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Rhonda Byrne, author, film producer, and Founder of The Secret, says:

You cannot use the law of attraction against someone else's free will. If you think about this deeply, and in particular in regards to love relationships, you can only come to one conclusion: Thank goodness the law operates this way. If it did not, then somebody else could decide you are the love of their life, and use the law on you. They cannot do that, and neither can you.

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I don't agree, in my opinion the person with the strongest reality wins. Even Abraham says that you can influence another person , you can't manipulate them to do what you want but you can influence them with your intentions.

I know because I dated this one girl that when I confessed she ignored me, I didn't give up and I set the intention to become her boyfriend, well 6 months later she was the one that confessed to me. I had the stronger reality at the time, I wanted her more than her intention of ignoring me.

It's the same thing that happens with group psychology, the leader (the one with the stronger reality) always "controls" the realities of other people.
Wow, honestly? How long did you last?
10 months, but we broke up because of my fears and insecurities (that manifested themselves), and made me stop loving her. At the time I didn't knew the LOA existed but in those 6 months before her confessions I'd hear music while visualizing the two of us every day and I became more playful and outgoing during that time, and that was fruit of my determination of becoming someone that she wanted too. So in the end of those 6 months I got the girl I wanted and she got the kind of guy she also wanted.

Attracting relationships isn't controlling them against their will, you just become what she wants and vice-versa, so both win from it.
Influence only works when there is vibrational common ground with the other person.

It certainly looks like the strongest reality wins, but what is happening is not the strong dominating the weak. Vibrationally, it is a cooperative relationship, one individual (in accordance with their own beliefs) gravitates to the role of follower, another to the role of the leader.

In the end, if you feel you need to control another person, you are undermining your own power. A great leader attracts followers, there is no need to control. Control equates to fear—and ultimately loss.
this is a really nice way to explain it! thanks Federov!
Hello Daniel. In the opening message the very first line reads,

"You cannot use the law of attraction against someone else's free will."

Then you said above, "I don't agree...." Then, it seems what you are suggesting is that one can use the law of attraction against someone's s free will, is that true? I think what Rhonda is saying is that the Law of Attraction does not work if one attempts to use it by going against another's free will.

Yes, Abraham has mentioned that we can influence people, but that has nothing to do with usurping another's free will. Also, some people do manipulate others to do what they want. That is called stealing or cheating, and it is evidenced throughout business dealings that Winners Never Cheat and Cheaters Never Win.

Further, in your last line concerning "the stronger reality, always controls the realities of other people. I see something like that as mental rape, or cheating and of course the bottom line is always loss of some kind for the one who attempts to control others.

Of course, these are my opinions, and opinions are like _________ everyone has one.
Hi Daniel,

I believe that it sometimes looks like a bully can control others but in fact those being bullied want to be free but are making a choice to be submissive for their immediate protection but when they see a way out they will take it.

We can on the other hand 'influence' people to change thier minds about something they believed in. We are all influence by books, and films or by speakers, teachers and politicians from time to time but we are always making the choice ourselves to go with it or reject it.

I hope in your instance that your girlfriend gave into you because she finally saw the wonderful person you were and so allowed herself to fall in love with you. But if you just coerced her into a relationship and it really wasnt her choice, she would eventually leave you because we are all creating our own realities for good or for bad, and people might sometimes put up with second best while they are getting themselves together, but eventually the pull to be whole and complete forces us to follow our heart !

Even people who seem to be 'controlled' as you put it, are infact making the decision to be submissive, to not challenge the controller, but that is not the same as being controlled. When you lead with love, your supporters will truely support you but if you lead with fear, they will eventually undermine you.

Just thoughts - Gen
To Federov100 and genevieve
I didn't expressed myself correctly I didn't controlled her to love me it was something the two of us created, I attracted her to my life and she willingly accepted it.

To modesttreasure
Isn't that what the LOA is all about ? Circumstances aligning with what you desire ? After I made my confession I never showed any clue of still loving her again, but inside I still loved her, so the universe made the way, our friend started hanging out together so we would walk home together,we started riding the same bus by coincidence, and because of it I started learning more about her, what she liked in the man and what she liked was basically all I was but I had compressed, I just let go , believing it and it became true. Too many coincidences happened for me to discard it as a manifestation of my desires.
And as your friend tried to attract you, you felt his intentions, but you did not wanted to be in a relationship with him, in the end your reality was "stronger". You only follow another persons "reality" if you agree, you can always choose.If he changed into your type , what would you do ? Maybe you'd be more receptive to him and if you accepted his love wouldn't it be something that you and him manifested together ?
Thats good Daniel, I didnt doubt that you really attracted her and that she was equally attracted to and willing to be with you.

Abe says with LOA "we can be, do or have anyTHING we want (but not anyONE).
I agree -- I wouldn't even think of trying to attract a specific person with LOA; instead I focus on receiving LOVE in general -- and allow the Universe to present me with whoever is best suited for me at that time.

I'm not in a relationship right now & I really don't even have time for one, but I have attracted plenty of 'potential' partners using LOA in the past.

Love it! =)
Exactly, i dont want anyone who doesnt want me. I see this alot on these posts trying to get back with the exes. If you break up learn grow if its meant get back together. It has to be in that person to want to be with you.
Wes, I have no doubt that one day a whole boat load of hot chicks will descend on your hawaian island from all corners of the planet in response to all the wonderful attractor factors you put out all the time ...and not least your delicious cooking !

Just hang in there ...they will find you soon ! It will be a Rampage of appreciation !


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