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Hi there!

I am really ready to begin working with the LOA in a positive manner.

I'm not sure where to begin?

What books and/or posts should I read?

I currently do not have a lot of start up money to buy a lot of books though.

The areas of my life I want to grow in are:

Education, finances, having more positive people in my life, health.

I am a single mom of two kids(my son is 14 and my daughter is 8).

On the 26th I will be going back to school for a Bachelor of Science in Restoration Ecology. All of my classes are offered on first shift. Therefore, I will likely need to home school my kids as well. If I keep them in public school I wouldn't get to see them as they go to their dads house every weekend. That means I would go to college and home school on first shift and I would need to work a second shift part time job. I would really like to use the LOA in this area to keep me going, for time management, concentration, memory retention. And I am not sure what else? Any suggestions?

As for finances- I currently do not make enough money to pay all of my bills. So this is a MUST for me to work on. But again, I need your help in learning what to do.

For health- I am trying to move to a "near vegan" diet that is mainly unprocessed foods. I have been a vegetarian for 13 years and I need to lose weight for health issues (blood pressure) and need to find exercise routines that I can stick with and need to learn how LOA can assist me here....

I have been trying to keep negative people out of my life. I know of many though! This means I am often feeling quite lonely, other than my positive online "friends." I want to invite more motivational people into my PERSONAL life.

I am really excited over the next few years but there is anxiety there too. I have this beautiful plan to change my career to help the environment- and I need some AMAZING things to happen to keep everything moving in the right direction so my dreams can become reality.

I would also really like to have a beautiful, happy, and committed relationship with a wonderful man, and even though I want this very much- I feel I need to get a few things more settled in my life (education, finances, etc). What do you think?

So I ask-

Will YOU help me?

Will you teach me the way?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(attached is a photo that says "HAPPY" that I made recently. I am very happy about this transitional phase in my life!)

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Might I add:

I will be having somehard classes in college that I will need a lot of help with. I can get a tutor. But I never took such classes in high school and I really do not know how well I will do. This semseter I will have precalculus, and I am not the best at math. I will also eventually face chemistry 1 and chemistry 2 and organic chemistry...

How can LOA help me.

I already know it will be hard- working, homeschooling my kids, and facing these tough classes. What mind set should I work towards. 

I definitely need to lean more about LOA


wow, a long post! I love when people get so exited about this process.

First of all I am a homeschooling veteran of 16 years. If you have any questions regarding that, just throw them my way.

Regarding the books: May I suggest to get Kindle Unlimited as a monthly service? You (and your kids) can read an unlimited amount of books - not all books are available, but way too many to count. I review books as a hobby, so this is one of my favorite places to get books - 9 Dollars a month, as many books as you can read.

Now, I am not an expert as LOA. I have been working with it, or trying to for years, and decided just yesterday to put all of the self-help books to a test, and that openly (so I write about it on my blog - not a pull to go there, just an idea on what you could do). I started with a book on Morning Routines. I will see how this works, combined with the power of positive thinking - the routine involves visualization, meditation, exercise, journaling, and getting up early to find the time to do it.

So far, I love it. I think it will work wonders. 

So you can do something like that too - pick a book, and work through their principles. Or go on youtube, select a topic and google for the big speakers answer to it - with that I mean Tony Robbins, Dr. Dyer, Louise Hay, Abraham Hicks. Try their practices for 30 Days and see what happens.

You got nothing to loose by jumping in like that - and the video's are free.

Good luck on your journey!

I'm so excited for you, Honey Bee Dance!!! Your success IS my success!!!

My favorite book, which isn't LOA specific but touches on it, is Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth". It is a comprehensive guide to "knowing thyself"...its also a great value, as I paid $10.50 for it and have read it about 5 times. I get something new out of it every time. I suggest checking books out of the library and perusing them before paying full price. Not everyone will be on the vibrational frequency that you need right now. You'll be able to figure that out within in a few days of reading.

If your library has audio books on CD, you can often download them on to your computer and keep listening after you've returned the discs. Audio books are your friends!! With your course load, it may be the only way to GET to read! :)

I relate to your position. I worked full time while completing my BS (I started out in Chemistry and aced all the classes you mentioned, so if you need tech support in those classes I'm pretty confident I can help, although its been about 15 years). It may seem like there's no time for it, but I suggest starting a study group for each of your tough classes. You can work through homework problems together and will get a much needed network of people on the same path as you. Your commitment to meeting times will keep you on track.  I suggest inviting people who ask good questions in class.

Don't worry too much about keeping negative people out of your life; after all, what you resist persists. If you just focus on finding and connecting with the right people, the loneliness will evaporate!

What resources are you using for homeschooling? I know there's free online public school that could take care of most of the curriculum (k12.org) and there's KhanAcademy.org, which has EXCELLENT tutorials on complex subjects that can help both your children and you. And its FREE.

I think the wonderful man you're looking for will come when you're ready. That doesn't necessarily mean that things have to be more settled in your life. It cold be tomorrow. And he might be able to help you through some of this. I met my husband during one of the busiest times of my life and he helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel (and made me dinner and cut my grass on crazy days!)

I can't teach you the way--the answers are in you. But I'm more than happy to be a part of your LOA study group! :)


Hi. I also am a single mom. What I love to do is spend 5 min (3 times a day) appreciating what I have and where i am going.
It helps with the momentum and it makes me feel so good!


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