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We are from the Federation of Light. We are a large group who have been put in place to assist your earth in its troubled times. We have many on board. We are working continually to bring your world into its new vibration. We consist of groups within groups. We are a large band.
And can I ask where is White Cloud within all of this?
Your guide that you know as White Cloud is part of our Federation. He is one of our most diligent partners. His work shall be spread over many lands through you. There shall be a time when his True identity shall be revealed. But it is not appropriate at this juncture. We have many sections within this Federation. We are always in constant negotiation with others that circle your planet in order to bring about your new world. Our task is of the greatest yet put into play. We are heartened by those such as yourself who have taken on their duties with such determination, even when sometimes the odds seem against you. As our earth draws itself from its darkness, you shall witness phenomena that will dazzle your eyes. For those of you who have continued on in faith, you shall KNOW that it has all been worthwhile. Any doubts shall be removed from your being. For there shall be no place for doubts. All will be revealed in a way that is of great understanding from "The Bridge" by Blossom Goodchild - A Channelled Communication with The Divine Oneness and The Federation of Light

White Cloud
May I write Blossom even though you are tired?
Of course. As always a pleasure.
In the days that lie ahead for you, you will experience
circumstances that will appear to be what they are not.
I tell you of this so that you may wisely consider in
which direction to make your moves. All I need to say
is as always to listen to your heart and as always it
shall guide you.
Will I know that of which you speak?
Your vibrational energy shall make it perfectly clear
to you. It is not foreboding. You shall know it and you
shall be aware and you shall laugh it off your
shoulders. That is all I desire to say as I do not wish to
sap your energy further. Do not be concerned. I have
not come to tell you this to make you concerned. Just
to let you know I am always by your side. It is of
good news that I bring and I am happy to tell you that
in the very near future you shall have news that will
make your heart know that all that you are doing for
me has been worth your while.
Hey my friend. Just learning from you has made it all
worthwhile. No worries at all.
Adieu my confidante. Adieu
Goodnight to you my friend.

We wish to say here regarding ‘The Oct 14th message’. It carried within it codes and frequencies that many had been waiting to receive ... It was agreed they would receive the code in this way before they arrived on your planet. So, as in the same way that you had been assigned to ‘send out the message', it was in place at that exact time for millions …. Yes … millions of you to receive it on the soul level in order for a great ‘shift’ to take place.
For those of you that KNOW we are here with you, allow us to enter your hearts. For those of you who are unsure as to whether we are here with you … allow us to enter your hearts. For those of you who choose to deny we are here with you … let yourself and the LOVE that you are enter your heart. You certainly are not in need of ‘us’ to figure out that!

You question as to why our ship was not presented to you in the manner we had promised. You question as to whether it was ever going to be of that way that we presented. We say to you that our plans had to be aborted at the last minute. Many of you will accept this. Many will not. We can only give to you how it is. Yes, we are still here. Yes we will continue to be here until our task is finished. We have said many times that we have waited too long for this to fall on its feet.

We draw ever closer. We understand dear lady your apprehension with such words from us. Yet we would say what does your heart feel?~ THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT ~

There is only LOVE. That is all there is. When you allow yourself to be ONLY LOVE then you are free. For love cannot imprison you. It CAN and WILL and MUST set you FREE. ~Federation of Light~

12 Oct 08
We come to bring the key. To release those in chains if they allow us.
Allow us in, for there shall be not one moment of regret should you choose to do so.~THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT~

7th June

If you take the time dear ones to go within … but there is now a difference … it is as if you are now further down the road on your journey … so therefore, what is there, is presenting itself to you … and yet if we may put it this way … it would be fitting for your ‘inner eyes’ to take a more conscientious look. For now there is so much more to see … (within). You are aware of ‘a’ change, and now it is time to discover exactly what that change is/was for. We would ask you to visualise during your meditative state … removing your blinkers … slowly, so as to adjust. For there is now brighter Light that is available to you. Even to the point that as it merges with you, it can be known to literally take your breath away. This is perfectly acceptable, although it may appear a little unfamiliar to begin with. ~The Federation of Light~

First of all may we express gratitude for life? May we share with you a different side of the coin as you would say? May we assist you in understanding that how you experience things within your human faculties is merely one fine level of your total existence? And always remembering that you volunteered to be here. That which you do not ‘home into’ at this ‘time’ is far greater than your thoughts can imagine. And yet we say, that by a breathe or two … you … as these magnificent human Beings can enter into a zone that is of the utmost quality of life. A world that would sweep you off your feet. You could see places beyond your picture fairy tales. You could hear song birds that sing a tune like no other sound your human ears have heard. We say to you … you could have this experience NOW in your human form, by switching to another frequency.~THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT~

Each one of you is searching for your Ticket home. Each one of you comes from a place outside of this planet, and yet some find that inconceivable. Yet, this is what this yearning is within your beings. This connection that is sought is simply your souls KNOWING that it will one day return home. And that home is that ENERGY OF LOVE.
And you know what I am to say … isn’t that not the ONE REAL TRUTH then?

You are pressing the wrong buttons.

Which are the right ones? Where are the right ones?? You are going to say ‘inside of you’ are you not?

