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My dog AngelFace, she 15 years old and very healthy!

I personally believe that our pets are the most wonderful creatures god has given us. And now that I understand EFT and the spirit. I think when an animal gets a condition, then we in some way, unintentional of course has created it for them. Strong words?, yes I agree, however I think that animals live in the now and are love in of themselves. They love to love you and be with you. And we, in trying to teach them and live with them sometimes throw a lot of negativity towards are beloved pets. This I feel damages their essence, their aura, their vibration from being positive love to something lower. A lower vibration brings in disease. The same as we need to raise our vibration to be healthy.

Have you ever watched "The Dog Whisperer" on TV, Ceaser Milan? He never raises his voice, never threatens, never punishes, to train a dog. He uses energy, if you haven’t seen him in action, try to catch his show, it is awesome. His show is on National Geographic.

However pets also seem to heal faster then we do because they are so forgiving.
And EFT is a VERY POWERFUL TOOL, when used on our pets, the results are dramatic!

What ever your pet has, a growth, allergy, arthritis, diabetes, you name it, you can effectively correct this for them just by using EFT. I’ll give you an example: You’ll hear me saying dog a lot, it’s only because that's what I have, but this also works for other pets as well.

Duke a Rottweiler had a bad leg, a limp and at times would just fall down and pull himself with his front legs. Maureen has been unable able to do anything for him and neither has the vet.

My session with Duke for Maureen:

I just start talking, as I tap around Dukes eyes, top of head and down the sides of his front legs all the way to the paws, the start back up again towards the head but this time go down the back spine and then down the back legs to the paws.

Now you can do this tapping on just one side at a time or both sides at once. While I am tapping I am talking. "Even though I have this bad back left leg and it makes me limp, I am loved and I am a good dog"! I say this continuously while tapping. I then say some things like my leg is healing itself and I am a good dog". "Even though I fall down and can't run like I used to, I completely love myself and I am a good dog". I also say things like "Even though my back left leg is hurting me, I am a good dog and my master/mommy (whatever your pet knows you as) loves me". I have seen miracles with this simple method many many times. While tapping though I must confess that sometimes other words come to me, and I throw them in. You can do this too just listen to what pops into your head, its your intuition telling you something the dog needs to hear.

I spent half an hour with Duke and left instruction for Maureen to do the same I did at least 2 times a day and watch for results. Maureen did as I said for 5 days and she noticed that each day his walk seemed to be better and stronger. After 2 weeks her beloved Duke now runs and plays like he used to.

This should be something you do (depending on how severe) at least a couple of times a day, until all is well again. Be persistent! Get creative with your wording if change does not happen with in a couple of days.

Another example? Ok ...this one is for a parvo sentenced dog going to die within days. Parvo is a viral disease that attacks the intestinal tract and immune system. I instructed a client over the phone on how to tap and what to say and told her to do this several times a day (at least 10) and be persistent. "Even though I can't hold food down, I am a good dog". "Even though my immune system is not working well, I am a good dog". "Even though my intestinal tract is sick, I am a good dog and I am greatly loved". "Even though I have parvo, I am a great dog and my family loves me and I love me". Saying these things while continually tapping all around the eyes, nose, throat and coming around to the head and then down the front legs to the paws. Then coming back up and tapping down the back spine and going down the hind legs to the paw. I also recommend tapping around the belly area. I have to say that Corky is over her parvo and healthy again and it has been 2 months. How awesome is that!

(I use all my fingers when tapping)
Just do a continue tapping, like walking with your fingers, but tapping.
Then tap your dog being as specific as possible, dogs have may meridians you cannot go wrong, just tap around eyes, nose to top of head and continue on down her spine (both sides of spine)and then down both hind legs, back up over spine and down both front legs, meet under her chest up to her lower jaw, if she will let you, you can also tap under her belly, and just talk all the while, even though I have this___ state what it is, then I completely love forgive and accept myself and I am a good dog. I would do this several times a day, and in between you can surrogate tap her by just stating I am (whatever your dogs name is) and tap all your meridians.
*Note A very powerful thing to do as you are tapping is to keep a picture or memory of her as being already healthy now, as if nothing is wrong, this is powerful, please try it.
Persistence is the key here.
I also strongly urge you to use a good quality pet food like Blue Buffalo, its all organic and has no wheat or corn in it which is very bad for pets and their liver. And of course the pesticides and hormones are bad for us and I think even more so for them. I use organic for my dog and me as much as possible.

Sending Lots of Love your way,
Marlene Marion EFT Advance Practitioner

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Thank you for this advice Marlene. Last night I tapped on my mini fox terrier, who is constantly biting and chewing at herself - it has got to be a habit with her now and neither of us is getting any sleep. Also despite during the day her not wanting cuddles etc, she seems to want to sleep right next to me, no matter where I move in the bed she has to be touching me. I believe her issues are pyschological, before we got her she had lived with two big pig hunting dogs and kept outside and when she was allowed inside was dragged around by two toddlers. I have had her for 9 years and she has been a wonderful dog But now she constantly barks at the slighest noise, scratches and chews herself all the time and is becoming a pest. It will be interesting to see the results of tapping.
Be persistant dear on the tapping
You have to have permission to surrogate tap, barring not getting the permission, the next best thing is to just tap for or meditate and send love to them them. Most people have a contract they made before even coming to be born here and you cannot mess with that. But if you ask them can I experiment with this wonderful healing modality with the intention to help you heal, it can be done through surrogate tapping and you don't have to do anything except say yes. The you can tap for them no matter where they are. You just state I am state thier name and then go to work.
I would love to do this for my cat. we love her so but she is either quite spoiled or just a meanie. lol.
we want her to be more lovable to us and others. any tips.

Yes Bella please read the surrogate tapping issue and you can tap your self for her or if she is willing you can tap her. If tapping her then do the same as if she is a dog and tap all over talking what is wrong and stateing the she is a very good cat anyhow. Do this as often as she will allow, if not do the surrogate tapping.
Let me know how it goes.
this is my precious kitty. doesn't she look annoyed at her picture being taken. lol.

Yes, but how adorable, contentment came to mind when I saw her.
Oh thank you Marlene for saying she looks content. that makes me feel good. The Lord knows she gets enough love. lol.
I will do this and keep you posted .

Hi marlene,
Can EFT be used on a skittish, , nervous and a bit angry dog.... no one can go near this Chuaua, unless it's owner is near. The thing is we all live in the same home.

Thanks anne
Well if you have ever watch Cesar Milan the dog whisperer then you know wht this dog is doing that. The owner is not being the master. However you can try the surrogate tapping for the dog. I suggest you read the disscussion on Surrogate tapping and just have fun with the wording, saying what comes to mind or what you feel as you tap on you for the dog.
I love you
let me know how it goes
Dogs (actually most animals) can in fact see and feel energies. You need to Tap your dog, don't wait, she will love the attention. As for your dog taking the bullet so to speak, I have heard of this, they are such pure love that they can even take on thier masters disease to save them. Depends on the strength of connection to each other.

I repeat TAP your dog and do it often. You also might want to call on a band of protective angels to surround you house and yard forming a protective barrier, and reaffim this once a day. Angels love you to give them work to do.
I love you
Archangel Raphael is the Angel whose main function is healing and knowledge. You can call on any angel its just some are designed for certain functions.


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