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Why are most of us not able to connect with our spirit guide (s)?

Hello All,
Does anyone have any thoughts about this. I know there are many here who have regular contact, but why are people like me and so many others all over the world unable to connect?
Thank you all for your thoughts...

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Well, first are you thinking of things as coincidences, or do you believe there are no coincidences. If you have "lots" of coincidences, maybe this is your guides trying to make contact with you, but you write it off as a coincidence. Next time something happens out of the blue and you can figure no rhyme or reason for it, look at it as a nudge that it was intentional. Once you start to look at things as a guidance in a certain direction and all of the pieces of your life puzzle are starting to be laid out for you, you will then notice it more and more. I'm at a point now where I just laugh when I see something else fit in my life that gives me a nudge, even if it's a few songs in a row trying to tell me something - they might bring back a memory, then where does it go with the next song? That can be your guides as well. How about if someone says something and something really funny pops in your head immediately - before you have a chance to think about it. That's your guides trying to make you laugh too. They love to see you happy. Mine crack me up and sometimes I can share this with friends. One time I was at a meeting and we had name tents we used. I said, "Ok, today I will be..... (expecting it to be someone else), then went to pull one out of the middle and guess what - it was my own. A few people from around the table got a kick out of that, including the top HR people where I work. Then someone after that said they wanted theirs, so I did the same thing (not knowing where theirs was) and got theirs first pull as well. Now what are the chances of that happening..... Guidance is not thinking about something too much, but recognizing what comes immediately - like an aha moment. A lot of people like to control their lives and think they have to think things through or control others and therefore block their guides because they are not able to "control" the outcome as much, but have to trust. Trust is the number one key. Once you gain that and experience a few aha moments, you will be on your way. Look for the songs, the birds that .... okay, maybe I have more contact with my guides than most (I've had a bird land on my shoulder, or I could walk over and pick them up - did this a couple of times). I even had a hawk hang around out side of my window before at work, then give me a message one day where I actually helped someone - long story, but true really. I communicate with animals telepathically too, so maybe I'm not the best to explain how if you've never experience it, but the best advice I can offer is trust is #1, paying attention to how things line up in your life, the repetitious things that go on in your head to do something - that's a nudge.

Good luck and if you want, I'd be glad to help if you also want to pm me. I really have had some incredible magical moments and probably so many, I don't know where to begin because most of my events have been happening all of my life.

Hi Goldenbutterfly,
I recently had an experience with 2 birds. I thought it strange and felt like there was more to it at the time. I was in my yard weeding and raking dirt etc. and these 2 birds landed very close to me and when I would walk a few steps they also would. They were within a foot or so of me. pecking at the ground and making very loud noises. I am not sure of the type of bird it was not one I usually see. after a while they flew away into a bush next to my house. I always think about that happening.

Maybe you can shed some light on this also. My daughter was about 8 years old and we were walking up my sisters drive way and a bird flew at her, grabbed her hair and was pulling at it while in mid air. Of course we were all freaked out. I always wondered about that incident also. she was never very fond of animals and there were about 6 of us there and the bird chose her of all people.

Hi Bella,

I think sometimes the birds don't always tell you the message that day, but just want your attention - such as to pay more attention to the things that come your way after that. You have to look for the signs. That hawk I had tell me the message I believe is still not done, and may have more for me. I know today I had sparrows come to my window (they never do that!) and look in at me at work. There were a bunch of them sitting on my sill. Also I have had a female hummingbird look in at me at home, so I believe it's my guide(s) ways of letting me know that something big is going to happen (and I can feel that too). When the bird landed on my shoulder that day, it came from the top of the barn while 3 of us were standing around and it chose me. I was at an emotional stage of my life then where I was not too comfortable with the people I was talking to so, I took it as a sign that it was telling me it's time to go, so I left shortly after that. It didn't scare me, and in fact, I didn't mind it at all. It was the nudge I needed really.

So, can you think of anything after your daughter had that happened that maybe the bird was telling her - like an event that she might not have wanted to have happen at your sister's place, or a conversation that might have made her uncomfortable? Maybe the bird was giving a sign to beware, or be prepared and if the bird was the attention, that what was to happen was diverted.