You see? You KNOW! Yet KNOW this also. You may feel that a certain experience would be life changing. Yes, this would be so. Yet would it be the life changing experience you came here to work with? It could mean by doing so, that you ‘jump’ a few layers and miss out completely on the very experience you may have been working towards for three or four life times? This is what we mean when we say that from where you are you cannot understand everything. You are unable to view the bigger picture for you are living and breathing in just one corner of one piece of a puzzle.

Let us untangle some of your knots. We have spoken many times regarding releasing all thoughts that tie you down. How can we explain HOW? How do you understand HOW to just BE? To let everything, EVERYTHING flow with the river of Love. HOW do we assist you to TRUST that when you do so, when you allow THE DIVINE to take over …THE DIVINE that you are … you will be taken willingly to exactly the place in your heart that each one of you is FEELING that you want to be?~THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT~

April 4th

We would ask that those who read these words continue to visualise and feel our nearness. We would ask too that one allows their being to be engulfed in the colour of the rose quartz crystal. The soft pink. Allow it to penetrate in to your heart place, your mind place and throughout your entire self. Feel this colour. Do not just see it with your eyes. Feel it with your soul. Breathe deeply and KNOW the assistance it is offering in raising the frequency of yourself , so that the energy that is within, can become you, and that energy can then be given out by you and blend with the energy that we are sending out through the same method back to you. Be of much Light heartedness souls of the earth plane. Your waiting has not been in vain. This you will have proof of. This is our pledge. ~THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT~

Precisely and yet … do you not see dear lady … That as each one of you awaken more and more to the Truth of yourselves … more of your Truth can be revealed? And with that … as it evolves … the entire ‘game’ becomes so much more ‘involved’ as it ‘evolves’. The pace is quickened and the excitement as one understands its position on the board … so to speak … allows the enthusiasm to ‘want’ to become more involved … it works in this continuing cycle. Ones eagerness to learn /recall heightens … the further along one becomes down the road. There is a never ending bank of interest … for the more one knows … the more one sees there is to know … it is continual …And yet as we say … as one grows into their new understanding … one cannot help but be fired by their own inquisitiveness. Their intuition is their guide. Leading them on to a brighter place … and as the brightness lights the way ahead … what is presented is even more beautiful than the place one is in … that they thought could not get any more beautiful … and yet it does dear friends . On and on and on ….As one walks into the Truth of what IS … one becomes THE LIGHT that they are.
You NOW in this moment of time on your planet reside in THE LIGHT that is you at this moment of time. THIS LIGHT that is you is of a particular brightness due to the particular vibration that you are residing in upon earth within this moment. However … as you move up into the Higher vibrations the YOU that YOU ARE is able to become a brighter part of itself. Therefore it is able to be of a brighter LIGHT. It is the SAME Light yet it is ‘whiter’ or more golden in depth. Again words fail to provide that which we desire to express.

May 10th

YOU are the reason that we are joining YOU. We would not be ‘here’ otherwise. The importance of this statement must be understood. IT IS YOU that allows us to be here.
Wake up to your rightful place within this movement. Let down the veils that hide you from the REALITY of TRUTH.

23RD SEP 09
And yet dear ones, would you not say that if you were to take a trip down memory lane … your own private individual worlds have changed greatly within this time span on earth? Have you not encompassed much expressing of the souls values? Has not each individual assessed within themselves the Truths that have remained solid and the thoughts of what were once Truths that have now become invalid?
Do you therefore not see how much you have grown and expanded within your OWN TRUTH? Due to excess information one has had to rely upon themselves to sort the wheat from the chaff. And yet do you see? The most valid Truth of all is that you have all come into accepting the Truth that sits well with the self and not worrying any longer about that which does not rest easily within your heart place.
May we say with …as you would say … tongue in cheek …. We have taught well. For is this not what we have being desiring to instil? One can be swayed to and fro with the winds and storms that come across your path as you walk further into the Light … yet once your footing has been established and you KNOW that YOUR TRUTH shall take you home, then the strength that is accumulated from the Higher aspects of yourself is able to hold that ground and guide you safely onwards.

Words of wisdom from White Cloud
In your world there are many lost souls. Automatically, when you are watching
your electrical box, you see a picture of a particular violent incident and you
condemn. If you learn to give Love to these souls who have created the violence,
then that is the way to rid your world of the terrors that lie within it. When you see
a murderer, or a very darkened soul that has abused children perhaps, ones
automatic thought is to say ‘I’d kill him if I found him, lock him up’…. Do you
not see that all negative thoughts are being sent to him on mass? As some of you
may be aware, a thought when it is concentrated upon, is an energy, which
becomes a reality. If you want your world to be one that is a paradise in your head
and your dreams, do not think of ridding your environment of these souls. Can you
imagine what the effect would be if all on mass, that were watching in their homes,
sent that darkened soul Love? Surely that would be the better option of the two.



From the Christmas channeling
White Cloud has taught many that there is reason in ALL things and that ALL IS AS SHOULD BE. We say to you that when we say ‘Hello’ … when we stream down into your atmosphere with a GLOW that Brightens the entire planet … that it will be understood by all that indeed this BELOVED Energy is indeed ALL KNOWING

You must all be wondering what is going on ... putting three posts up in less days . I know ... Hold on to your hats comes straight into my mind ... AGAIN!

Its just that I have been asked by a few people about 11.11 and why they keep seeing it. I know there are many sites that go into detail ... all I can offer is what White Cloud and another energy had to say on the matter when asked about it in a meeting a few years ago.

