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For some people, sex is a sensitive subject. But for me, I love to openly express gratitude about and it praise it. There really isn't anything quite like an orgasm. I love it. I love the whole process; get in "the mood", combine that with some dirty thoughts and dirty actions (lol), and the end result is a combination of something gross but wonderful. 

So my question is, why does our vibration change so much after we have sex? We usually feel like different people when we are "done" with it, and we feel like we never want to have it again. What is happening vibrationally after we have sex? What do you think?

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There is evidence that orgasm sets off a chemical reaction in our brains that is really akin to what happens to drug addicts after they’ve had a fix. Immediately after, we feel gratified, but soon we hunger for it again. Sometimes we’re even cranky with our partners as a result of this chemical reaction (though few people realize this is what's causing the crankiness). I’m not sure how to describe that vibrationally; everyone has to do that for themselves.

Marnia Robinson has an interesting website that talks about this phenomenon and other ways to make love that don’t cause this chemical reaction. I for one have been intrigued by what she has to say.
Personally I think sex relieves our animal instinct to reproduce. Once that primal urge is satisfied our minds clear. We all get horny and sometimes it can be distracting. but don't get me wrong it's a welcomed distraction!
I don't know if it's common that people feel like they never want to have it again, after they are "done." Could be some do -- probably so. But I think that it requires some energy and focus...one cannot be on autopilot to have a good sex experience (though some probably are) -- for me it might be a bit like eating -- you're full and don't want more, but after a while you're hungry again! I think it's the body's way to give itself a break!
Do we feel like that? I remember i used to, but ever since i started learning about loa and raising my vibration it changed..Now
I feel content, happy, eager to do stuff, like singing etc. etc. Just very good overall, very different from what i used to feel.

But to answer your question, i suppose it's because you got on a very high vibration, and then you 'crash' down into the lower set-point that you were at before all the dirty stuff..So it could be that getting back to that high vibration just feels like too much of an effort, too much work and so you feel like you never want to do it again. It's simply too big a jump from where you are at that moment. But getting your general set-point up to a higher vibration might help. It's better when it's still fun afterwards! ;-)
I like to have a nap after sex. When I wake up, I start thinking about sex again. Am I different? Do I care if I'm different? (nope)

Does your vibration change radically after sex?

Do you usually feel like a different person when you're "done" with it? and do you feel like you never want to have it again?

What is happening to you vibrationally after sex?

I think you should answer these questions yourself... and then see how people respond to your thoughts and questions.
remember when it was cool to share a cigarette after sex?
OMG! I used to love that... now, I'm repulsed by the thought! (of the cigarettes, i mean)- wink.
LOL... the love is mutual. xo

i dont even smoke and both sound good right now lol

I do not feel badly after sex in fact I am certainly in the vortex and yes when it is satisfying I want more and more.......

I think it is interesting, how after sex I am sort of like zoned out. I feel extremely happy and in a higher vibrational state, but after a few days I start to slowly come out of the lovesick vibration and crash down. I not only feel more attachment and yearning for the person (could this be why potential relationship partners bail after the deed is done, by LOA)? I also think it is interesting how it is differential for our male counterparts. How some just go to sleep, or start awkwardly chattering out of nervousness or hyper activeness before taking off into the night. Or just go smoke and watch the tv. I guess everyone is different? I just know I get lovesick and want to eat cake.
Siamese Girl,
What you’re describing could be a post-orgasmic hangover. It manifests at different times and in different ways. Some people experience cravings for more and more sex or for other pleasurable things (like food, in your case). It’s all an attempt to get your dopamine level back to where it was during orgasm. Other people feel the urge to “separate” from their partners immediately afterward as a result of this hangover, e.g. by leaving, or by rolling over and going to sleep. The more people I talk to the more I think this is very real. I guess my perspective on this might not be terribly aligned with the LoA. However, for me it's been a catalyst for learning about sacred sexuality, something that I believe will bring great benefit to my future relationships.


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