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So I'm reading the secret and it suggested trying to use the law of attraction on small things first. So I visualized a cup pf coffee coming to me that day but it never appeared and is making me doubtful of the secret. Maybe I am using the secret the wrong way?

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No, you were probably using it the right way, but if you are just starting using the law, you probably need to repeat an exercise for a few days before anything manifests. Start small (like a cup of coffee) and visualise for 5 minutes a day for 7 days, and see what happens then. 

For me, when my teacher first suggested manifesting cups of coffee, I thought it was easy and went out and failed drastically the first few times I did it.  However, for me, it brought some thoughts to the surface. For one, I was uncomfortable as deep down I felt if I had a free cup of coffee then I would be causing someone else discomfort or loss of money.  That was a big thought for me, and it probably thwarted my attempts the first few times I tried it.  However the trick for me was learning that often coffee houses and restaurants do not go out of pocket if I get a free cup of coffee.  Often times they buy in bulk and that by my getting a free cup of coffee it was beneficial as often I would return or recommend them to other people etc.  So my advice is not to give up the first few times you try it.  The first time you learn anything new it is new and uncomfortable and doesnt always result in the given results.  Otherwise, its kind of like learning a language, going into class and expecting to be fluent the first class.  It rarely happens for most people, and takes time and practice. 

So what exactly did you do?  It may be that you are using the secret wrong but to better help, its helpful to know what you were or werent doing?

Nowadays I can easily manifest free cups of coffee, often within a short timeframe and I have had coffee come to me in the most unusual ways.  Its very easy but you may have some thoughts like I did about someone going out of pocket etc.  

Thank you! Your response was really helpful! I simply imagine a cup of coffee appearing. I think about the aroma, the taste, visualize the rich dark color. I tell myself that it will come by the end of the day. Is it best to repeat these thoughts for a certain amount of time? Like five minutes a day or so? Maybe it is also helpful to tell myself coffee is abundant or that I already have coffee? Is it a good idea to visualize anything else? Anything I can improve on? What do you visualize to make a cup pf coffee appear?  What are some of the unusual ways coffee has appeared for you?

Well for me, I tend to start off by imaging the smell.  I don’t know why, but when I think of coffee I always seem to think of the smell first for some reason.  Then I imagine the taste, I love it when you have a really hot cup of coffee and the first sip nearly burns your tongue.  For me, that’s how I start out my process – imaginging the smell and taste precisely. 


Now what your dong sounds good, but the problem is your giving it a timeframe = i.e. end of the day.  For most things, time is a problem.  Universe’s time and our time are often different.  So instead of end of the day, I would suggest you start affirming that you have it “now”.  Its more precise and its in the present moment. 


Now five minutes a day sounds good timing, but it depends on your beliefs.  If you have a belief that you are doing someone out of pocket, then you might need to do it a million times a day etc.  Also it depends how probable you believe that is too.  For me, I have often got the train to work, and usually I get on a carriage and there are other people drinking coffee and I smell it straight off and that’s when I close my eyes and meditate nad go through the scenario imaginging the taste hitting my tongue etc, and 90% of the time, I have often created a free cup of coffee by the time I get off at the other end.  Sometimes there are shops giving away free cups of coffee, other times I’ve been gifted it by other people, sometimes I have run into someone who has offered to buy me a coffee etc. 

That is amazing! Thanks so much! All this info is  super valuable and I will start acting like I already have it now. I am stuck at home all the time due to an injury. Is it harder to manifest things like coffee when you never leave the house?

Hope it helps.  Now the reason they suggest starting out with a cup of coffee is that its not a major event to create like a relationship or a new home.  So people normally have less resistance to it showing up (in my case I didn't but thats just me). 

Now if you are stuck at home, do you really believe its possible for free coffee to get to you?  You see, for most people, if they don't really believe its possible then they wont create it.  For me, I never prevoiusly manifested a cup of coffee at home without leaving hte house ever.  Then pure conicidence, my wife went shopping with our children this morning in the car, and came back and I was presented with a cup of coffee from a local shop that has just opened and were giving out ffree coffees.  She grabbed me one.  Now I hadn't previously manifested that at home previously but I wasn't in a state of thinking it was impossible to do so. 