As for the birds you had making loud noises, etc., that I believe was also a sign - they wanted your attention. Can you think of anything significant that happened after that? The attention doesn't have to necessarily mean all of the message comes through the birds, but it can just be the start of other messages to follow - like what song was the next one after seeing the bird, etc. I think most of the knowledge is learned from hindsight and once you develop the skill of how to tell what is what, it becomes easier in the future. If you think of the first thing that came to your mind when you see the birds, that could be your first clue - but let the ego go and don't think too hard, just let the intuition kick in. There's ways to build that too.

I'm still learning some of the feelings and visions I get and if I told you some of the things, I think it would be more than most would be prepared for just yet. I know some visions I have had are pretty cool, but I'm trying to deal with one I had last week and it's freaking me out really. The feelings I have of premonitions, sometimes I have to decipher how much to tell, or how much not to tell someone. It's a lifelong process, and overall, I'm happy I have these gifts, but my God, I would love to have them all be happy events!! I truly think one day I can tell answers to things people search for and can't find - kind of like detective work. I get it all though - in premonitions, dreams, visions, etc. I do thank God though because I feel special.

Re: your daughter - birds think strands of our hair are like hay/sticks to make nests - that's all that was.

However, the birds in your garden were likely to be something spiritual.
I had the same bird thing with my hair, so I got a chuckle from reading about your daughter. I was in a Butterfly museum in Key West where there were butterflies, but also lots of little birds. I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and it was a little bird hovering next to my head.....then i saw a strand of my hair in its beak held out from my head!!!! O my goodness. I was so surprised I couldn't say anything or move just stare at him at the end of my strand of hair.... The little guy wanted it for his nest...they like hair for their nests. I have long straight fine textured hair, I felt special too that day!!
Hello Judi
You seem very blessed and connected. I am envious. I have tried for so long to get in touch with my guides but it never seems to work. I had all but given up on it until I stumbled upon this site. I am going to try the things I have read here and see if it works, yes I have trouble shutting up my own ego/mind whatever you want to call it. I believe I am open to it but then again there could be some unconsious part of me that refuses it, I don't know. I would love any help from you that you are willing to give me! Thank you all for being here!

Hi Leslie,

I have found that most of the time when I'm connecting with my spirit guides I am alone, however when I am with good friends, then it all flows pretty nicely, especially the impromptu answers to things, sort of like channeling. Being alone in nature to start out with gets you to notice things you might not otherwise. Go to a park sometime and see what things you notice as you walk along and what ideas come to your mind. What are the animals doing and how do they communicate (telepathy - so you can learn from them really if you watch them a bit)? Most of the time I think people are wrapped up in their own lives and fail to notice the little things that are there. It's harder to get the communication if you are around lots of people all the time, so to be alone, take the opportunity when you are driving somewhere or if you have a dog and take them for a walk. I take a lot of my opportunity on my way to work since I have about a 40 min. ride. I also do this before going to sleep at night and waking up in the morning. However since I don't have a partner, I'm sure it's easier for me. I have some wonderful stories that have happened since I posted above.

One story is I asked God, my guides and whoever else he wanted to incorporate to please help me win tickets to go to a concert I missed the year before, but was coming back again this past August - 2008 (after the date of the notes above). I entered the contest online at a Philadelphia radio station to see the Allman Brothers who were coming with Rat Dog (Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead and his band). Here's how it happened after some time had passed since I entered (and it had remained in the back of my mind, but I just thought maybe they already chose the winner). I'm describing it just as I did on another forum I shared with people as follows: Before my birthday this year (on August 25th), I asked God, my guides or whoever God wanted to have help to have something special happen. I got the strong urge to put in a contest entry to a radio station to go to a concert I wanted to go to last year, but missed due to financial reasons and life at the time. So this year, I put it in, even told a co-worker after she asked what I was doing for my birthday, that I was going to a concert. She said "Oh, who do you have tickets for?" and I said I don't have them, but I'm going to win a contest. She laughed, and I said I'm going to win it, then told her what I entered. It was for two of my favorite bands from the 70's, however Bob Weir was with his own band now, Rat Dog and he was coming with the Allman Brothers.

