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Why do instantaneous manifestations sometimes happen during church?

I've watched a few episodes of Sidroth And The Supernatural where people have experienced instantaneous manifestations.  Such as losing a lot of weight instantaneously.  One guy reported on how he lost weight instantaneously during a church service.  He had to hold his pants up to keep them from falling off of him when he stood up.  One person had their hair grow back and the people sitting behind them witnessed it growing right before their eyes. 

In the book "They told me their stories", you hear about miraculous healing that took place at Azusa Street Revival.  Some of these manifestations were also instantaneous, such as blind people being able to see, or crippled people being able to walk.  Tumors falling off of people, or limbs growing back. 

So what is it about a church type atmosphere that can bring about instantaneous manifestations? 

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Their strong desire, combined with their strong belief in the atmosphere being able to heal them is what allowed them to release their resistance.

Yeah I was thinking it must be something about the atmosphere increasing their faith.  I once prayed to be filled with the Spirit or Holy Spirit as they call it.  I wanted to know what it felt like.  And like the next day a couple of church guys came knocking on my front door.  I talked with them a few minutes on my front porch and my lung problem somehow came up in conversation, so they decided to put their hands on my shoulders and pray for me to be healed.  I didn't get healed, but I got my pray answered.  As soon as they laid hands on me and started praying I felt what other people report feeling when they get filled with the Holy Spirit.  I felt like I was floating, like I was light as a feather.  I even looked down at my feet to make sure they were still touching the porch. 

I had a friend who said he got filled with the Spirit in church and he described it as having a 100 pound weight come off of him.  Very similar to how I described it.  My brother also said he's experienced this in church when he got baptized. 

I have later felt this feeling a couple of other times although slightly different during church.  For me it's when the music is going.  The music seems to feel powerful at times.  I have tried to use music at home with headphones to bring about this feeling of being filled with the Spirit.  But, I haven't had any luck with that.  I don't know why. 

I have a theory and I could be wrong.  But from a quantum physics point of view, they say that particles sometimes act as waves and other times they appear as solid (as particles).  Everything is energy including the atoms that make up our bodies.  They also say that everything is blinking in and out of existence.  So it's like the particles of our bodies are actually energy (waves) but, they're blinking into existence (appearing as solid/particle).  So could it be that when one is feeling this weightlessness of "being filled with the holy spirit" that they are actually experiencing more of the wave (quantum field) then normal?  Meaning they are temporarily less solid, or blinking in and out of existence (solidarity) less.  And therefore more capable of shifting to a parallel reality or manifesting a change in their body.  Since the quantum field is the field of all possibilities.  What do you think? 

If so, does anybody have any idea how to bring about this feeling of being filled with the holy spirit or experiencing our quantum field selves?  I think because you feel different when it's happening that the experience might increase your faith for what would otherwise be considered a miracle.

I don't think those are real. Abe has videos why not regarding instant manifestations.

actually Abe says that every manifestation is instantaneous, the fact is very often we are not up to speed with our desires.

here are some quotes that could help:

The Holy Spirit experience might be a state of non-resistance or alignment, but it seems more than that to me.  The experience of feeling weightless is not normal.  Talking in tongues is not normal.  Falling down in the spirit and being unable to move is not normal.  Getting instantly healed is not normal.  Having energy move up or down your body is not normal. 

I would call these experiences mystical experiences to give them a name.  I know people who have experienced these things and more and I know them well enough to know they're not lying about their experiences.  They surrendered to the Spirit and interesting things happened when they did.  I'm sure in some cases they didn't have a desire to do what the Spirit led them to do, yet they allowed the Spirit to move through them anyway and found themselves doing something. 

I want to know how to feel the Holy Spirit or quantum field whenever I want.  And how to use that state to make things happen like healing in the body.  In the east they talk about kundalini experiences - energy moving up or down the body through your chakras or energy centers.  I think it's the same thing as what Christians call being filled with the Holy Spirit.  I would call these mystical experiences and most people rarely experience these things.  Therefore they're not normal.  So why are they so rare and difficult to achieve?  I just think if you could get to this state manifestations could be instant. 

