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How do we conquer this state? Why do we get what we don’t want? Why do we desire a thing and we fall short of achieving the goal? All good questions.
We all have certain things, that happen contrary to what it is we want. This can be the negative self-talk causing it. In other words say you are wanting more money and you say it, think it and ask for it. Then something happens and you actually all of a sudden, have things happen to hinder or make worse the having more money and you actually have less. What happened?

Well one thing that can be happening is this: Notice when you are asking for more money (please be specific about how much more money you want, after all one dollar is more money) and in the inner talk you say to yourself something like:

Having more money will not happen to me
I don’t know where it’ll come from
I don’t deserve more money
This is all airy fairy stuff and doesn’t work
I'll have to work more hours to get more money

Well if you clearly remember or hear this then you have a great opportunity to take out that negative thought.
If you don't know the tapping points please click here and familiarize yourself first.

Do this with any statement that is echoing in your mind
Karate chop point
3 rounds

Even though:
I think having more money will not happen to me, I choose to believe in the possibilities of more money showing up. And I deeply and completely choose to accept my feelings and myself.

(Eyebrow) having more money will not happen to me

(Side of eye) having more money will not happen to me

(Under eye) having more money will not happen to me

(Under nose) having more money will not happen to me

(Chin) having more money will not happen to me

(Collarbone) having more money will not happen to me

(Under arm) having more money will not happen to me

(Head) having more money will not happen to me

Another thing that can be happening is your negative talk out loud and to yourself, about money or whatever it is that is in a stall mode in your life. If for instance you want 2000 dollars more a month and you say and want it and your not sure you hear any contradictory voice saying the opposite, then how is your positive talk going? Do you complain to your friends about the money you don’t have? Do you listen to others complain about their lack? Do you think of things you want, but then feel disappointed that you cannot buy it?

Well here’s something I have had work for me. Never let a negative have more then a couple of seconds of your attention and quickly recognize that your doing that thing you do and switch to something positive right away.

The other thing that gives tremendous power to what it is you want, is to write non stop for 20 minutes all the things you are grateful for.

But here’s the trick; write about thing's that have happen in your life through the years, that have brought you money. Say you got some money for your birthday, say how grateful you where for that and how much fun it was to spend it. Say you won something write about that. Or say you got a bonus for something, write about that. Anything that has to do with your receiving the essence of what it is you want. And if you cannot remember anything then just write about how grateful you are for all the abundance in your life. I am sure you have an abundance of dishes, towels, soaps, glasses, clothes, knickknacks, paper, pens etc. maybe even add how joyful they are to use or look at those things. But the key is to write non stop for 20 minutes each day. It is the best way to focus. This puts you in a state of a high vibration.

Now, do the same thing write for 20 minutes a day non-stop on how your life will be with more money. How will you feel, how will you act, what will you do, how grateful are you to have this new experience. How natural do you feel. If you start having some negative’s come up during the non-stop writing, then when you are done writing, you’ll have a perfect subject to tap on.

If this is all to much time for you then alternate, do one day and the other the next day. But never do this when you feel you have to. Very important to do it with love in your heart for trying something new.

Sending Lots of Love your way,

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Marlene.htis is very true, I am trying to knock some sense into my husband about all this negative talk. Love Mysticaldew
We cannot change another, be the change and he may just follow.
I Love you
Maybe you can: Make a movie night and watch The Secret
Hi Marlene - I would like to know how I can use EFT to become and remain a vibrational match to an income of at least $500,000 per year, for the highest good? I do believe there are amazing chanels of supply and that money comes under grace in perfect ways. I have no fear or limitation in this regard - I just require to keep my vibes high to be a match to all that I desire and see for myself. If this makes sense?

Marlene, I love this post. I recently cleared out a big financial blockage with EFT and I know how powerful it can be! I have plenty more tapping to do, on money and other issues but I love every minute of it! I can actually feel the energy shifting when I do it so I know that major lifelong blockages are clearing away.

Joy! :-)
Yes money issues are many layers deep, did you do the SELF IMAGE VIDEO? It will also help.
I Love You
Come join my new site on ning More video session more topics

Thanks Marlene for such a thorough post! Blessings Petra
This is fantastic. I'm going to get right on it this evening.
Great post!
good motivation u have..I always want to be in a good positive, but suddenly, the negavite thinking always cut down,my positive , anyway, it remind me something by reading yr article..thanks for a good article. I'sure after this, everything will change.
Thank you so much for this important information. The things described are exactly how I have operated the majority of my life. I HAVE to change! Thank you for the tools you have shared with me to bring about these absolutely necessary changes in my life.

Marcia Mercy


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