Time goes on and the contest is coming up, and I basically forgot I entered. I took off of work the Wednesday before to go to an agricultural event sponsored by the university I work for. However, my allergies were acting up, so I decided to stay home (got the nagging - don't go, don't go, so I didn't). I then fixed the lawn mower, started the tractor, and cut the grass. This was not something I was planning on doing, but as I was, got the thought in my head that I'm going somewhere this weekend and that's why I'm doing this, so I happily cut the grass, still having no clue where I was going or what my plans would be, but just knew something was up. So, after the day was done, I got another thought - I really don't want to go to the big fair in the area for my birthday, but I want something bigger and better. I would figure something out, or it would come to me.

So my co-workers and I were all sitting around the lunch table at a restaurant about 2 days before the concert. I got a call on my cell phone, but didn't recognize the number and missed answering it on time. I let it go for about 2 minutes, heard an ad in the restaurant we were all in on their radio (not even the same station) saying you can call our station......then popped in my head - I won!!! I even said that out loud and called the number back that I had missed answering earlier. I told them I was an at work member of their station and entered the contest. They put the dj on the phone and she asked if I would be able to come to Philadelphia area to attend the concert. I said yes and she told me she also had in her hands the passes to be on stage with the Allman Brothers during their set and I was the winner! After I hung up the phone, my supervisor asked the people at the table if they have ever been that excited. Most just looked around and couldn't think of anything. I just knew my dream was about to happen.

Anyway, the best is yet to come. I meet up with my friend Kathy in Phila., we go to the stadium, get the tickets, meet the radio representative and she showed us where we have to meet when it's time to go on stage. She sat and talked with us a bit, called us out a bit later for my radio interview, then we went back to our seats. The time is coming where my friend and I have to meet up with the people who were to take us back stage. We all met and unfortunately, the radio representative was not able to come on stage with us, but the promotions person lead us back stage through this door. We were given the instructions "no dancing, no cell phones, no cameras, no screaming (would interfere with their sound), etc., etc., and we agreed okay we can do that. We went and sat back stage watching as they set up. They ushered us to our chairs at the front of the stage off to the side (best seats in the house - on the stage!!!). On comes the band and they were all looking and sounding good. They go off stage a bit, and change instruments and on comes Bob Weir (as I smiled more than I have ever done before and cried out of happiness too) and he sang a song. It was wonderful - a dream come true being close to him to see him play. Then, after that, he goes off stage and later the Allman Brothers play Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin! OMG, it was awesome!! My three favorite bands from the 70s - all in one night - I was in heaven. How could it get any better than this - my dreams and my wishes came true to have a party, and boy, what a party!

So, after the concert was done, Marc Quinones from the Allman Brothers, (who happened to sit next to my friend for a bit and talked to her and she told him I won the tickets and that it was my birthday that weekend) came over to me and said since it was my birthday, he was giving me his drum sticks!!! I just wanted to give him a hug, but was afraid security would probably pull me away, so I put my hand on his shoulder and thanked him.

I just love this experience because it's so magical. Not only did my 50th birthday start off as a blast, the world celebrated with me. What more could I ask for. As I would love to dance and sing right now singing "One More Saturday Night" by the Grateful Dead. What a dream come true.

As I look back through my stories since this time, I really have had a lot happen. The one above is just one miracle. I could fill pages. Anyway, I hope the story inspired you a bit on how to listen for your guides nudges and follow through. If not, I will post more. I should write a book. I feel so grateful now just reading back through all that's happened. You know, this just helped me to recognize that my manifestations and communication are getting closer and closer all the time.

Here's another story that happened after the one above:

