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Has anyone here used the Law of Attraction to feel at least 10 years younger or more? Since I'm 28 years old and I want to LOOK and FEEL 18 again. I want to attract people around 18-22 year age range to hang out with, be friends with, socialize and have a social life.

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A member of another forum was using visualization to jump timelines to when she was 17 again...but what she also noticed was she started to look younger...I have also read stories by google search of old people who visualized themselves being active and young again looked younger and healed some of their current illnesses I think! :)

I will visualise myself looking and feeling 26 years young :D So glad to find this discussion. 


SarahLouise, I would love to know more about this, the jumping timelines and so on.   Inter2002, I want this too, I think I want to look 18 years younger though.  People used to think I was a lot younger but I haven't had that for a while but I think possibly it's cos I've had huge issues with my age? and I'm hoping i can turn this around.  I think we both can do this.  To start off with I found this not sure if it's a women only one though...by the way, just for a giggle he says "core beliefs" and now I am listening to a tiny part of it and I misheard it as "core boobies" and thought huh?

I guess, if you're a guy, you could listen to it without looking.  I think affirmations will help and I think we'll find things to help.  I'm also looking into face yoga :-)

There is a difference between looking and feeling younger and actually BEING younger.

Sarah is referring to the information in this video here:

Here's another, sorry that I'm not sure how to embed from Vimeo:


What positive thoughts and beliefs did you have 10 years ago? See if you can recall some of those and begin using them as your truths as well as the good things you know now.

Begin to believe that anything is possible, and that the best is still to come.

Wake up in the morning and begin your day with gratitude. Give thanks for the glorious day to come. I'm not saying that positivity is necessary more 'youthful,' but it and gratitude is defnintely more vital and uplifting.

Find out about the music, interests and pop culture of people in your 'target' age group. Then you will be able to relate to them and they to you.

Drink water to energise you, tighten up your skin, help you think more clearly, and help your internal organs to function.

Eat a balanced diet including at least 5 portions of fresh fruit and veg. Drop junk food, and cigarettes.

It won't be an ivernight thing, but you will develop the fun and vibrant mentality, which will then draw in people just like that. You will attract both people of the 18-22 age bracket, as well as people the same age as you who have a youthful outlook on life.

Well back then I did have some positive thoughts and beliefs, that I would fit in and blend well physically with a group of 16-19 year old teens, based on how I looked 16ish back then.

Well perhaps I could learn the current music, interests and pop culture of people in my "target" age group since my sister is 19 turning 20 in October. I could google the most current trends amongst 18 year old teens today. The only thing that I'm having trouble is deciding how I should dress and what outfit I should wear and that's common amongst 18-20yr old group of people.

As for drinking water I've started to drink mostly water ever since I quit drinking soft drinks. I have mangos, apples, bananas, broccoli, carrots that I could eat as a snack. 

Isn't drinking water and eating fruit and vegetables to look young just a belief?

Thanks I will read them. I use to read them years ago before I knew of LOA haha!

They are full of anti-oxidants, so they will help with skin muscles and toning, complexion and pigmentation. The Vitamins in them will also help your metabolism, fat burning and will help your internal organs to work well, avoiding the sickness which can be a feature of old age.


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