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I have a question about the LOA. If there is already a thread posted that addresses this, I would appreciate the link to that thread.

My question is regarding planning, goal setting and developing vision boards. I am asking how does the "how" come into the equation, if it does at all. Should I just be concerned with the "what" and let the universe take care of the "how?"

For instance, I want a 1930's, Spanish style home in Ganesha Hills, California and I want to pay cash for it. The home I want goes for about 975k. Do I make a plan for "how" I will accomplish this, or just put my intentions (the "what) out there to the universe, and let the universe figure it out.

Please help. Thank you very much.

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The thing is this - you should do what you enjoy. If you enjoy soccer, you should be able to practice and enjoy the process right now, and not worry about the outcome later on... but in the back of your mind you should still have that other goal waiting...

Preparation + opportunity = luck!
Focus on the what and do what you can physically to bring it about now. In Huna we use something called EWOP. This is what you do once you have done everything that is obvious right now. It's an affirmation that goes "Everything is working out perfectly"

Some people work out that they need $975K to buy the house and then set about getting the money. This takes their focus off the house and they get caught up in all the money "stuff". Keep the focus on the goal and the how will become obvious along the way but you have to keep your eyes open for it and take the opportunities that will present themselves. It is very unlikely (possible but not probable) that someone is going to give you the money - you might win it or even the house itself without having to pay for it. Be open to unexpected possibilties.

//Should I just be concerned with the "what" and let the universe take care of the "how?"//

Yup, exactly.

Problem solved! :-)
You ask a great question. From my own experience, I have discovered that the "HOW" is important but it is not for me to "create". The how is for me to discover as it unfolds before me. If you and I get clear on what we want and absorb the delivery of what we want from the universe, we will watch the how as it unfolds and is delivered. The secret is in getting clear and living, breathing, feeling, and tasting the desire for what we want. The faith in its delivery as if it is already done and it is exactly what we expected it to be. We have to let go and get out of the way. At the moment of clarity and commitment the universe conspires to deliver. Go for it and give it all you have!

The ‘how’ doesn't come into it, because it’s the look out of the Universe. Trying to work out how actually blocks the manifestation because you are telling the Universe that you don’t trust it to provide your desire for you. What you do is to LIVE IN THE END, and picture your desire as completed. See this image ‘from behind your own eyes’ so to speak. In this post’s case, the poster picturing herself living in this lovely Spanish villa, everything taken care of, but without saying how it came to pass. My desire now is for a foreign holiday, so instead of thinking how, I am imagining myself there. I am imagining being in blue sky Paris, or on the beach in Tel Aviv, or exploring Jerusalem, or floating in the Dead Sea in Ein Bokek. I’m not stating how the Universe should manifest it though.  

The "How" is the Universes job, not yours.  So its unimportant.  

So you may be limiting yourself here with this goal.  For example, why do you want a home in Ganesha Hills.  What is so special about that place over anywhere else? You see you need to identify what will work for you and what you desire.  It may be that there is an even better property just 5 minutes away but with the "it has to be Ganesha Hills" you are going to prevent that even better place showing up.  Now with the plan, if you find that useful and it feels good to do it - then do it.  If however, you do it and then you start focusing on the lack this is going to be counter productive.  

Just focus on the things you want and do your daily activities. The infinite intelligence will send you a hunch or inspiration how you can achieve that once your receive it put it to action immediately. The how is not your job it's the job of the universe. Again just focus on the things you want....

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