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Watching the jubilee celebrations has brought a lump to my throat, i'm so proud of our queen. she represents hope, love and dedication. I truly hope Prince Phillip is better soon and am so thankful that the queen found the strength to be there for the people despite the fact that her husband is ill in hospital. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! X x X

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Hey !! Me too !! I went to the concert in the park on monday evening.. It was such a great atmosphere and I'm so glad I went, love a bit of patriatism !!! Plus after those bank holidays it's almost the weekend again... yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

I'm glad you had fun and i totally agree with you about the bank holidays!

Pride is not a strong enough word to describe the feeling I have for being English.  All throughout the year I am grateful, joyful, bursting with patriotic glee knowing that I am a part of the greatest country in the world.

I couldn't agree more I love everything about England. even when it's raining i feel blessed because i know that without the rain we wouldn't have such beautiful, green countryside!

I watched the concert on the Monday night and thought it was absolutely brilliant. I said to one of my mates that I couldn't think of a time (in our lifetime anyway) when Britain had been the centre of the world as much as 2011-12. We had the Royal Wedding, the Diamond Jubilee and the two Olympiads, all with billions around the world watching. All of which showed Britain in a vibrant, happy and positive light, and all of which must have sparked a few positive thoughts in a few million minds around the country. When our moment came, we truly sparkled.

And now the mantle of 'centre of the world' moves to another great country - Brazil - as it stages the Papal visit, the World Cup and the Olympics. A reflection of some kind of positive mass consciousness down there too.

Oh I am most certainly looking forward to seeing the Olympics hosted in Brazil!

I would like to apologise however on behalf of the British for Paul McCartney still thinking he can sing and for us Brits giving him the platform far too often to prove the opposite; sorry :-)

I'm jealous of you brits - so jealous. I've had a feeling for a long time that I should be living in the UK... hopefully I'll get a chance to be over there in this lifetime. My great-gran came from Wales, great-granddad came from the Isle of Wight... been to London once and felt so comfortable there -- it was really weird. 

It's funny because I am British and very proud to be so but I always knew I wasn't meant to live there. The Mediterranean lifestyle suits me far better.

I'm with you Jacquiec, I feel a stronger pull towards warmer shores! x

So happy you get to enjoy living in the Med now then, JacquiC!

I am NOT British but I manifested being able to live there!!

All my life if I want to!

And today I was in the city I've lived in for about gosh nearly 12 years now! - London - & it was crowded & that felt a bit annoying but later on I was cycling through the park on a rented bike past the beautiful trees & I saw an amazing new sculpture near the Serpentine Gallery that people were climbing on & I'd seen beautiful flowers earlier & cycled past two rivers and I was like YES I LOVE living in London!

Now one day I MAY very well up sticks & move again, re-locate, who knows.

But today and regardless where I end up I am SO PLEASED I get to live here!  Despite all the ups and downs & years of visa uncertainty here and being stuck in a yucky job just to try to extend the visas and being told it was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to!  

But now I can live here - or in parts of Europe if I want to!! And sometimes it is just plain WONDERFUL! 

I DO miss the sea though & I hope I get a beach holiday SOON.  

Wow you sound like such a free spirit,  sounds like you're living life to the full!


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