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What is your attitude towards people who are sick or poor now that you believe in LOA

Dear friends,

With LOA, we know that we create our own sicknesses and diseases, and we are responsible for our own poverty, or unemployment etc.

How has knowledge of LOA changed your attitude towards people who are suffering disease and poverty  and other forms of Lack ?

Do you find it hard to feel compassionate towards them knowing that deep down, even  if inadvertantly they caused or manifested these conditions  themselves ?

And how to you find a new feeling of love or compassion for all of mankind ?

Just curious how others feel and cope with this ?

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Such a great discussion Gen! I've thought a lot about it.

I think it all comes from limiting beliefs. All of it. Everything.

People who are poor, it's what they know, and thus, they attract more and more of it, because it's their focus.

People who are sick, it's because of their limiting beliefs. I have them myself, but working on them. Being that I have dealth with anxiety in the past, so I know first-hand how powerful the mind can be, I know that we can create symptoms. Most of the world believes in germs and diseases etc etc, now with LOA, I still believe that disease is caused by what people believe it's caused by, but even medicine knows of the placebo affect. And knows that a positive outlook and a will to live can be the difference it takes. I still struggle with this one myself as it is so ingrained in my reality with what I myself have experienced, and what I have gone through with family members.

And of course I feel compassion for the sick and poor. I don't just think, 'they are responsible for this' because we all know it can be hard to grasp LOA and harder for some to believe it and to harness it for bigger and better things. But what LOA has taught me most of all, is to be appreciative of what I have, and also to take care of myself. Because if I don't do that, then that's the first thing to suffer, and me is the only thing I have control over, so that's all I really need to think about anyhow.

I hope that last bit didn't sound selfish, because I am a compassionate person, but you know what I mean :)



Do you call poor the people with no money? In my opinion, the poor people are those with no kindness and compassion in their heart and soul.

Money is a mean. Not a goal in itself. Somebody with no money could be rich, because her/his soul is rich.

Love from my heart.

Hi, Gen! :-)

   I just surround them with love & healing light, for illness. Occasionally i tend to start preaching how they created this but I try & keep my mouth shut bc they need to get it on their own, I guess. But I must confess it rattles my nerves when ppl are crying poormouth, acting broke & all...mainly bc I 'used' to have those same beliefs, but I usually just ignore them, try & escape their negativity & re'affirm my new beliefs.

These kids are perfect just as they are, but they must have had a desire to change and so they manifested help from people like you Donna, it is a dance and exchange of needs.  You have a need to change what you see in your world and they have a similar need and the two have been matched up perfectly.


Their parents may have 'manifested' them with cleft lips because they were afraid that so-called-perfect children might get captured and taken into slavery or into armies ect.  We dont know the 'reasons' why manifestations happen because we dont know the minds of other people.  There is a custom in Egypt to cut someone's ear if they are seen as 'too beautiful', the little 'defect' is seen as an aid to well being.  Many western children and teens pierce their lips and eyebrows for reasons that are hard to understand, but everyone has their 'reasons'.


But this is a wonderful thing you are doing Donna and I know it will bring joy to you and to the children and their parents.


From a LOA point of view, it is the happiness that YOU get that is more important than the joy they receive.  Because you are happier now, you have made your world a happier place.


I have no doubt that these children make many peoples worlds a better place just by being who they are, and also simply by being children. You can tell from their eyes, that they give and receive love and playfulness.


love and light Gen

Donna, there should be more human beings like you in the world. It is not easy to reach detachment, but once one reaches it, only light and love could be shared.

I admire you. Blessings.

Please let me know. If you can. If we unite, it`s like an ocean, full with drops of water. If we all help with what we can and even more, it will be an ocean. Ripple effect, do you remember????

I do not BELIEVE These kids are perfect as they are.....................................

I used to feel badly for poor people, until I finally realized that we are each creating our own lives.  My sister once explained it like this:  If there is someone who is very poor, perhaps they chose to experience that in this lifetime because in a previous life they were so rich they did not know how to have empathy for the poor.

I don't look at people who have chosen to be sick, with pity, because I myself am going through something similar, and would not want their pity.  I think we each choose our own life pattern before we get here.  The part that is hard for me to grasp is this:  If we choose our life, then come here, can we really change our theme that we created for ourselves, or are we to live out the theme we chose with no way to change it.

When Oprah was still on the air, she did a project where she took very poor families,on welfare with no education, and bad living conditions, she said she would pay for them to go to school to become anything they wanted, she would then get them jobs in their desired field, and help them buy a house.  The project was an effort in futility, not one person finished school, got a job, and left welfare behind.  It got me thinking that maybe they were meant to live out their life the way they originally created it. 

My mother is a prime example of lack.  She is a millionaire, yet she behaves like the poorest woman in the world. Even though she is rich, she is poor in her mindset, and poor in the way she lives her life, it is really sad to watch, but no amount of talking to her can make her see it differently.  The sadest part of all is that when she dies, I will be a millionaire, and enjoy what she could not.

I look at people with less as simply people who are living the life they wanted.


It takes no effort to feel compassion and empathy for others who have manifested "times of troubles" in their lives. We are all one! To me living is about loving. Love is about tolerance and humility and being a positive in your own life and others lives as well. Accepting what is and never judging.

Jo, it is funny when you think about it.  My mom pinches a quarter so tight the eagle poops.

I am very grateful

Thank you =)


It has changed me in the sense that I no longer feel guilt (fear) about NOT giving to beggars and charity. If I feel I have an opportunity to create something wonderful by giving, I will do it.


Compassion, by definition, is about not blaming someone for living with lack, disease and poverty; and understanding them from a state of non-judgment.


I believe we do them a disservice by singling them out (as a group or individual) as "being in lack", being "in need", or somehow deficient.


Ho'oponopono probably had the most influence on my thinking on this, because there is "no out there" (it is our own creation that we have placed upon them)-- and if we deny ourselves the right to be rich and healthy, or judge others who are "better off", and try to redistribute their good fortune to whom we judge "in need of our compassion", then we actually are creating the lack of which we are trying to stop.


As it says in the Tao Te Ching, "How do we change the world? Accept it as it is." (Note: this doesn't mean do nothing if the opportunity arises.)


Hi Wes,

Ho oponopono shifted my paradigm that there is no out there out there, that what we do to ourselves we do to others. As a am generous to myself, i am also generous to others. As i appreciate myself, i also appreciate others. :D


I just wanted to second you on that!


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