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I have been so inspired recently by conversations about the LOA and wondering how much each of us believe in the LOA.  Most of us it seems believe to a degree but we dont have enough experiences of success with it to truly say we believe 100% that we create our reality.

So I would like to invite you to imagine what it would be like if we believed 100% in our own powers of creation.  Remember that people like Jesus said, "if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to the mountain MOVE and it would move".

So let us say for a moment that yes the LOA is true and we believe 100% that our thoughts become things.

Imagine you are on a plane that has been taken over by terrorists and most people are panicking and talking about a certain death and some people are praying but you know from the tone of it they are merely hoping for a better outcome but are essentially coming from fear.  BUT YOU believe 100% that you can change the outcome.  YOu put aside all judgement of the people involved and you close your eyes and imagine the plane landing safely and all the people getting off alive and well ....and then it HAPPENS.

Imagine a hurricane coming towards the coast and people are panicking and fearing the impending destruction, the news and media are constantly broadcasting the same fears and doom, but YOU pivot from all the negativity and close your eyes and imagine the hurricane dissipating out over the sea, you hear in your minds eye, the amazement on the faces of the journalists as they observe the hurricane dissipate and change direction.  and you know that you manifested this result and you then go on your way, thankful for your power to create your reality.

Imagine a doctor telling you you have a tumour in your brain as he takes a routine scan.  Imagine the family members who hear this cry and pray and hope you will be alright but the doctor is telling you he cant do anything.  But you  simply acknowledge that you have inadvertantly over the years manifested this, but now want to change it and so you close your eyes and imagine your entire body as healthy and triving and the tumour disolving and being washed away ...and you ask for another scan and to everyones amazement the tumour is gone !

Imagine your son or daughter coming to you in floods of tears because they have gotten into terrible debt and begging you to help but you dont have that amount of money available to help them.  But you close your eyes and imagine money coming your way and you say give me a day or two and money comes, through a lotto win, or a new client, or a payment that you didnt expect, or a relative or friend gives you an inheritance.

These are the mountains that we can move !

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amazing thread! I think that indeed if we believed it 100% our life would be a little different and at the same time it's somehow good not to ahve everything we want at once cos like abraham says we might not be able to close the gap and could end up feeling miserable.

because I guess if we had 100% faith we'd all have what we want here and now, so.. I have more faith in some of the things than others.

for example, i'd like to withen and straighten my teeth with LOA (no braces no bealching products) but I can feel the resistance although I'm sure it's possible, I feel Im not powerful enough to create it for me, if that does make sense.

I feel somehow some things are easier to manifest than others.

Im currently applying abe's teachings and they're helping me greatly, Im still wondering about the subconscious, how it works but have decided to stick to the "how does it feel now" and the EGS to improve my life. It seems enough as I have seen many abers change their life entirely following this "rule".

I think the key is to really LET GO and trust obviously and well abe says sometimes the desire is so intense you dont need to believe, like a mum lifting a car to save her child, sthg like that.

The work is to bridge belief, to find ways of changing those that dont suit us anymore, find ways of trusting that what we want is already there somewhere and we just have to line up with it.

oh yeah I guess thats what I meant too, I believe in the LOA but not my ability..

crazy isnt it?

Hi Mimi and Bluebellwood, thank you for joining in !

I think it is true that it is nice to know the LOA, but most of us dont want to spend our lives practicing to be a 100% successful at manipulating it to have all we want.  and as you say when it is something like wanting to whiten and straighten your teeth, it feels so difficult that we often let it go, but when the chips are down, like the Mother lifting the half tonne car because her child is trapped, we  know that we can do it. 

Like you with the teeth, I am trying to let go of needing glasses and it is not happening ...but I think the problem is it is not a life threatening need and so life gets in the way of me putting the necessary energy into manifesting it.  I cured myself from a life threatening disease but cant cure my eyesight !!  but that is just it, when something is urgent, we tend to be able to put the necessary energy into changing it, but when it is just another simple desire, we let life get in the way, we are eating, meeting friends, working, laughing and generally getting on with living life.  And LIFE is so interesting that we often tend to just Live it ...and LOA is working away in the background simply churning out by default  all the translations of our thoughts and emotions as we go on our way !

What an amazing post!