Hope it assists ??!!

Passage taken from chapter 23 of A New Dawn.

White Cloud: My friends, it is me again, little WhiteCloud. It is now the time of the evening that I enjoy very much,where we can speak with one another and ask questions.

Q. For a long time now I have been seeing the number 11.Everywhere at least six times a day …

Is this about the 11/11?


This is indeed a rather large subject and Blossom is saying ‘Over to you, White Cloud’ and asking for a picture. So please bear with me one moment.I must first of all say, as I think it appropriate, that I spoke to you earlier regarding Trust. May I say regarding this work that Blossom and I do, there is a great deal of Trust that is required from her as well as for me. Why I am saying that my friends is because Blossom is saying ‘Come on give me a picture’ … I am showing to Blossom a little mouse and a little hole in theskirting board. That is all I am presenting her with and I am asking her to say this and to Trust that what I say from then on,will answer your question regarding 11. The reason I give that isbecause I wish you to understand that however obscure things may seem sometimes, try it on for size, Trust it and see where it takes you. It is only through learning to Trust that you can learn to Trust. You will find that the more you Trust the more things work. The more things work the more you Trust and so it goes on. So now let us get back to little Mickey Mouse here and we will see where this story goes. I show to her a very tiny little mouse. It is that the little hole in the skirting board is made to fit that little mouse. A bigger mouse could not go into that little house. I show the mouse going in and out, in and out taking little pieces of cheese into that little house inside that skirting board. I then show to her that further along, perhaps in another room there is a cushion that a pet would have, perhaps a cat that would be on that bed within that room. So within the one house we have the little house that the mouse is comfortable with and that is where its little world is and then we go to the room that is bigger where the cat has its home. Then, if you like, from that to the bigger picture of the whole house which is where the human souls reside. Much more life lives within that house than one tends to take note of. From there, I am showing that next door are the neighbours and in that street are more houses and then comes the town etc. The mouse could not possibly understand … being the little thing that it is … the concept of the town because it isbeyond its imaginings. It is beyond its capacity to understand the size and what takes place within one unit of a town, let alone the suburb, let alone the country, let alone other countries, let alone the world. As human souls you are down here for your own individual reasons and yet also for the group reason, if you like. Within this vibration that you reside, there are simply matters that cannot be explained because of the vibration that they are residing in. If I wished to tell you the whole situation that you are asking of, I say to you in my Truth, I cannot. There are not the words to be able to explain what that particular aspect is all about. In the same way that you could not tell the mouse about America, if you like, when it can’t even understand the next room etc. But please take note that you are a soul that has this 11 … 11/11 coming up in the day of the month, on a number plate etc. over and over. There are many other souls that have the same recognition with that number. There are many other souls who do not. They may be tuned in to other things that are taking place on other vibrations if you like.

(Suddenly the energy changed)

A New Energy:
I have been given permission to speak this night. I give to the lady the image of what you know as a gate and as it is opened she sees merely of clouds. She is seeing of many souls that come through that gate. They are looking around in wonderment of where they are, because of the newness. Then I show to her, that when that area is full, of the gate closing for a period of time. Then she is seeing as if it is of clouds encompassing that area as if it is no more. It is no longer visible but I tell you it is still there. There is a reason for the amount chosen, to go inside of that gate. There is work to be done but it is not for the light-hearted or faint-hearted. I say to this lady, it is of important work to plans of your world. I am aware of my abruptness it is a first time for me.

(It was gone as quickly as it came.)

White Cloud: My friends, it is for each individual to take for themselves their Truth. When that was being spoken, it was for Blossom’s Truth that she understood the message that came through. She got the gist of certain understandings, but that is what Blossom understood from it. What each one of you understood from that is up to you to decide. One bit that I would like to add, is that I would say to souls who seem to be shown 11 etc and others of other things, that each time that takes place then just accept it and give thanks for your blessings. Even though you do not understand why that number is in your face once again. Maybe at this point where your earth plane is at, there isn’t a way of letting you know the full identity of that symbol or that number. Accept it within your soul and give thanks and Trust. Trust it. Other beings may never see the number 11 for three of your years, but they might pick up on other things. If you are aware of certain things that keep coming to you and your heart is telling you of the Love and the Truth and the feeling that you get when it comes to you, accept it. Regarding the energy that came to speak, I would say to you, that for those souls who would be going inside of that gate at some given space / time, that energy would resonate far more deeply than the ones that have not been chosen for that particular task. I would leave that there if that is agreeable to all.

Now my friends the time has come for me to take my leave.

We give thanks to the Divine Oneness for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive and that we may continue to walk boldly as the Light and the Love.

