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Because I am DESPERATE for money; I am almost 2 months behind on my mortgage and behind on some bills, can't buy food for myself, I accepted a job that I KNOW I HATE doing and that also doesn't pay me what I need to catch up. I wake up with my stomach in knots, can't eat (with what little food I do have), can't sleep, etc. Yes, I am in fear. Honestly I get angry when people say you have to be happy, etc. in order to have what you want in your life. If anyone has ever been where I am now, I'd like to see YOU happy now. I do try but when nothing happenms towards getting what I want showing up in my life, yes, I get hysterical with fear, despair, etc. I am single with no help from a partner.


How, then, do I get what I want and need???? I need some solid advice, wisdom, etc. I have been turned down for countless jobs, if they even contact me at all. I want to start yet ANOTHER business (I have started 3 or 4 businesses when I had money and NONE of them took off) I tried avoiding the very spot I find myself in now!!! I am NOT lazy, complacent or anything. I just want to be happy, financially secure, debt free, etc., have food on my table consistently, etc. Basically take care of myself!!! I am at the point where all I want is peace and if I have to commit suicide I may just have to do that. I CANNOT take this anymore!!!!!


Sorry if I have offended anyone, that is never my intent. I am just SO depressed, frustrated, etc. I DO NOT know what to do anymore to turn this around NOW!!!!



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Dear Pam,
I read your post, and it is obvious you are frustrated. I honestly don't know what to say, I'm not an incredibly wise person, nor do I have amazing healing powers or loads of money. But I want you to know that someone has read this, and is aware of what is going on in your life. I hope that you find the strength to continue on with this job that you hate untill you stablize your self. I know, its hard to be happy just because someone told you to, so I'm not going to order you to be happy. I will, however, ask of you to please not give up, keep trying. All the greatest people in the world went through extremely tuff times in their lives, and so does everyone else. If you want to start another business, then wait awhile untill you can stand on two feet and feel confident of yourself. For now the best advice I can give you is to be greatful that you did get this job, use it to your advantage, and PLEASE don't give up!
My sister once tried to commit suicide, and I will never forget the horrible feeling brought by that experience. I will feel horrible should you try or worse succeed.
Please contact me back so that I know you are ok. I may not know you, but I feel that I came across your post for a reason. I want you to keep going.
-Jasmine Davila

Hi Jasmine,


Thank you for your post. I am so sorry to hear about your sister's attempt. How awful for you and your family to have to deal with that. I truly hope she is doing much better now. I am tired of struggling, fighting to make positive things happen, or weairting for things to turn around, etc. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond, thank you for that. I will keep moving forward.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jasmine.



Wow i feel for ya Pam.

Try not to let things get to you too much- This could be a blessing in disguise.

i don't know exactly about ur finances or where you live or your lifestyle but i do know that there is always hope- and advice available.

I would try to find a person in your area to talk to professionally and get some sound direction.

Keeping a positive attitude is vital- but so is taking practical steps to improve ur circumstances.

Wish ya every bit of success and luck- keep smiling- things could be worse.

Dear Pam,

You are in a great position to open the door of your new life filled with abundance.

I believe that you depressed and frustrated life is come to an end! How? Simple just forget about your present circumstances and focus on prosperity I am not telling you to feel happy or imagine what you want you have to let it go, look what Bob Proctor saying in his facebook page "Don’t let your present problems defeat you. The Chinese have a saying that if you live with a disaster for three years it will turn into a blessing. Look back in your own life at what appeared to be a devastating situation five or ten years ago. Many of those situations were the turning point that caused a number of great things to happen in your future. Regardless of what happens today, realize it is the beginning of something good."

Remember James Arthur Ray's words from The Secret movie  "let's say for instance that you don't have a lot of money in your bank account or you don't have the relationship that you want or your health and fitness isn't up to par. That's not who you are that's the residual outcome of your past thoughts and actions. So we're constantly living in this residual if you will of the thoughts and actions we've taken in the past. When you look at your current state of affairs and define yourself by that then you doom yourself to have nothing more than the same in future."

I am giving you a video link from you tube of a new business idea for everyone who wants financial freedom and a healthy and wealthy life. You watch the video and if you are interested then let me know, I have grate digital library of self help materials which I can share with you and we can study together you share your views and I share mine and this way we can live the life we want to live.

Have a very happy and successful life.

I'm praying for you! I know exactly how you feel!

Hi Pam:  I feel for you because I have been in the same situation.  I have attached a link that just might change things for you. It sounds like this might be perfect for you.



Reiki Queen


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