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Each of us was born with a natural talent and things we excel the most. Sharing these gifts should be part of our mission in life. 

Notice that the happiest people are those that use their talent to the utmost. They are those that willing to share their talents to the world. They are the ones that willing to play BIG.

We are created not just for ourselves. We need to contribute to others as well. We must play our part in this life. Everyone of us has a piece of the puzzle. It is just up to you if you will add it to the world or not.

Let us altogether fulfill our duty to this world. Let's live up to our full potential. Do NOT play small. Learn to reach out to others. You will gain more in life if you think BIG.

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" Notice that the happiest people are those that use their talent to the utmost. "
Very true, but I would say that these people are using their talent to the utmost, BECAUSE they are happy.

Joy attracts things to be joyful about, and self-expression and the freedom to be yourself (without limitations, ignorance, or just lack of the things you need) really does make you feel good.

I have to respond to your interpretation of the comment Neil. I do things because they make me happy, not because I am happy to start with. Helping other people grow and improve is self empowering. I've had 3 wonderful occupation and I couldn't have been happier. Before that I had occupations that did not make me happy. This conversation is like "The Chicken or the egg". It may very well work both ways depending on the person you are.

Nikki, great observation and approach.

I don't HAVE any talents.

Nothing exceptional.

Or if I do I sure as hell haven't found them yet.
I'm a teacher by trade but I don't fit in & I'm not a natural. (Nor does it feel like it's right fit for me, even though I am good with kids.)

If I knew what my talents WERE I'd certainly share them.
Hope I find them some day.

I think I have a good sense of humour & big heart though but I think if I had a calling I would surely have found it by now.
I am blessed by other people's talents though & grateful fir those & an ok dancer.

I don't HAVE any talents.

I'm sure you do! You just have to look deeper. Think of what you want. You might be talented at that.

"Do you not understand that what you see

is what you will become? Therefore seek the
Self within yourself, because this is who you
really are." - Dialogue of the Savior -

I would like to share to you my experience. 

I really like music a lot. My taste in music is quite diversified if you would ask. Anyway, I long to play the guitar when I was in High School but I don't know where to start. But that want led me to buying a cheap guitar and I started playing. It became an obsession. Then after two years it became one of my talents. My friends were amazed at how good I became and in a short time. Then I started showcasing my talent with everyone. I even taught some of my friends how to play.

Same with my voice. I was very shy to sing because I don't think my voice is not good enough. But when I got the confidence to do so, it turns out that I have a great voice. 

Just seek within your Self. I'm sure you can find something your good at and worth sharing to the world. It doesn't have to be in the "Arts and Entertainment" section. 

No Athena, it's not that you don't have any talents, it's that there is a negative pattern which is keeping them firmly under wraps. I'm venturing to say that a feeling of low self esteem or uselessness is the gremlin here.

Have you been devalued during your knife? I'm guessing that there have been people around saying things like " you're just a f***ing weirdo! " whenever you have acted quirky, eccentric or artistic. Or made you feel that you are somehow less than 'what is normally acceptable' by being who you really are.

Have people made you feel as if you are a luxury, rather than important?

TOWNIE: So, what do you do then?
YOU: I'm an artist.
TOWNIE: An artist? So you faff around with paint brushes all day? What use is that when the telly's on the blink/ I'm feeling ill/ the economy is going down the pan. Go out and get a proper job and do something useful with your life!

You get those types everywhere, usually the same types who think that students are a waste of taxpayers' money. They can be very disparaging and make you feel as if you are just some fluffy entity on the sidelines.

And this causes you to feel embarrassed and ashamed of yourself. And that creates a vibration around you. One which keeps your true self and your true purpose from ever coming out. Don't do it, it will only draw criticism and will only be a fluffy luxury on the sidelines, nothing better.

And what does that attract? Scenarios and circumstances which just don't suit you at all. Things which pay the bills but which don't fire you up. Things which limit you and prevent your true self from ever being expressed. They also stop things like relationships which meet your needs, from coming into your life.

And the solution? Start to create a feeling of self-value and self-worth. No longer are you the muddle headed luxury on the sidelines, your are something vitally important to the functioning of the world.

Imagine a world without artistry and eccentricity. Not nice is it. (Just imagine a Saturday afternoon in Shoreham and it comes pretty close!). We need artistry, eccentricity and fun, or else we would all live life like people who work in the tax office in Switzerland, and we would drive ourselves mad through boredom.

When you approve and value yourself, it tells the Universe that you are actually one of its sparkling and wonderful creations, and that you need circumstances to match that, and it sends them to yiu.....circumstances in which you can really sparkle and be of use.

A life in which you are useless, comes first of all from a feeling that you are useless, but that is about to change.



And sod the townies. They can carry on liiving their disapproving lives in Shoreham!
I am extremely talented at swimming.
Came first in all competitions in my youth.
As soon as I got the chance to give it up, I did.
Can't stand exercise.

Also brilliant at sales.
Top performer in my previous company.
Headhunted on more than one occasion to repeat success for another company.
Moved out of sales as soon as I could.
Can't think of anything worse.

Then there's singing, that's another thing.
Can't hit a note.
Invariably send the cat scarpering under the bed.
But I love it.
Nothing better than yanking up the volume and singing like a loon.

So, I have no intention of sharing my talents with the world.
But more than happy to irreparably damage your eardrums.
When you value yourself, you are sending out a powerful signal to the Universe that your time, talents and essence of self, are worthy of great success and bountiful reward. Low self esteem is a pattern which keeps your talents firmly under wraps, because you don't believe that you are good at anything much, and also communicate that you don't deserve the means to fully express them.

High self esteem is another matter though because it communicates that you DO actually have talents and that you ARE good at (many) things. And even if you aren't sure what they are, the Universe will soon start showing you, because you have lifted the barriers of low self esteem which kept them at bay.

Valuing yourself says that you deserve reward, just for being the great quality individual that you are, and so you start to attract the bounty and goodness of life. Great jobs, great opportunities, things which suit you very well, loving relationships, money, quality homes, great locations to live in, positive reactions from others, and life circumstances which are right up your street.

No longer do you have to wallow in the crap of life, or a life which just doesn't serve your needs at all. Higher self esteem = more abundance and reward = more and more of your needs being met.

And you also get to feel good about yourself as well. When you are feeling good about yourself, it also sends out a powerful signal to the Universe to treat you well. Believe that you are nothing much, and you attract an uninspiring life which is 'nothing much.' But when you value yourself, you do believe that you are great and exceptional, and that opens doors to a life in alignment with that.


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