Adieu, my friends, adieu

Betrayal and denial to the soul is a trait that many encounter. It is so important to
contact the Inner Self, for here lies all answers. It is not an easy task. It takes much
time and meditation. In your world, sadly the rat race never stops. It is run until it
can run no more. Never moving anywhere. If only one could see the importance of
‘time out’. If they could understand how they would benefit by taking 'time out'
they perhaps would try a little harder to make the time. Busy, always busy and to
what avail? Life is here to be lived - not to struggle aimlessly, tormenting body
and soul with responsibilities and commitments. Relax, let go, enjoy the moment.
So few have accomplished this. How sad this is. Encourage yourself to ‘BE’. It can
lift the energies of the Whole. It could make such a difference to your planet Earth.
How it struggles to show its beauty, when it is being destroyed from every corner
inwards. To treasure your Mother Earth would change many things. It is not too
late, but I must stress that time is running short. Spread the message of Love, for
this and only this can be the saving factor.
All will change and the New World will be as the world once was long ago. There
will be much repenting, but by then it will be too late. What is done is done. If
your world could start now by respecting nature as part of the Universal Life
Force, by giving it thought as one would the soul, what a change this could have
on all things. Try to get in touch with the self on the deepest level, for the deeper
the seed is sown the more chance it has of survival.


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Comment by Kerrie on October 6, 2011 at 12:03pm



18th july 2011



Good morning to you. There are a couple of things I would like to ask you about, but not sure if we shall have time to answer both in one session. So if not, we'll leave one until next time. The first one is about the prophesy that the Mayans have talked about regarding our planet going into three days of total darkness (at some point) ... and that whatever emotional state we are in will be heightened greatly during that time. Fine ... if one is in LOVE ... but not so good if one is in fear. If this IS going to take place I FEEL it important for as many people as possible to KNOW about it, so that when it happens we need not be in fear. Naturally, any wisdom on this issue would be greatly appreciated. IF you think it appropriate to do so of course?


Welcome to all who read these words and indeed to your sunny disposition Blossom. That which you have asked us to speak of can be interpreted in a way that isn't actually as it seems. In that ... there are those that even when the time comes, will not understand what is taking place ... even though they may have been indicated toward the Truth of such a phenomena. We would advise that at such a time when what you think is darkness is to occur ... it is only so if you choose to look at it that way ... in darkness. We would speak of it otherwise. We would say it is a Golden opportunity to rise up into the Light. For in that time when one cannot see infront of their eyes their will be great opportunity ... unlike any other one has had in this life time ... to SEE THE LIGHT from within. For it is that LIGHT that will allow one to interpret what is taking place from within another place of themselves.


So ... there will be the three days of 'nothing' then?


Approximately in your timing ... we would encourage you to KNOW that this is to take place. It is a pivotal marking towards that which is to follow. For as the NEW DAWN arises after such 'nothingness' ... one will wake up to a much different world.


In what way ?


During the time of 'nothingness' ... there shall be an energy entering your planet that has been 'saved' ... shall we say ... for that very occasion.


I have to butt in ... sorry, because it just came to me as clear as day, that this will be yet another time when we are to open our bottles of 'LOVE' that we have been storing.


Indeed , you are ahead of us ! This energy is 'insightful' in that it will contain within it a 'newness'.


Sorry, again! ... I had to laugh ... I made a typo error and it read a ' newmess'!! Heaven forbid!!!


Your humour continues to uplift and we say that this too is of great importance ... to continue the way so many of you are ... discovering the LOVE that you are. For as you correctly stated Blossom ... when this time is upon you ... the energy that you are aware of within yourself at that time ... shall increase with great aplomb! We are surmising that by such a time ... taking into account the way in which so many of you are 'coming into your own' ... that this will be of great benefit to the planet.


Yet if, as you say, it will heighten what ever state you are in ... there will still be many will there not ... who will KNOW nothing of this at the time and I would imagine will be very scared. For I FEEL when you say 'nothingness' there will be nothing. No day, no night, no stars, no Light!


Do you think it is by mere coincidence that you have decided to ask us about this today? Do you think that the soul who wrote in asking you to ask ... did it by pure chance? Did you think that your inquisitiveness on this has been growing ... to fall by the way side ... or perhaps do you think it 'all ' has been leading up to the fact that "WE" wish also to spread news regarding this matter.


Fair enough .. it seems a long way round to go about it ... but let's stick to the subject matter if we may?


By the time this 'portal' arrives ... many,many more shall know about it and be prepared for it. This will allow many to be helped if they are one that has not been made conscious of the happening. The Awakening.


I cant help interrupting. I KNOW I will be driving many mad because they will be wanting me to 'zip it' and just let you get on ... but 'HELLO'!!!! ... ''PORTAL' ??? That puts a whole different slant on the matter. And 'Awakening' ?? Please ... continue!


Now that we can ... we shall! We ask of you to just allow our words to flow for we are aware that you are getting a vast download of information and you do not know where to ... or how to begin putting into sequence that which we have just imparted .

When the time comes for this 'transition' it is of great importance that one accepts that ALL IS WELL. We cannot say exactly how long it will last, yet we approximate around three to five days of your Earthly time. During this time a 'change' will be taking place within you and around you, yet you will not 'see' it ... for you shall see 'nothing' with your physical eyes at that time.


If we were prepared with candles ... surely we would see each other and things around us ... from the candle Light?


Little one ... What you shall see will be that which is not there.


Which means in Earth tongue?


That your world will be changing into its new form. Therefore, that which is around you will be transforming in energy also. This transitional time is of great consequence to the entry into the GOLDEN AGE. As long as YOU KNOW YOU ARE LOVE ... then there is nothing to fear.

When we say 'portal' ... we do not mean that you will be rushed with great gusto at 1000miles an hour into a different dimension. And yet we chose this word wisely. For indeed that time will be allowing you to enter a portal of sorts. We can FEEL that your heart is beating faster and you are a little apprehensive at that which we are telling you ... are you not?


