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Seeing red flags from Law of Attraction Guru, Ralph Smart. Unsubbed and blocked on YouTube


So I'm not sure if anyone here has heard of Ralph Smart, but he's a Law of Attraction guru on YouTube with nearly 2 million subs. I decided to permanently block him and unsub due to some red flags I saw coming from him, and I'd like to point them out.

The first red flag is the constant hypnosis he is using on his videos. He does "slow motion this side" constantly in every single video he does, and I noticed my moods would greatly change based upon him doing this. There was even one point where I had to go to the doctor, because the hypnosis he was doing caused me to lose sleep and a whole bunch of other stuff happened such as anxiety and panic attacks. When I went to the doctor and described this guy, they said I would have to speak to a psychologist. The other red flag I've noticed is that he uses calm music, and this music is also a part of his hypnosis stuff on his users.

The third red flag is that he seems to be mostly focused on making money, and he's just repeating himself over and over again. He sounds like a string toy, and he is literally saying the same exact lines from 3 years ago. "Cat down the road", "breathe that good ass prana baby", "raise the vibration", "peace infinite waters diving deep", etc. etc. etc.

In all honesty, he just seems like a wolf in sheep's clothing. When you're teaching spirituality, you should not be using hypnosis on your viewers to cause their moods to change along with throwing out fear 24/7. In every video, he keeps talking about what the government/Illuminati is going to do if you don't do this and that. Based on my wisdom, he's mixing both fear and love in his videos which causes confusion, and my instinct is telling me to stay away from his videos.

Anyone else heard about this guy?

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I think it's OK to have hypnosis in a spiritual video but it sounds like this guy - who I've never heard of but there's a lot out there - is NOT a match for you and even your instinct is telling you stay away so my advice is stay away, intend to find people you vibe better with and I'm DEFINITELY not gonna check that person out!  While I think it's OK to have hypnosis in a spiritual video, it's NOT OK to deliberately put your listeners in a bad state, I wanted to add!  Not sure if that's what is happening or not.  I think it could be used as a tool to put them in a GOOD, better state and that's a powerful tool.  Not sure if it's being misused on purpose, used poorly and thus giving bad results or just giving bad results for you either way I say stay away do NOT use if you0 are getting these reactions!

It's hard taking him seriously when he is all about positivity but then make videos with the title called "END OF THE WORLD.", "WATCH OUT", ITS APOCALYPSE." , "ITS OVER." type of scaremongering titles. 

I have him blocked on YouTube, because I've picked up he's mixing both positive and negative energy to manipulate people. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, so you're right. Making videos like that is what is causing fear, and that's a big no no.

EDIT: I noticed this is pretty much just a repeat to my last post, but oh well. Avoid like the plague.

No, no it's ok to repeat it. You're right! Sadly those LOA gurus seem very narcissistic because they feel entitled to be the "leader" of their audience. Not everyone, of course, it's important to take what they say as a gram of salt. I rather watch John Assaraf and Lisa Nichole's videos. They seem more down to earth, realistic, and positive with a winner mentality. 

Yep. And based on my 5+ years of studying spirituality, negative energy is bad bad bad when it comes to self enlightenment and the law of attraction. A person should not invite negative energy into their life, period, because the person is actually disempowering themselves through the victim mentality.

Not only that, but another thing I've recently found out is that there actually is a subconscious mind, and I have 100% proof to back this up. I know Esther/Abe has shut out this idea countless times in their teachings, but it does indeed exist. So when a person practices negative energy for a period of time, it is dangerous, because it can distort their reality. Some people's subconscious actually get changed to the point they lose their identity for 10+ years, and they completely forget who they are.

Basically, the subconscious is something that is running in the background. For those that have used Abe's scripting to instantly manifest, this is an example of how the subconscious plays a role in the law of attraction. Let's say a person writes down for example "I want to have a booming business", and the next day, the person gets 20 people that get hired. Well, the process of the 20 people that are coming into his company is the subconscious at work. The conscious, is literally things in the foreground, such as a person getting a cup of coffee, or turning on a computer.


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