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For all you doomcriers, a larger version of the Mayan calendar has just been found.  December 21st, 2012 is just the end of a cycle, not the end of the world.  The calendar continues for millions of years.

So, to the people who believe the world is going to end this year, find a life, cause you'll need it soon.

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But Dondi, I'd like to add something important. I think that the end of the world will however mostly depend on the rate of people stirring their cup of tea clockwise or counter-clockwise. This shouldn't be neglected.


Too complicated for me.  I'll just cross my third and fifth fingers, spit over my left shoulder and balance on one foot, like every other right-thinking person in the world.





I actually have more of a problem with people that think there is some sort of prophecy for a spiritual change or something.... Those people were the ones that were backing off "the end" notion... and now they are backing off the spiritual paradigm change....


You don't hear much about it anymore, since people like myself, and yourself, are not willing to jump on the bandwagon.


However, as mentioned in my post.... The calendar marks the time when the lizard people are coming from outer space to lay their eggs.... You cannot dispute this... I read it on a website.


My coworker was telling me yesterday that she watched a tv show about how the world was going to become inhabited by zombies in december, and how this couple was preparing their children to fight and kill them.  they also went out and bought all kinds of stuff, because there was no payment due until 2013, and since 2013 will never arrive, they won't ever have to pay for it. 

 Everyone is turning into a zombie on 12-21-12?  Really?  People are really filling their childrens heads with this?  And teaching them how to kill?  OMG.

And now lizards.

Sometimes, I really wonder if it would be a bad thing if the world really did end, lol.


I am having my tongue surgically forked, and scales implanted all over my body, so that I can conform to our new masters....


I, too, am borrowing forward on this debt to have this done. So don't judge! And don't come crawling to my doorstep asking for help when the lizards put eggs in your home.


Lol... let the world end.. then people will stop ASKING for it!!!
The end of the world means that many people will come to a state of mind where they will see no good or "evil" just BEING. the peace is coming that we all are searching for. And that also does not mean the end of the world... it means a NEW BEGINNING OF LIFE!!

enjoy, have fun and live while you are alive:D:D:D


I have thought this for a while. 21st December 2012 wasn't the end of the world, just the end of the world as we knew it then. It was the start of new energies and new ways of doing things in the spirit world: it's just that that hasn't yet filtered down to us in this dimension, but it will.


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