Yep ... even though we know it is meant to be ... I FEEL I will be a little in the frame of mind of 'what the ???" ... with all respect.


You seem to have forgotten ... or not be focusing upon ... the most important factor! The energy that you will be within ... the emotion that you choose to FEEL ... during that time ... will be greatly heightened. Therefore ... imagine ... if you choose to focus on the deepest LOVE ... will this not be the most three - five incredible days that you have ever experienced?

With respect we would say ... that you in your innocence are automatically perceiving this time to be one of fear because you cannot imagine what living without any form of Light will be like ... for such a lengthy time. Yet we stress to you ... there will be Light ... YOURS!!! Each and everyone of you who allow yourself to turn inwards will be uniting with the energy of Light that is coming in 'through the portal'. This will be the most exhilarating experience you have yet encountered upon your earth ... and we say to you also that by the time this happens ... much to exhilarate the senses will have taken place. Which will have allowed many more souls to awaken by the time this 'wonder' occurs. What takes place within you, blending with the energy coming through and by 'sending out your bottles of LOVE' to the very air you breath ... will ascertain as to what vantage point your Golden Age will present itself to you when 'The sun comes up'.


Is that how this time will come to an end? With the sun coming up ? Will we look upon THE NEW DAWN? (whooh! Rush of emotion!!)


Loved Ones of Earth ... indeed this is so. We wish you to understand that this 'topic' we have spoken of is not going to take place tomorrow. By the time all is in place for it to do so ... so much will have changed within you and upon your planet. We, who are speaking to you now ... will no longer be strangers from afar.

We declare that the TRUTHS you KNOW of in your souls heart place SHALL TRANSPIRE for the GOOD OF ALL. Each day moves you a little closer to the time when that which you KNOW of taking place ... shall indeed do so. SO MUCH is to present itself ... and from the moment the 'Real Light Show' begins ... there will be hardly time to catch your breath before the next and then the next 'deLIGHT' arrives. So KNOW then ... that when this 'nothingness' is in alignment to occur ... the LOVE that SO MANY will UNDERSTAND about themselves will have grown beyond measure ... therefore do you see? ... There will be nothing to fear. ONLY GREAT JOY ... in the KNOWING that when the sun rises you will be stepping through into your NEW WORLD ... which you 'are now' and 'will have' created. It is up to you.


I FEEL very excited because when you mention about all the great changes ... I FEEL as if so much is going to happen at 'The speed of Light' and yet it is a FEELING and very difficult to put into words. ... I know, I know ... welcome to your world!! ... ( I WISH!))

I guess you said 'The Awakening' because for those who are not yet awake before this happens ... this will also bring a Grand Awakening to many?


This is so. For those who allow themselves to FEEL and be open to the LOVE that is coming in ... they then become part of it. They 'remember' that this was to take place and accept it instantly. This will happen to many.


What about those who spend the entire time in fear? What will happen to them during that time and when the sun rises?


Different scenarios for different cases. As you say in your world 'horses for courses'. For want of a better way to explain what we desire. There will be some who become so afraid of their own shadow ... by that we mean ... afraid of who they are and the way in which they have chosen to 'live/exist' ... that they will chose to leave the planet either by 'natural' means or otherwise. There will be those who through living actually within their deepest fear ... that they then awaken from it. Words, words, words, words ... so much that we are unable to divulge because it simply cannot be explained in your understanding.

Yet we would state that 'YOU ARE ONE'. This is a world of great LOVE that you are moving into. Those souls who have chosen to live in it ... will live in it ... and be of it. Those who still have learning to do before they can enter will be elsewhere ... until such time when they KNOW they are worthy of it and understand who they are. There is not one that shall be left behind. Not one. Each shall be moved into the place of understanding which they have allowed themselves to reach. The pathway of LOVE never ends dearest ones. Always will you walk upon it ... there is no rush ... just positioning. This choice comes from you. How you are positioned along the pathway does not always mean that you have to walk every step. Sometimes it can be that an angel lifts you for a time and puts you down in your new place ... for your soul was able to 'jump' ahead due to a particular state of 'getting it' and therefore 'understanding' allowed one to 'take a short cut'.


Sometimes I wish I had the 'oomph' to keep on writing. For could we not go on and on and on leading from one thing into another? Yet, I am now feeling tired and a bit brainblown! ( I just made that word up!)

We didn't get around to my other topic. Next time perhaps. Thank you for sharing guys ... should I say gals as well?


We are beyond either .


Overseers of the Overseers without gender! Cool! In love and thanks. XXX



Comment by Kerrie on August 26, 2010 at 9:45am
I have just returned from Blossom's White Cloud show and at last here is my beloved White Cloud speaking through my beloved Blossom and all is as it should be in my world,my question to White Cloud is at the begining of the last youtube you can imagine what I asked:) ((Hugs)) Kerrie

Hello Good people.

So happy to announce (after 5 days of challenges!!!) that the YouTube of the White Cloud channelling that took place last week in Noosa has now gone up in 5 parts.


Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stHIiOL-UrI

Blossom speaks in part one (as Blossom) and explaines how this all began

Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruzEPxKuM1U

Feel your way through from your heart to your head,don't feed your fears,oneness

Part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPcZ4OfcWu8

Be love,,Mayan Calander...2012...Golden Age...

