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Do you have any movies that lift your mood when you watch them and put you in a positive vibration?

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Well obviously the Secret. But I also like "The Last Holiday" for upliftment. What the Bleep Do We Know was quite cool. I guess any movies that are your faves.
In a way believe it or not Ghostbusters Two AND positive and negative energy are shown as physical & you see how people get together in a city & solve the problem together.
Ooh! I saw something once called Finding Forrester uplifting!!
Flashdance I guess
Apparently there's something called spiritual cinema that's full of uplifting movies.
Yeah! Flashdance!
I googled this for you too & someone write The notebook and Pass it On. Have not seen either.
The said the Secret is their number one & also recommend any Abraham Hicks video.
Amelie - although the start is a bit sad but overall a good one.
Ah yes! Bedtime stories with Adam Sandler it's uplifting & great.
I can't remember if there's naughty bits but "Paul Blatt Mall Cop" cos people think he's a loser but he becomes the hero of the day!
"To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything Julie Newmar"

That IS a good one! Only saw it for first time earlier on this year.
Office Space very good too.
I like Youtube videos for that because I want to feel good FAST. Within 10 minutes. Sometime I watch the videos my wife and I have amassed on Youtube as well. But the BIgDaddyMac of feel good vids are all Abe-Hicks vids, or songs that illicit tears of gratitude from me. TEDtalks are FABULOUS. There is a group on here with tons of Bashar, Abe-Hicks and a host of other related videos that Pat has gathered together. This is the group.


And I just watch Wayne Dyer's "the Shift" a few nights ago. Excellent awakening.
Thanks you Steve!!!! You inspired me to check out youtube videos of Abe0Hicks - i feel greattttt now! perfect vibration to go to sleep with!! Have a great night!!! Btw, I saw the Shift as well. wonderful. Check out the "Spiritual Cinema Circle" - they send you videos like that every month. i've been a member for about a year now. it's great!!! soooo worth the price (about $20/month)!!!!
Sleepless in Seattle
Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain
Pride and Prejudice
Mary Poppins
and some disney movies
well, it's not a movie but: Family Guy!
To really know if a movie cheers us up, we probably have to have seen it more than once. These made me feel good - and many have again and again.

Julie & Julia
As Good As It Gets
Little Manhattan
The Devil Wears Prada
The Shawshank Redemption
50 First Dates
The Wizard of Oz
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Fried Green Tomatoes
Steel Magnolias
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
To Kill a Mockingbird
Field of Dreams
A League of Their Own
The Color Purple
My Dog Skip
Little Miss Sunshine
9 to 5
It's a Wonderful Life
Beauty and the Beast
The Sound of Music
True Grit
Harold and Maude
The Princess Diaries
Harry Potter movies

Tough to watch, but happy endings ...
Life Is Beautiful
Schindler's List
P.S. ...
Young Frankenstein
The Three Stooges movie reels
W. C. Fields movie reels
DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR , the movie cheers me up, to no end!!!!!!!!
I LOVE Superbad, and especially Pineapple Express. That movie though about Stoners, is HIGHlarious! I mean, how can James Franco jumping to hide in a dumpster with his cute self not be funny? I also like Dumb and Dumber, Cant Hardly Wait, The Wedding Singer is probably one of my favorites as well, I watched it on Thanksgiving, such a sweet flick!


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