I took it easy during the day knowing I had to go to work on Monday, so took a nap in the afternoon after I was done my chores. The other day when I was shopping with my oldest daughter, Christie, I found some nice new jeans (yes new, but at a second hand store) along with a nice blouse - also new (also from second hand store). For some reason, it just clicked, I need to dress up for the concert. So, I take my shower, do my hair really nice, and got my clothes on. I first put on a pair of brown boots, however I was not happy with the way they looked. I needed just the right touch. I found a very nice pair of black boots I forgot about and got them on. Perfect. I'm ready now. I get in the car, and start out on the road. I thank God for all my blessings and ask for him to ensure I have a good time and asked what I needed to know (my usual routine when I'm driving alone). I turn on the radio in my local county and the music is great - just one song after another. As I head over Seven Mountains, shortly after that, the station begins to fade, so I have to switch to a station in State College. I put on the BUS 97.3 (radio station), and it just so happens they just started the Blues Hour featuring Bonnie Raitt!! I love her. I just cranked up the volume and sang the rest of the way in to town. I kept thinking how I'm going to manifest a parking space close to the theater so I won't have to walk too far. As I come down College Avenue, something tells me "park here". Huh?? Well, okay, what the heck, it's only a couple blocks. So I pull over and park in the open spot. I get out of the car, look all around so I can remember where I parked. I walk down a couple cars and what did I see??!! What a nice looking guy! He's cute. Wait, I know that face! OMG - I take a double take, a triple take, I was stumped for words and just wanted to shake his hand, or something, however I thought - he didn't know who I was, so I smiled and walked past. It was him - Derek Trucks walking down College Avenue!! OMG it was so sweet!!! As I walked past, I turned around and looked again, when a couple young guys were saying "I think that's Derek Trucks" and I responded "It is!! I want to go back..... " They were laughing and I guess stayed behind and followed him a bit. What a nice smile. So I walked to the restaurant to meet my friend and it's closed. I called her on the cell phone, and we decided to meet at another restaurant. In the meantime, I could not get this huge grin off of my face and I'm sure people thought I was nuts, but I didn't care. I told my friend the story once she arrived. I just knew that if I didn't park where I was so suddenly inspired to, I would have never had the opportunity to see Derek walking past. We then went to the concert and it was awesome. He played so well and his band was fabulous.

The concert was over now and I'm heading down the highway. I thank God for my experience, and turn on the radio. What song comes on next? The Allman Brothers, Rambling Man. Wow!! What a night! It was the syndicated show with Alice Cooper, so it was not even being played because Derek was in town, but I'm sure the station was playing on the syndication in a lot of towns. I really need to get out more. The magic just happens every time! I love it.

I kept wondering.... did he remember me from being on stage in Philadelphia when the Allman Brothers played? 'til the next concert...................
I have a Jeep manifestation story, one about my horses, one about another concert..... and all have been with the coordination of God, my guides and I believe there are angels too. The Jeep story is very cool though, well they all are really. Just see what pops in your head and follow through. Keep us posted as to your experiences.

Hello Leslie, 


Dont give up, it is a marathon not a sprint. I connected with my guide in Jan 2009 and am now starting to really connect deeply with her, it takes time and effort. For a while she seemed to disapear too, so it can come and go. I love this website: paganspath.com there is a bunch of great content about spirit guides and meditations to meet them. http://www.paganspath.com/meta/index.htm if you scroll down to the bottom there is great stuff under how to's. Good luck. 

I really enjoyed reading what you've written here,thank-you!...I've been wanting to have contact with my guides,as I forget when i am out on my day. Last nite i went to some peoples home and i haven't been there awhile and i asked a lady if she knew a mechanic and she gave me one she knew well and the card she gave me had a word "TRUST" on one side and i took this as a message. cause the day before i was hesitating to take my van to another mechanic and didn't feel comfortable going to him. i also had another situation come up where my sister is going thru hard time and her 14 yr old daughters(twins) are moving in different directions and so is she and i felt so sad about it. My sister is an alcoholic and we were leaving(I had my grandkids with me) and my oldest heard conversation and asked if the one girl can come live with us and i kept thinking about it since. I have a stable home here for her and my grandkids,just that I only prayed about itand I just surrendered the matter.I would love to hear back from you so I can hear more about how your communicating with your guides and i want that too.Thankyou
Judi you are so right. I have been at this most of my life and never could understand "WHY" I

could not communicate with Angels and Guides. Then I realized it has been happening for me

all my life and I did not recognize it. What a nut I am. LOL Honestly I could go back to 5 years

old and remember things. too funny!! Now I ask for signs and get them almost immediatley. I

do admit sometimes I do not get the point right away but eventually I have that "aha" moment.

As I just posted in another post.... I still do not have names and faces for my Angels and

Guides. No matter how many times I ask. I tell them I am dense and they must make it CLEAR

to me. LOL So I continue to work on that. Thank you very much Judi for sharing your story as

well. and I would love to hear more about your magical moments. It helps me to

understand things happening in my life.



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