Part 4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhhJvI4MxmA
White Cloud speaks of staying in your truth and how we were choosen due to our souls strenght to stay in our truth

Part 5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PoC3G-y9nnM
Here is my question to White Cloud about the contact some of us are getting from Extraterrestrials

So ... here 'WE" are .... My Indian friend and me ... up close and personal!

I do hope you enjoy his wisdom and unconditional Love. Please help spread his message by passing these on, should you FEEL so inclined.

Many thanks to you.

Love Light Laughter and Golden Rays
Comment by Kerrie on June 10, 2010 at 11:21pm
Blossom just forwarded this on to me

On May 22 a crop Circle appeared near the windmill of Wilton in Wiltshire, South of England – a crop circle with an encoded message. This crop circle speaks of a profound paradigm shift, a reverse of polarity.

It alludes to two dates: The Grand Cross, activated on June 26, 2010, and December 21, 2012.

It contains a powerful warning, speaks of a global crisis and at the same time it shows the solution.

On June 26, 2010, there is an extraordinary planetary constellation, a Grand Cross. According to the message of the crop circle, the sun creates a new room, a healing room, a new field of consciousness on that day.

The sun unites two poles, merging them to a unity on June 26. This merging of polarities leads to a short-circuit, or in other words, a cosmic orgasm due to which a new room will enfold. This new room is a gift, because in this new room what seemed devoid of meaning all of sudden makes sense again. What enfolds is a new, corrected reality, shifted in phase!

According to the message of the crop circle this new room can be accessed by everyone through the power of consciousness.

If LOVE succeeds on earth, and be it for only a few hours in just one person or in just one loving couple, this experience of LOVE will leave a trace in this newly opening room, a trace which is eternal and will remain active forever. A shining trace, a trace of love, which will remain visible far beyond earth atmosphere. Each experience of love and every experience of peace will stimulate this room, fill and adorn it. The power of this room is going to grow exponentially. The songs of the Healed Matrix are the hymns which will fill this room!

Each person who dares to leave behind the matrix of power and violence, everyone who is not afraid of letting go old belief systems but live instead in harmony with Mother Earth and ALL that IS, will be able to access this room. Each person will receive healing impulses from this room through his consciousness and heart and will give in return his/her healing experience back to this room.

What we find in this room will exist within ourselves and outside of us. It is a Secret of the Universe, that what is being formed outside can be accessed from within; you find it in your own sacred inner space, your personal centre.

And once this Healing Matrix in this newly created Healing Room will be powerful enough, the matrix of fear will dissolve and the Healing Matrix will expand.

This is the Plan of the Star Master and the Planetary Beings.

This Healing Room is less than an atom in distance from us.

This Healing Room is in our own Sacred Space Centre when we are in unison with ourselves, in unison with Mother Earth and in unison with ALL that IS.

Werner Johannes Neuner describes the process of decodification of the message of the Crop Circle of Wilton in detail and all the information is available in German at this link:

He is looking forward to entering this Sacred Room together with all of us,

In the Light of Unity

Werner Johannes Neuner and Sonja Myriel, who translated this message

Comment by Kerrie on May 28, 2010 at 9:17am


............ ROUND TWO!!!! Next top Author Blossom Goodchild
PLEASE take a moment if you would to vote for The Federation Of Lights book by clicking on the link below. You are able to read a full book proposal and the first chapter in this next round. The judges will be reviewing this also, plus a marketing plan offered. Naturally, I would like to thank you for your support by offering you a FREE 12min Direct Voice Channelled Meditation from White Cloud. Details of how to collect this mp3 download are presented once you have voted. If you kindly voted in Round One your registration is done and it is a case of simply logging in and voting (reading what is presented for your approval of course!). For those who are voting for the first time it is required that you register . All is explained quite clearly when you click on the link.

Book 1
(Original title THE BRIDGE )