So the "its harder" is a belief you are acctually using to convince yourself and the universe that it can't show up. So if you keep affirming that belief, guess waht your results are going to be - no coffee.  Even if you keep affirming you have it "now" that "its harder" will slow down the creation and work against your aims here.  Thats why its tricky, as we often have conflicting thoughts and focuses.  So for example, we all have friends who are dating, yet how many times have you heard them say "threre available men" or "all the good ones are taken" - these all work for them to produce results (although not the results they think they are ordering).  So the trick is to become aware of the vibration you are offering to the universe and adapt it or change it if its not giving you the results you want.  Like anything new, whenyou start out, it seems a huge amount of info, but as time passes, it really becomes second nature.  I created that cup of coffee this morning with such ease and without really even trying and it was still hot and was a gorgeous colombian coffee that was so tasty and amazing and plus its right close by.  It was that easy for me, and it can be that easy for you too!

That is so awesome!! Thanks  so much for sharing! I'm going to try to manifest a free coupon or gift card for coffee since it is easier for me to see how that could show up at my house. I eventually want to use the secret to fix my health. But any pain I feel immediately makes me feel sad and hopeless so I'm not sure how to get over the negative feelings. Do you have any suggestions for using the secret to get my health back even though I often feel hopeless about it?

Well  it sounds like you believe a coupon is more believable so it sounds like a better target to try for and is not only possible but likely in this day and age too.  So thats half  battle won (you believing its possible).

Now regarding health, great that you realise you feel hopeless a lot of the time.  Recognising that is a great starting place.  The ultimate secret is to feell good.  So I would instead suggesting rather than focusing on health, simply focusing on feeling good as much as possible.  We know from a healing perspective, that laughter and joy are great healers and you can never have too much of that in life.  So doing anything that makes you laugh and feel good is going to have huge benefits in not only how you feel but also in your general well being. That being a priority will make all your other efforts in manifesting much easier whether they work or not.  Again, beliefs play a role in healing, so you have to believe its possible and thats hard for a lot of people to do,but in this day and age the internet can be a great source of finding people who have cured themselves of all sorts of illnesses and conditions that exist.  So that alone, shows your mind that its possible and can start to help the process along nicely.     

Thank you for all the great advice. I will try to focus on doing things and thinking thoughts that make me feel happy. One thing I am having trouble with that the book suggests is not talking about my pain or other people's pain. Like I told one of my friend's that I'm not going to talk about my pain or his pain anymore because it only invites more pain into our lives. He responded with this: "that's insanely sad. that advice is also very bad from a psychological perspective. people need to talk about what's wrong. there needs to be release. you can't just bottle it up inside and pretend everything's okay, because then that adds an extra level of psychological strain" What do you think of his reasoning?

Well it really just depends on how you look at it.  For example, don't know about you, but have you ever tried to tell someone you are going on a diet?  Usually you can be dead serious about losing weight, but rather than support you people will often offer donoughts etc as we are often told how we should respond.  So the same thing is true with pain.  For some people, they use pain as a common denominator.  So its like most things, its purely about your focus.  If you choose to talk about your pain and express it healthily, there is no problem.  If however, you spend 23 hours a day affirming you are in great pain and will never get better, thats an order you are placing with the universe.  Its a bit like happiness, some people are actually happy being unhappy.  Same is true with pain, some people love it.  It makes them feel alive and gives them a reason to complain too and get care and attention from others (know this isn't true for you but just mentioning this for understanding).  So expressing pain can be helpful if done in a healthy manner, but todays world doesn't often encourage that.  However its not about pretending pain doesn't exist, but rather choosing to focus our thoughts and attention on other things to distract the mind.  Pain can and is a useful indicator from the body that should never be ignored.  However the trick is not to make it part of your identity and life as a consistent and unchangeble thing. The body is an amazing creation that does miracles on a daily basis without our conscious awareness.  It knows how to heal itself.  We often judge he hell out of it, and criticise it non stop so its no wonder it will often fail or struggle with the daily work it has to do.  If talking about pain makes you feel good then its healthy to do it.  Just be aware of how long you are talking about it and focusing on it. What we focus on often eapnds which is why when we focus on something like pain, we tend to notice more andmore pain as a result rather than less pain.  

