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So, as you know,I'm writing this book and I have about 50 pages written. And one publisher I found offers everything I want, but it's money I know I don't need to spend, cause I have faith that i can get someone to publish it..I might have him make me a pretty cover, that'd be nice for an ebook,and he said he can, even if I don't publish with him. That I might do. That's seperate,and affordable. no biggie. I know i"m not going to pay for the rest of it, that's not my thought. Done...

..and that's where my thoughts start...I'm manifesting getting it signed by a publisher.Getting it read by 1 million people, having a book signing tour.....but, my mind, when I'm not manifesting, my thoughts are like, What are you going to do? You better get a publisher,and that guy will do it for x amount of dollars. How are you going to do it? 

why am I reverting to thinking of how?I've not done that since I've had my level one training with Sonia Choquette last year. I teach people to stop their thoughts, and clear their mind. I teach others to meet their master guide,and an easy non scientific beginning manifesting, which works for me, that I also learned in October. 

And all those  uncleared thoughts are going to mess with my visualization. I can put it on Amazon Kindle for nothing. I can put it on my website, if I could figure out how people charge for ebooks. that's not the problem. I keep thinking of the how,and I've not done that for a while. I usually jump my thoughts right to the end product. 

So, I center my thoughts, which I'm quite good at,and I don't have any doubt,I have total trust in the universe, and i'm visualizing effectively. I can't stop thinking of the how of this whole thing, when it's really not any big deal whatsoever. If I decide to put it on my website as an ebook, so what? But why am I thinking of the how?

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Congratulations on getting your book published!I figured I would be the first of a long list,One of millions,the longest journey begins with the first step,and small attempts repeated will complete any undertaking.I just finished my first book I am just one month out of print and I am going to revision.I self published with a small publisher.So I know what your going through and admire your determination.YOU GO SISTER..
I've not actually gotten it published, yet...but I do have one in mind. I am having him design a cover this week. I may not use Motivational Press. I must pay for other things first, but what they offer is amazing. But after it's edited, the kindle publication is the first thing I will do...no struggle there....just upload it to the kIndle site,and set a price on it. So providing a nice chapter for them to have a sample of, and then no struggle.

I had a long talk with my master guide last night, who taught me to raise above the "How" factor, and when I start listing that in my mind, to replace the thoughts with the final product....and do the visualization all over again. I was visualizing it last night,and in my visualization, someone came up to me and thanked me on the chapter of vegetarian. My first thought was, "I didn't.." And I stopped, and let the visualization go on. I saw water bottles with my brand name, notebooks, amethyst, and essential oil, next to the book display.

My visualizations usually come out as I see them. Yes I do have a publisher, but I want one where I don't have to pay for it. If I use them, I'll do it, but after I focus, and pay for my level 2 training in October.The guy knows that. But I wanted a cover so bad, cause it makes the visualizations real.And I am getting that this week.I'm using the cover as a tool. I'm not getting all hung up in the hows, cause I know how to rise above it.

Motivational press is a mid tier publishing company, but what they do is so cool, that i might use them. So you pay for their services, and it's not cheap, but what they do is so cool. I'm going to get the Wrtier's Market today at Barnes and Noble.
All authors participate in the advertising and the promoting of their book. Motivational press does the rest, but charges. And I'm not struggling with it any more. I've figured out how to think over the struggle, and that is what I'm going to do. The minute you begin to get into a cycle of struggling, then all your manifesting takes a bit of a dive, cause the universe believes it is offering you too much at once.
I will do that...I'm taking a break from it this week, to start HCG (homeopathic). After this week,I'm pouring myself back into the book. Last night, I took a detox bath, which I don't like, but I took the time to manifest and visualize my body at 115 pounds, my money, and my book. Here's my blog post on it, and my bath. So, every day,I'm going to focus for a bit on things, book, weight, money, for 15 minutes, Clear my mind and focus. Something will come to me.

Thanks for the great reminder Rhonda. Struggling about how it will all take place, and worrying that I I have not yet cleared my life for success is a huge challenge for me.

I have to remind myself that the Universe has wisdom and knowledge that greatly exceeds my limited experiences, and that the wheels are already in motion in my behalf.

Pursue your dreams my dear. I have always wanted to write and published books. Last year I wrote and published 3 best sellers. I am now writing the 4th one soon to be published.


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