NB. TITLE CHANGE. A conference call was held with the CEO of the Hamilton Roads publishing company during round one of this competition and it was mentioned that a self published book called ‘The New Bridge’ did not sell well due to its title. However when published by the company and given a new title that all changed! Considering my book is called ‘The Bridge’ I felt very strongly that the universe was giving me a big nudge! Therefore I have changed the title of my book to ‘The Federation of Light’. This would also mean a new cover … I have that ‘covered’ also!
In this extraordinary book, medium Blossom Goodchild - best known for her direct voice channelling work with Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ – documents her channelled communications with The Divine Oneness (‘I AM’) and The Federation of Light. These communications explain how we ended up in such a destructive world, what went wrong and what needs to change NOW to get us back on to the path to an evolved future in Love - a New Way of Life and a New World
The Federation of Light are a collective of Light Beings who have been observing and protecting our planet for millennia and they give us an insight into their existence. They explain how we can heal ourselves and the planet, and how to prepare ourselves for their imminent arrival. They will come in Love, to assist with the transition as the vibration changes and we evolve back into the Love that is our Truth. They come to show us the pathway home.
The messages that are coming through from The Federation of Light are extremely important at this time as they show the way for each of us to prepare for the New Vibration, leading us into the Golden Age and The New World.
This book, in addition to giving the reader a greater understanding of Love, teaches the importance of listening to ones feelings in order to guide us in our everyday living at this time. It gives us guidelines for living our lives to the fullest and a greater understanding of the purpose of life here in the physical world. It also gives an insight into life in other realms and on other vibrations - both spiritual and cosmic.
In doing so it also gives the reader a greater understanding of the channelling process.
The messages from both the ‘I AM’ energy and The Federation of Light will resonate with those wishing to make the change back to a world of Love.
This book supplies an explanation of the past and a promise for the future!
As this book is a channelled communication there are no chapters as such, as we felt it was important to keep the messages received in chronological order. A variety of subject matter is discussed, yet these topics are weaved throughout the pages. Offered here is a brief outline of material covered and the wisdom presented regarding these topics. It is also to be noted that these communications are held telepathically and much interaction/conversation takes place between Blossom Goodchild and the communicators the ‘I AM’ energy and The Federation of Light.
The Divine Oneness ‘I AM’ energy is the first to communicate with Blossom at the beginning of the book - later the channelling is taken up by The Federation of Light. The ‘I AM’ energy explains how our world has come to the state that it is in. It discusses the creators and the rules which were laid down in creating our world with particular reference to separation from the One-ness and the effects the gift of free will has had in our history leading to the situation that we find ourselves in at this time. The ‘I AM’ energy stresses the need for change is now.
The Federation of Light explain who they are and that their purpose in communicating through Blossom at this time is to assist us in raising our vibration through Love, in preparation for the New World. In doing so they offer guidance and insight into the following main subjects:
Samples of what you can expect to read on these topics follow:
THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT. We are from The Federation of Light. We come to prepare the way. We are of Light … yet we have form. We come only in Love to assist your planet and help raise its vibration for the betterment of mankind. We shall be recognised as peace givers … as enlightenment. We come to lift your planet and those within it … into its new form. We come to bring you Light … for we are of it. Always know that we come in Love. The sun rises into a new dawn and a new understanding. You were not put on this earth to be left alone … to be disconnected from your Truth ... Decide for yourself what is … and what is not. You have the power to change this world. Trust in yourselves. Trust in all that you do. Know that you asked to come to this planet at this time to assist in its great plan. To lift it … and all within it … to its new dimensional home. This earth of yours is awaiting your Love and Light in its new strength … to bring to it the healing that it longs for. It wishes to serve you … and it must be understood that you are part of it. In serving you … it is serving itself… In the same way … if you serve the planet you are serving yourself ... For you are one and the same. We are seeing before us the unveiling of the mists that have separated us for so long. WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME … THIS IS SO.
MEDITATION. The art of meditation assists in bringing the plans you made for this lifetime through to your human self. To assist you in finding your purpose … and see it through. That is why you are here. The more you meditate, the more your purpose can filter through to your human mind. It is only when the mind is still that communication between other worlds can be brought forth in its fullest strength. Open your minds … Open your ears ... Open your hearts! By the stilling of the mind and being … you allow the quietness to penetrate into the deepest part of your mind … When you can be aware that no thoughts are interfering … simply concentrate on the nothingness. When you can do this you will begin to see visions that were once unavailable to you. When you meditate sometimes … you have no recollection of the experience. You know you were not asleep. Where were you? You are back at base camp … you are being re-informed … You are revising all that you knew before you came here … You are being strengthened … You are being enlightened … You are helping others in need in different vibrations ... They are helping you ... You are storing Light energy into your being to assist you in your daily life ... You are teaching … you are learning … You are resting … and you are recharging … You are understanding … and you are remembering … You are forgiving ... You are BEING … YOU ARE.
VIBRATION. There is a certain level of vibration that allows your world to be. It keeps matter together… It allows you to function … To breathe ... It allows all things to exist within your earth. As you move further into the Light and Love of a new vibration … all things must do the same. That shift is an enormous task. Imagine your world as it is now … Then try to imagine that every living thing within it … is to be moved up to this Higher level of vibration. Higher energies are now intermingling with earth energies. By meditating you can allow the soul to blend with a different vibration in preparation for this change. Keep on listening to the Truth in your heart. You can hear it more strongly now than ever before ... It is telling you what to do … It is telling you where to go … It is telling you how to conduct your daily lives. In Love we shall allow the transformation to move into its rightful place. We ask you to concentrate … on exactly what level of light you are ... It is wise to think of this daily. Imagine yourself as nothing other than Light ... Visualise the strength within the white light that you are emanating ... The more you are able to do this … the more your light shall shine ... It is not a difficult task … indeed it is a pleasurable one ... And it shall make quite a difference to your everyday purpose. Remember … YOU ARE LIGHT.
