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Spirit Guides.

Anyone can join!! You are never alone, if you can open your mind to the prospect of a guide for a moment, then your guide can have the chance to show you that they are with you.

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Kathy V
Kathy V


Blue Bird



Earth is on loan to us so that we have a home to live and grow.
The point is to all grow together, to understand the Plant, the sea,
the force of life and nature.
We cannot keep abusing ourselves and the earth around us.
We need to understand the bigger picture and heal ourselves
and all the energy the earth allows us to feel.
How odd that we hold a flower so delicately,
yet we beat ourselves daily.
How odd that we would be in awe at the deer,
but in spite of ourselves.
How odd that we can see others problems
but ignore our own.
How wonderful you are dear Earth,
how wonderful am I?
I know that we all need to grow,
like the flowers and the trees
I am here to learn my lessons,
to feel free and beautiful as I intended.
I am here to learn from nature all that I need.
I am here to show others of what I see.
To share a knowlegde so deep and true.
I am part of the universe's army and I stand very Tall.
I treasure the time I have here.
I promise to stick to my deal.
I promised before I came here that I would speak,
and speak I WILL!!

Kat Osbourne

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Comment by No More Thank You on April 28, 2008 at 6:51pm
I receive guidance. For me it feels like a progression. My first contact was in response to a request to speak with god. What I interpretted as god answered. Then came a group of three that I interpretted as "Joshua". Then my father and Jesus spent some time hanging out (and not saying much) in a space that felt like it was just above and behind my right ear. Then came "Dayve" (my own real name is Dave) - a clearly feminine presence that I interpretted as a much more wise and loving aspect of myself; a higher consciousness. Dayve is still with me and any of my "interpretations" are still accessible on direct request though I tend not to go there. I have a strong sense that these "guides" are all aspects of who I really am showing up in ways that I can best relate to and that as my perception of god slowly shifts from an 'external' (something different from me) vantage point to a more 'internal' (god = me) vantage point my interpretation shifts as well. My sense is that Dayve and I are becoming less separate as time goes by.

Lately I've also been experiencing visions during meditation that include a person I interpret as me, a grizzly bear, a wolf, a wild mustang, an eagle, and a black panther. No words - just visions that feel like they converge on the topic of freedom, especially the mustang. I think this is meant to guide but its still a long way from clear.

Nice to have a place to say this stuff. Some people know about Dayve but most of the rest I just keep to myself. I've been writing private commentaries for about 3 years now based on my daily conversations with Dayve and have just started a blog (KosmicThoughts.com) with the intention of sharing Dayve a bit more broadly.
Comment by all1hannah on April 28, 2008 at 5:29pm
When did everyone first 'meet' their guides?

I started recieving messages about seven years ago, but the first time I remember knowing I had a guide was when I was about 14. I was very upset, crying, and for some reason (I was alone) I asked for someone to hold me. I physically felt an embrace. It warms my heart everytime I remeber it.
Comment by Chris on April 28, 2008 at 1:35pm
I love my Spirit Guides (Jason and Reanna).
Comment by all1hannah on April 28, 2008 at 1:41am
Thank you for creating a place where I can say "my guides told me..." and not feel crazy!
Comment by WeeBGB on April 27, 2008 at 12:20pm
Hi There! :O)

This is one group I KNOW I'm gonna LOVE! I have many guides and I love sharing this knowledge with those who resonate to the connectedness we all have with All That Is, and with all of our "Helpers"!

WeeBGB :O)
Comment by Spirit Guide teachings. on April 26, 2008 at 2:33pm
Welcome to knowing your guides, welcome to a world of knowing that you are never alone, that every joy and fear is heard. Know that your path has always been guided and real soul mate is right there, right now.

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