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a cpl of months ago my boss past away and i only new him for a cpl of weeks. the night he died at the exact time of his death i was woken up frozen in bed sweating and i believe i couldnt really move for a minute and i felt the presence of some1 in my room as if they were behind me too scared to do anything i was able to turn on the tv and left it on that night the next day i came into work and was told about it. Could this be a sign that he was letting me no or that we have been past friends in past lives and that he will help me? I seem to feel that hes watching over me and guiding me aswel but i'm not sure, but for him to do that to me that night was not good at all i was really scared what do you think?

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Well, since intuition comes from within and this is the first thing that came to your mind, it does not matter how long you knew someone before they passed, they can still make that connection. If you feel it, then it's most likely what you feel. I know the minute someone I admired died (he was in a band) I saw an angel in my window that morning. I had no idea it was the same time until years later when I read it somewhere the time he died. It was the very minute I remember seeing the angel. I never met him in person, however I believe he works in my life as well because at times I can feel his presence. Take note of anything that happens from the point you felt the presence you felt and see if they try to communicate with you again. There are ways to ground yourself when communicating with the spirit world for your protection.

Seeing an angel! So beautiful

When a spirit passes, sometimes odd events can occur, because of the release of energy which also occurs.  That was probably the cold sensation you felt.  A few years ago, a number of relatives died in my family, and on occasions, their passing was followed by strange events; nothing major or serious, just noticeable.

My Dad passed away six years ago now, and shortly after, I went to Tottenham Hotspur football club shop to get a scarf to wear at the funeral.  I was out of work at the time, and was wondering if spending money was a good idea, but as I approached the till, the lights flickered off, and then on again.  I took that as a sign from my Dad that he was now acting as my spirit guide/helper, and that all would be well.  In the long term, it was.

A year later, my grandmother passed away, and I was working the following day.  I was alone in my area at work, and was doing some cleaning.  Crucially, the floors were clear of any objects.  For about an hour, nobody else came into the zone, yet I kept on finding dropped coins on the floor.  I didn't see or hear them being dropped, and couldn't think of any way they could have got there.  Having read up on this, I then found out that dropped coins on the ground are a sign from angels and passed loved ones, that they are safe, well, and looking out for you.


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