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Okay so a couple of weeks ago I used the angel exercise, basically what you do is write down what you want and ask angels to help you achieve it. They say there are always angels waiting to help you, you just have to ask them. So I wrote a list of things I want and set it aside. The things I wanted definitely happened, I started seeing changes in a few hours. 

Skip to a week later, I'm feeling on top of the world. My sleeping schedule is backwords, I no longer wake up in the morning, instead I fall asleep in the morning and wake up during night. So I'm up during midnight hours to the early morning. Anyways, every since I wrote that angel list, I've been feeling like I'm being watched. Everynight around 12, I go to the kitchen to get something to eat and I always hear something moving in the rooms beside my kitchen, no one else is in the house. I always turn my attention to a dark corner and feeling like someone is definitely there but I see nothing but darkness. I grab something to eat, turn off the light and now I'm walking back to my room, I hear and feel something behind me as I walk down the hallway but I've never looked back to see what it was. This happens every single night. Skip to last night, I awake to hearing 3 knocks, It woke me up out of my sleep so I don't know if it was my imagination/dreaming or if it really happened. It either sounded like someone was knocking on my window or someone knocking on the inside of my walls. It was really weird. I sat there in bed waiting to see if I would hear it again and I didn't. I couldn't go back to sleep instead I woke up and did my routine, going to the kitchen and getting something to drink and again I felt someone behind me the entire time. I never see anything, just feels. I used to get scared feeling someone behind me but now I accept it and just smile and keep walking to my room.

Do you guys think its the angels that I wrote the list for trying to send me a message? I read two things about knocks: either its a knock of death (someone close to you is about to die) or I read that it could be someone who knows me trying to interract and/or tell me something, I really think its the second one because I don't have anyone close to me. How do I get the message this angel is trying to tell me? Do I just talk to it? I'm scared that it might also be a bad entity so I never tried to talk to it. I definitely believe in ghosts, spirits, whatever you wanna call it. I just want to know what the message is.

Has anyone talked to angels before? 

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Well sometimes things like noises you here come to our view with taking on a new perspective. As you said these things started when you found out about the angel help and wrote a list and that. It could just be that you want to believe those noises are angels so much that your subconscious or even your brain has been directed to look out for any type of sign or confirmation.now it could be that those noises have always been there you just never paid attention to them, now that you have convinced yourself that's what it is you instantly will associate anything out of regular as a sign. And even after reading this I am sure you will say ... what? I know what I hear and I know what it is. Truth is our brain and imagination can really go far and make associations that aren't really there just because it feel good to the brain when the brains right even if that truth has been totally made up :)

Dark corners in the house sure can seem scary, kids have this imagination problem all the time :) but it don't mean that there is actually someone watching you. Humans can themselfs believe anything!

Something similar happened to me lately... I didnt ask them for anything, but I had a sigil of an angel that I wanted to communicate with and after drawing his sigil I also felt watched, like there was a presence in my home. Actually it was quite nice, possibly a sign that they have heard you and are trying to communicate with you, like in my case!

But Im sure its nothing to worry about! What exactly was the exercise that you used? Im thinking of trying it out too!

Nothing which comes from angels is ever bad (they are beings of love and light) so you don't need to be afraid of them. I would say that the knocks are from Angels letting you know that they actually are there, and that they are trying to get your attention. Just talk to them and say something like; " ok, I recognise that you are here. What do you want to tell me? " and then be open to their answers. When you receive them they will be clear and relevant to you. It will almost be like an 'aha' moment and you will certainly recognise it when it happens.


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