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When I am feeling down, I love coming to PI and search for success stories. It motivates me to stay on track and to be grateful for what I have. I would like this to be a spot where you can go to get a quick fix of motivation and tell others how LOA has effected your life.

1. Share what you delibritly manifested into your life

2. Share what method you used to manifested it.

Here's mine
I am starting a side business, World Wide Effects (check out my website www.worldwideeffects.com (shameless plug :) ) and I manifested my first customer in about 20 hours.

I've been writing in a journal for a few weeks, since I started listing what I am grateful for and then asking for what I want, I've received about $600 in checks in the mail. One night I wrote that I want my first customer today (it was past midnight). That day, a person that I had thought was no longer interested in my product called and I got my first customer.

I hope you enjoy this discussion and it brings happiness into your day.

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I love the little things!

6/19/2008: I left very late going to work, too busy reading some of the posts on this site. The whole way to work I mentally chanted, I will get there in time, I will get there in time. Then I looked down and the gas tank was on EMPTY. So, I had to go past work to the closest gas station. Then, they had problems printing out my reciept. I pulled into the parking deck as someone in the fourth spot was pulling out, but there was someone in front of me. I said to myself, wow, I would really like that spot. Don't you know the car in front of me went in the other direction in the parking deck. As I walked in the building and went to punch in, I should punch in at 7:30 and I punch in at 7:28! What a great way to start a great day!
I manifested:

*having my dream car
*Moving to the city of my dreams,for the exact time I wanted
*Staying with my boyfriend and getting married(we aren't married yet but we are getting there,we are still a little too young,but in the next two years it will happen)
*I manifested a cosmetic procedure I used to dream about since i was a kid.
*Money,so much money.
*family businesses.
*new friends.
I am just a beginner but in this short time (about 3 months) few things I have wished for came my way.

A girl at work that was making trouble for everyone went on holidays and after couple of days I noticed how everyone was getting along better and it was such a relaxed place so I wished that it was always like that. I once again started enjoying my job. Anyway, to cut the long story short, the "trouble maker" ended up calling our boss and quitting before she was due to come back. We are all one happy family again and things couldn't be better. :)
While this may seem very small in the grand scheme of things, I experienced some manifestation of my own tonight and I was pretty excited.
I have been searching for a dvd of my favorite band for a while. Unfortunately my local stores don't carry it, I wasn't about to try to get a pirated copy, and I'm not big on ordering anything online unless I absolutely have to. So I put the dvd in my "Universal Wish List" on Amazon, thought about how much I wanted it, and then didn't really think about it much after that.
Tonight I happened to stop by a small cd/dvd/game store with my friends and not only did I find the only copy of the dvd they had, but it was even less than the Amazon copy.
Not much, but it gave me a little boost of confidence that this might work on other things as well.

I have always wanted to write and publish. Last year I wrote and published 3 best sellers.


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