Yes, I can definitely see all the points you make. Some people do seem to be happy being unhappy. Sometimes negative thoughts can become addicting without us realizing it. I have a lot of sick friends that I have made online over the years since I joined a lot of health groups on fb. Typically  when I ask them how they are, they always respond by describing the pain they are currently experiencing that day. This is very consistent. My sick friends talk about their pain all the time. So what is considered a healthy way to express pain? It feels rude to tell my friends not to talk to me about their pain and to not ask me about my pain. But maybe I can teach them how to discuss their pain in a healthy manner?

Great, thats the hard part over (LOL).  So you attracted those people for a rason.  Whatever that reason is, its a valid choice and its important to recognise.  So they serve a purpose of sorts.  However, like anything, its up to you the effect and impact they have on your creations and results.  You can allow yourself to b einfluenced by them, or not.  o for example, when your sick friends talk about their pain all the time, notice where their focus is and whatg happens.  Do they feel less pain as a result of talking about their pain or more?  Thats a key feature of the secret you will hear a godzillion times.  What is a healthy way to expres pain, well not denying it but acknowleding it and moving on to another thought or focus point.  So you can simply acknowledge that you are feeling pain and notice where you are feeling it, the energy of the pain etc and where you are feeling it, and then changing focus onto something else.  It sounds easy, but when you have pain, trying to focus on somehting else can be very challenging but it is doable.  It just takes effort and practice.

Now it is rude to do what you say, and I'm not saying at all to be rude.  Simply notice when your friends need to talk about expressing their pain and rather than focusing in on their pan and helping htat to increase, simply acknowledging it.  Often times, we simply need to acknowledge what someone else is experiencing WITHOUT refocusing in on the negative results and impacts and thus expanding and increasing them.  So for example, I used to have a friend with chronic backpain and he loved to say how terrible it was (and it was no doubt).  Yet when he would start talking about ti I would listen and acknowledge that he was feeling pain and ask him if there was anything I could do to help him feel better, or make suggestions.  That alone was enough to help him shift his attention onto somehting else.  Often times there wasn't anything I oculd do, but asking him, made him feel important and I wasn't pretending the pain wasn't there, but simply helping him to switch his focus onto something else instead. 

Now its not your job to teach anyone anything.  If someone enjoys their pain, thats their hcoice not yours.  You simpy want to ensure you don't get impacted by their beliefs and processes.  So for example, if I told you to go to th emirror and say 100x a day "I'm getting sick" - you wouldn't do it would you (because you know that would have an effect).  Well having friends who focus on pain and sickness creates a focus point and energy that you can unknowingly tpa into and use to your disadvantage.  Just because someone is in pain, doesnt' mean you have to align and agree and focus on their pain> you cna simply acknowledge it, and then ask them if there is anything you can do to make them feel better or what would be fun for htem to do in that moment, etc.  So its not being "rude" per se, simply acknowledging where they are at and switching their focus.  Likewise, same is true for you, when you experience pain, notice it and see where it is in the body, if it has a colour, or energy (i..e is it small/large,thick, thin, etc).  Really noticing the energy oftne times will havean effect and it changes.  Then switching your focus to what you can do in that moment to feeling good will help.  It might be as simple as taking a walk, or doing some deep breathing, or having a bubble bath, or a piece of chocolate etc.  It doesn't have to be an extreme thing or action, but it can be as simple as listening to your favourite musis.  It litterally changes your energy in making that decision and choice to feel good.


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