reins of Kings/Queens have their own "Jubilee"? Like, did George VI have his yearly Jubilee?


Does the Queen whoop it up and drink booze and stuff?



haha, we celebrate it every year, but only for the big ones, like this year it's her 60th year as queen (diamond Jubilee)  so we've had two extra bank holidays and parties up and down the country! I'm sure the queen has enjoyed a tipple too in the privacy of the palace! ;-D

Hey Channy,... bananas raise your vibration!!!!


Ha ha I think I read that about bananas too and that one looks like it has a face

I am an adopted Brit, I guess and yes I think this and the Olympics in a way is just what Blighty needs and I hope Prince Phillip gets well soon

Ironically, I am in Switzerland till Friday but sending much love to my adoptive home

Haha, he's called mr banana face,  my son bit into him and he was lef with a face. It is one of those pictures that puts a smile on my face whenever I see it!

Aw that's so kind, thanks athena! X x X

Channy, I adore your queen and all of the royals, and I am American.  I follow every single thing that happens to them, and I am fascinated by the pomp and circumstance.  Can you imagine what it was like for her to come back from her fathers funeral at 25 years old, and then become the queen of 16 nations, WOW. 

At 25 I don't think I had the brains to come in out of the rain.

I am living for the day when the next crowning happens to Prince Charles, as he is the longest awaiting King, and I hope I live long enough to see Prince William then take his place.

Long Live Your Royals!!!

Thanks grand creator, it's lovely that you love our royals so much.  I am fascinated by the queen, she has carried such a huge responsibility and has been in the public eye for her entire life. She takes it in her stride and doesn't take the postition which she was born into for granted for one second. I hope Prince Charles is as humble and inspirational as the queen when he takes over! X x X

I know, there's nothing like haven't something to celebrate and smile about! It really does bring people together. Roll on the Olympics! X

yup me too Channy! we were at Trafalgar Sq today along wth our British flags waving in our hands! I am a born British Indian & v proud to be!!! xx

Prince Philip was with the Queen today.....x


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