Well for 10  percent of your weekly income I can give you that answer. LOL Just kidding. (My attempt at a Religious joke) Most religious people have no idea what's happening and a lot of them have been lied to or mislead on the subject  of so called "Miracles"

Instant manifestations aren't miracles or some special super power. Instant manifestations is how your reality works and continues to exist. . If there were no such thing as instant manifestations then there would be nothing, you would be in a empty black space by yourself. 

So you're instantly manifesting every moment of your life  as a matter of fact nothing you see right now could exist if you weren't manifesting it over and over again.  So what you're seeing in these churches aren't miracles they more like convincing an individual to stop manifesting their problem in every moment and manifest the solution.   I know it sounds too simple but it is a simple concept but not so simple when you try to change a belief, thought and feeling that you've been used to repeating every day of your life. 

Some people are able to let go of certain beliefs and thoughts when they're given hope in a outside force, that is when the so called miracle manifests itself because that individual has given up the  thought and belief that caused their problem. So it isn't the Church or some silly religion, it's the human beings willingness to give up the negative belief  and nothing more.

Instant manifestations are happening right now, they may not seem like instant manifestation because they're similar to your past manifestations but they're instant.  

People who know the truth are the ones who end up performing these so called miracles and are considered master or witches by other human beings. Witches,wizard , spirituality masters all knew this truth. 

Once you accept not on a logical level but on a heart feeling energy level that everything you see hear and touch are nothing more than repeat instant manifestations that come from you repeating the  same thought and feeling and  then you realize you can change that manifestation when you change how you feel and think then you will start manifesting things in a way that will freak out people around you. .  

Whenever I;ve asked this question, I always tell the person who asked, religions are using your own creative manifesting powers to perform miracles and taking credit for it and taking your money.  Back in 2006 I started law of attraction and spirituality . I  had a friend that study black magic for fun but could do some really weird stuff. But talking to her and comparing notes with her on Spirituality Law of Attraction vs Black magic. All the sudden I put two and two together and realize religion has been using our own creative manifestation powers. We are the ones that create the miracles in our life but we just for some reason either do not realize it. 

You can have the same instant manifestations that you hear about in religions  any where on planet Earth .

I hope this doesn't sound like a rant against religion but the things I've watched people manifest by sharing this information with them just makes we wonder did someone lie to humanity on purpose about our abilities and true power.

What you're saying makes sense.  I agree that we're instantly manifesting every moment of our lives.  We're constantly shifting realities.  And that what people would call a miracle healing is nothing more than a shift like any other shift.  Although a shift from ill to well can seem like such a big shift if we make the shift instantly rather than gradually. 

But, what about these other mystical type experiences I mentioned where people feel weightless, talk in tongues, fall down in the spirit and can't move, or have energy move up or down their body (kundalini/filled with the spirit)?  

In my opinion it's not mystical if you accept the idea that you're a soul aka a energy being that  is  pretending to be human.  Your body is just a suit for your Soul. The whole talking in tongues stuff sometimes seems more ritualistic in my opinion but there are cases where you can open your body up to soo much of your Soul energy that you really do not have the words to describe what's happening because the energy is just too much.  That could be what's taking place.  I've open my body up to a lot of my Soul before and I still do not know how to describe it to anybody.  All I can say is infinite energy and information flowing to you faster than anything we could measure but even those words are not good enough to describe it.  It was beyond anything I've ever experienced or heard about. .   

Your soul is huge and way bigger than your body. In my opinion on an average day we only allow 10% of our soul into our body from the higher realms but when you open your body up to that energy to allow more of your soul in then that is when amazing stuff start to happen.    Now the weightless feelings is something that certain buddhist teachers used to levitate. 

Great answer Will Pemb...

Churchs induce a trance state, when you are in trance your rational mind dont block your creations.

Do you have any tips or advice on how to open your body up to your soul so you can experience more of it?  I've tried so many times to experience it again, but I haven't had any luck. 

This is probably a mass-consciousness thing.  When you have one person manifesting on their own, they can sometimes have doubts, and these will hinder the manifestation.  But when you have a number of people believing in something all at the same time (particularly people of a strong faith) then big things can happen.  This is because the belief of the many, can override the doubts of the individual, and that is why miracles and supernatural events do often happen in churches.  Think of the Bible quote " whenever two or more are gathered in my name, great things happen. "

some peoples say that this statement of the bible means actually conscious and subconscious agreeing, and not peoples.

Ohh great perspective jota!!


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