And by the way, not that I really DO want to manifest this but when I was on a plane at one stage and initially worried about terrorists and hubby was with me, one of the things I sort of imagined & said to myself I kind of had this picture that even if it DID happen either he would start speaking Arabic and make them see reason and convince them to be peaceful or else we would say it together, some of the words would be his, some would be mine, which he'd translate.  (When I said this to hubby he was like, they wouldn't CARE if I am Egyptian, Arabic-speaking and Muslim, they'd probably try to kill me too!  [Besides, they might not even SPEAK Arabic or English!] But I still saw it happening MY version!)  I'd rather NOT be on such a plane though!  and I say to myself that I am too high vibration for them to "touch this" !

But all the same, this is an amazing post and some very good points.

And Abraham Hicks says, One that is in alignment with Source is more powerful than millions who are not! 

Athena, I love that you say "I'd rather Not be on such a plane ..."  and I think this is often our wish that we will live a life safe and free from all harms ... but when we DO find ourselves in a difficult situation and surrounded by people who are actively manifesting through fear, the pull to 'join in' is very strong.  We LOVE company, we LOVE interaction with others, even here on PI we LOVE to share our stories, so we will always find ourselves in the company of people who dont share our beliefs and who have other agendas, so what we are learning here is how to NOT get too emotionally involved, but to be more of an Observer of human nature.  The skill is to enjoy what other people are creating but still choose only what WE want.  The skill is to pull away from negative co-creations and be the creator we were ment to be.  even if the co-creation is one we like, we need to be mindful of our own individual creative abilities.

I totally believe in LOA 100% in manifesting and attracting a good and bountiful life. No regrets!!!! :D

I believe it,test it,learn more about,see what gives results and then apply to better my life and others.


Are you confusing believing LoA works with getting the desired results we want when we try to deliberately create? 

I believe 100% in Law of Attraction and how it works.  Does that mean I can get consistent results the way I want them everytime?  No way!  Because I believe in LoA, I understand when things don't go as expected it's because I have some hidden beliefs I'm not aware of and it's only by aiming for something new that I get to discover they are there.  It's LoA that teaches me that when I come across them, I have the power to change them, to do something about them so I can manifest more clearly as I want in the future.  LoA teaches me everything I get is something I am wanting, so if I get a pile of crap, it simply means there was something going on in me that attracted that.  I can no longer blame someone else for it because I know too much.  And the more I clear and clear up those issues, the more I will get things I want to happen, the way I want them to happen.

Hi Michelle,


and thank you for your response, sorry if it sounded like that but no I am not confusing believing the LOA works with getting the "desired' results ...but I do agree with you that first we get to believe in the LOA but we often dont have the skills to use LOA deliberately, we get results by default ....then we have to acquire the skills to really direct and focus our thoughts,, take responsiblity for all that shows up, because we HAVE created and co-created all this, and then we learn about how our thoughts and feelings create in the moment and how we need to take  more in control of them.

Everything we get or see around us we have in some way invited in.  The good things we have probably wished for them, the bad things we have brought in by the judgements we make about things we DONT like.


What we learn with the LOA is that it is not good enough to simply want things, we also have to stop criticising and judging and feeling bad about things we dont like, things we perceive as injustices, as wrong, as ugly, as punishible, as dis-ease,  because when we spend time criticising, judging, fearing, fighting we are infact Creating more of this or feeding energy to those who are creating this.


People often say about wars, "I had nothing to do with this war', and then they give a judgement, "X should stop attacking Y' or "Y should give up their archaic beliefs and they would be more acceptable to A to Zs.  With LOA, we can 'observe what we like and dont like, but that is as far as we can go  without manifesting something.  Once we start to get emotionally involved with 'judging', criticising, fearing what the 'enemy' might do or what the horrible consequences of war are, we are now 'feeding' negative energy to the situation and we have attached ourselves to this "War' that we felt we had nothing to do with. We may think we are showing concern, but our concern-emotion soon manifests more to be concerned about.  We are now part of the 'war".  This is how LOA has made dramas evolve since the beginning of time.  It is not  necessarily a bad thing, it is a way for humans to connect and to get involved in each others dramas and creations. It is a way for Spiritual beings to have physical experiences and emotions and to experience just as much the LACK as the LOVE.  People observe others and get involved, wars start, bravery and cruelty go hand in hand, some people come out victors others are punished, many are injured and then the story telling keeps the hatred and the bravery going for generations.


