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Good Day all, 

Me and my best friend are very close and love each other madly .All of sudden my best friend stopped communicating with me and he refuses to talk over the phone or at office when he even meets me . How can i get him back to me at earliest ? 

Please note there was some misunderstanding between my husband and my best friend which created a hassle in our friendship this happens to be an opportunity for his wife to stop communication between us . All i want is to be able to  communicate with my best friend and i want his friendship back with no strings attached. I want to have the good old memories of laughing together and talking to each other as before . 

Anyone please help me ! 

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So its helpful sometimes to look at what we are saying we want because often times it may not be what we think we do actually want.  So you think its all about this guy and his wfie.  That may be true.  However is it this guy that you want or just a friend to listen and talk with?  You see when we look at it that way, we can identify ways to achieve that and it doesn't even matter if this guy is around or not at all - you will be happy eitherway!!

With law of attraction anything is possible - but it is frustrating as sometimes we have to wait for things to be in alignment and that takes time.  

I wanted only this guy  i have a strong connection with him been friends for such a pretty long period i know he is the one who understood me deeply and unconditionally love me back . I have been friends with so many but got connected by heart and soul is this one guy hence i wanted him back 

Okay well theres some good things here.  FIrstly what if you just opened your world up to other people who understand you?  Now if you say he loves you unconditionally then you have to recognise this behavouir doesnt' reflect that at all!What if your connectionw ith this guy is completely over and you have insteqad several people who would meet these requirements so much better than him and love you deeply and heart and soul wise instead?  What if the universe created this experience for you on that vibration you presented and for some reasoon you stopped that vibration?  What could you do to step back into that vibration that would attract this guy back?  

You indicated he had a wife that disliked you for some reason?  Well that may also be a part of the problem?  Does she think you are a threat to her marriage (then that would make snese why she disliked you perhaps).  So maybe if that was the case, you need to alleviate her fears that you are not out to wreck her marriage/

Anything is possible with las of attraction - its just about finding tools you will use to create the life you desire.  However you also want to focus on oother things, as when we focus on one goal sometimes we focus so deeply we are strangling the goal we want and its creating resistance to it showing up.  

Thanks for the reply. I need few clarifications about your response :

1. Are you saying i should move away from this guy ?

2. Open for new friends in my life ?

Also to clarify few things in detail :

My query is how to get back my friend i know the reason why he is keeping silent at the moment and i respect his silence but not for long though . Also i never thought in your view that i might have seen as a threat for their marriage that gives me clarity what i should speak to her to alleviate her fears in our friendship . I was so perplexed why she befriend me and always says you should take care of my friend and support him throughout . Anyways i got some clarity on her thoughts and view which makes me clear the path to restore my friendship with him . 

If the connection with this guy is over then as per me i should be over him easily i coouldnt take this course for past 3 months of non communicative friendship . My main botheration is he is the one said to me will speak at office but he refused to do so when i contacted him to speak at office thats where iam completely broken . 

My inner feeling always says that he loves , care ,affectionate and come back soon but stupid me wanted everything quicker that make it more resistance in creating the clear path instead it creates blockage . 

No problem, happyt o clarify things for you.  Perhaps its better though to start with what do you know about law of attraction first?  You see it is a wide varied subject that has many differences in teachings and applications. 


So to answer 1, am I saying to you “should” move away from him – no.  I am saying that you are too fcoused on this one result at the present moment.  So instead, I woud  suggest doing something that would make you feel good.  Now that seems odd suggestion, but energetically when you feel good youa re more in alignment with the universe and its desires and yours.  So right now, if you are honest, you aren’t feeling good about the situation right?  Well what can you do right now to feel good?


Now in esponse to 2, at the present moment you have stated that your only desire is for this guy.  When I asked you why you said he was the only one who cared deeply about you and loved you – so when I said are you open to new friends showing up – I Meant people who would love and care for you in the same way that this guy once did?  You see if we get clarity ont eh desire, which may be to have close, loving friends who trust and support you then the universe isn’t limited in how it can provide that to you at this point in time or the future?  Whereas if its only this guy, who has the wife that isn’t a fan of yours, then the universe is rather limited in how it can recreate that friendship.  It’s a rather limited order that you have placed with the universe.

Again to some degree it depends on your knowledge of the law of attraction, but ultimately the “how” is the juob of the universes not yours.  I don’t know whether you are a threat or if that is the truth in this circumstance, but it is one of many possible outcomes.


Secondly, have you noticed when you feel good life just works easier.  So if you were feeling good right now, then it wouldn’t matter if this guy was or wasn’t in your life.  Plus if you were feeling good, then this guy would be more open to reaching out to you.  At times we over focus on the one thing that we think we desire, but at times we strangle it to death instead of allowing the space for ht euniverse to deliver it to us.  So I don’t know if you are doing any loa processes?  Ave’s book Ask and It is Given is probably a good place to start and has a varitety of tools and explains a lot of the loa theory too in an easy to understand manner so that might be ag ood place to start.

Thanks so much for the guidance iam focusing on dance which makes me and feel me good ... after started focusing on dance i dont feel bad about this situation but pain is there but getting healed up quickly than i thought . I would like to recreate his friendship waiting for the sign from universe . I strongly believe that he will come back and already feel that he is there for me . Waiting for alignment with universe and will soon post my success stories about it . 

I am writing gratitude journal and visualisation techniques . 

Now a days i see the things which i really wanted to happen and see often 111 222 8888 yellow cars a lots is that mean a sign to me from universe or ??


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