What is so magical about KNOWING how the LOA works is that we can then learn skills to allow us to 'change or control the outcome', or to design our futures.  But it does take skill and learning.  LOA is not a simple law.  It is not that we simply get what we ask for.  No one 'asks' for sickness or wars, or injuries etc.  The positives from LOA can come from simply asking, but the negatives come from simply judging, and judging is something that most people feel is good and necessary.


And again the skills for getting things we want are much easier to understand than the skills to 'avoid' what we dont want.  We can easily see from the media, that humans are much more curious about what is wrong with the world than what is right.  Humans are more interested in hearing a scandalous story than a praiseworthy story, more interested in debating a cruelty than a neighbourly act of kindness.


But the good thing is that we ARE learning these new skills and it only takes a few people to be able to 'hold' an image of a sick person being well, or a war-like situation to be peaceful, or a pending disaster to be relaxed for a better outcome to happen.  The skill is how NOT to become emotionally involved in the disasterous situation but to simply note what is not wanted and close our eyes and imagine a better outcome.


Dr David Hawkins did it in an experiment with crime rates in a city in America, He held an image of peace in a city of crime and over a week the police reported a dramatic drop in the crime rate.


We are all co-creating all the time, co creating the dramas of life, the wars, the politics, the feuds, the disasters but it only takes one or two to withdraw from a particular drama to allow it to change ...

Withdraw from a drama and then imagine with all your resources a GREAT outcome ...and it will come true !

Hi Bluebellwood,


Yes, I believe that we cannot create for other people so when we are in this plane situation we would have to create for ourself the ideal situation ie for the plane to land safely.  Other people on the plane are not really manifesting that they would die, they are just manifesting fear of dying which is not the same thing, so your manifesting the plane landing safely would mean they are heartily relieved.  But if one of the hijackers was bent on dying, then he would most likely still die, or if one of the passangers, really really felt he would die, he might still die but of a heart attack or something like that.


So I agree with you that we cannot create for someone else but we CAN create for ourself and if we get our outcome, others will benefit.  If this actual scenario happened, noone would know that YOU did the manifesting of a safe landing, people would just put it down to luck or to the safe intervention of the military or something else.  Probably the people on board would keep the 'drama' of this adventure going for years and may even cause another disaster in their lives just because they keep the emotions and fear going.  But an individual can change the course of his/her life both in a singular event like this or for the rest of their life if they decide to keep on being positive.


I love your story about aligning with receiving loads of emails from your friend telling you about the woodpeckers he saw, and I think it was a great way to involve him, becausee you did this for YOURSELF,  and he benefited !  Thats Great.

Also we are always aware of what others are manifesting and they can see what we are manifesting, so we are always influenced by others.  If we are in a plane with people who are scared, it is hard to stay fearless, fear is very contagious.   When someone is injured it is hard not to squirm or to feel phantom pains or feel empathy, it takes almost warrior strength to see the 'horror' but not feel horrified, instead to take control and envision a happy well person in "YOUR" visual field.

On the subject of Free Will, I believe we cannot interfere with someone elses free will, if they want to jump off a building nothing in my "imaginings" will stop them, but if they are just panicking about a building collapsing and getting injured, they are not 'willing it to happen', they are just creating by default. They are most likely saying "I want to get to saafety, but their are emotionally saying 'help, the building is going to collapse and I am going to get crushed or killed".  So if we 'imagine' the building stabilising and the person being safe, I believe the building will stop and the person will be safe, they may have some minor injuries because their manifestations will still take place, but their WILL has not been interfered with, In fact they WILLED safety, but couldnt muster up the emotional feeling of safety to make it manifest for themselves.

It is the same for people wanting money to manifest, they are WILLING money to come to them, but it doesnt happen because they are emotionally feeling disappointed that it wont happen or fearing that they will be disappointed ... and that emotion is SO much more important when it comes to the 'energy and vibration' of what we can bring to pass.


by the way, are you French?

you replied to my post above and said we forget to focus on what we want and get on with our life etc, However, Abraham says when we are happy we always tend to what we want, so I guess they mean that by getting happy about everything really, we raise our vibration and then we tend to the body we want, the health etc..

I have a chronic condition and would like to heal myself. I read in a previous post you healed yourself and even could do so eating non organic food, I'd be very interested to hear more about it. I can eat certain foods but I want to change this belief and be able/allowed to eat anything although I'm well aware that certain foods are best for me. I'd like to loose weight too but Im letting go the need to.

What techniques do you use to get what you want then?

I'm a firm believer and a pretty darn good manifester if I may say so ;) Good one!


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