THE BRIDGE TO THE NEW WORLD. We invite you to the opening of The Bridge. It is a new path that has been created in order to lead you home. This pathway IS the Bridge. Many will chose to walk across. Their souls have been on standby waiting for their call. It is time for your world to awake. It is time for TRUTHS TO BE REVEALED. For those who chose to interact with all time and space … never again shall they feel the desperation that is felt in the souls depths ... For by taking the step to journey back and forth … all understanding shall be given. It is by putting into action the expression of your soul ... that shall lead you into this new place ... That which is of Love that carries you onwards. Freedom of choice is your freedom … Nothing can take that away from you ... We ask only that you take time to look at what is offered. Try to imagine a world where there is no fear... What great revelations lie across this bridge that we are building? … You shall meet many along the way... Many that are not of your form... Already the interaction is taking place. Within the dawning of each new given day … allow your spirits to rise up into that which is rightfully yours ... Do not deny yourselves this given opportunity ... For it is through this that the understanding of greater things … at this time beyond your comprehension … shall be offered to you.
FEELING HOME. Many of you are beginning to connect with a deeper part of your spirit. How often does the soul feel its home? Perhaps when you look at your night sky in all its glory … perhaps then you feel an inkling of that knowingness … and yet … you do not know what that knowingness knows ... It is just a feeling. Yet within that feeling there is an understanding that cannot be put into words ... It is an overall acceptance by the soul self … of the belonging to the whole. Who you are is how you feel. That is the true expression of your soul ... Become more in tune with your feeling ... Do not try to put that feeling into words ... Just allow it to be what it is … the feeling. Think a little more about how you are feeling … not what you are thinking because of that feeling. There are so many things you have yet to understand. The deepest trust … comes from a place within you … that you do not question ... It simply is. … What is this place?... it is your soul … it is your home … your home is your feelings … home is where all is at one with everything … where not one thought other than love can enter in … this is your true home. It is of you. This is why we come … to show you the way …. Home.
LOVE. All things are of Love ... All things originated from Love … for that is all there is. Love is Love is Love is Love is Love. Everything you see … hear … do … respond to … think … absolutely everything … is Love … for there is nothing else. All that is you … is Love. Love shall always exist … in many different levels of itself. Love is a feeling ... There are no words to fully explain it … The feeling of Love is far beyond any expression … we want your world to understand of this Love in its true form … and yet there are no words to tell you what it is …. You can express why you love someone… all the reasons that you Love them … but you cannot put into words what it actually means … Because it is beyond expression … you only feel it. The message must get through to those who do not yet understand … that it is up to each individual … to make this world of pure Love ... It is up to you. The day shall come when your world lives this way … in pure Love. Create Love … Love … Love … In all things … as all things … through all things …. Love only Love. This then shall be the New World.
This book would fall into several categories: Extra – Terrestrials, Spirituality, Self Development, Love, and Humanity Ascension.
It has many similarities to Neale Donald Walsch’s ‘Conversations with God’ series and ‘Conversations with Peter’ by Susan Partland in that the information is channelled and it includes Blossom’s reactions and questions to the spontaneous messages received. The beginning of the book is channelled from the ‘I AM’ energy which could also be called God. The book is however different from ‘Conversations with God’ in that The Federation of Light give a different perspective on our current situation and guidance for the future to a new vibration.
The Federation of Light are Light Beings who have been watching and protecting the Earth for millennia and they give us a unique look at our world as well as an insight into their own existence which gives the reader confirmation of life on other realms and planets.
Blossom Goodchild is a professional ‘Direct Voice Channelling Medium’ working with spirit and cosmic energies. She has been channelling the Native American Indian Spirit Energy ‘White Cloud’ for ten years and shares his messages of Unconditional Love by means of personal readings and group meetings.
These meetings have been recorded and White Cloud’s words transcribed and subsequently self-published in three books. ‘Walking in the Light and the Love.’ ‘The Spirit of White Cloud.’ and ‘A New Dawn.’
In addition to White Cloud’s guidance on how to live our lives to the fullest he has also given us, through Blossom, a series of Guided Meditations to help us tune in to our Higher Selves.
Blossom began communicating with The Federation of Light in 2005. These channellings have now become world renowned. This information can be found in her three books from The Federation of Light, 'The Bridge', 'Snapshot', and 'Plan E.T'.
Blossom continues to receive new channellings from The Federation of Light regularly.
In addition to her spiritual work Blossom is also a wonderful actress, whose experience includes touring the UK in both straight drama and musical theatre. Since immigrating to Australia in 2001 and settling in Noosa Heads with her husband Goody and son Ritchie, she has firmly established herself as one of the finest actresses on the Sunshine Coast.
Blossom has performed the one-woman show ‘Shirley Valentine’ as well as major roles in several David Williamson (Australia’s leading playwright) plays for the Noosa Long Weekend Festival. She took on the challenging role as the lead in ‘The Gingerbread Lady.’ in which she won Best Actress and Performer of the Year for the Sunshine Coast Theatre Alliance STAR awards. She returned to the musical stage in Ian Mackellar’s ‘Now That’s Entertainment.’ and last year performed in a world premiere season in Noosa Heads in a new musical called ‘MOMENTS’, which was written for her and her co- performer and has a strong positive spiritual message. Blossom has most recently devised her own one woman cabaret show called ‘Watch Me Blossom’ which she will be debuting at this year’s Noosa Long weekend Festival in June 2010.
Comment by Kerrie on May 18, 2010 at 6:29am
14th May,2010
~The Federation of Light~ Blossom Goodchild

Ok. Here we are again then! Lately my heart has been going nuts. There must be a shift going on surely … either that or I am about to have a cardiac arrest! And also … a great amount of releasing taking place too and I ‘m not even sure what I’m crying about. Sometimes the actual physical pain in my heart is so uncomfortable … I mean, is this all necessary? It’s very hard to FEEL full of LOVE and to FEEL that you are playing your part well in the Ascension process with all this going on. And for how long? For the last ten years we seem to have been moving from one shift to another! Is it going to carry on like this till we get there? And does this continue once we are there … wherever ‘there’ is? I sound like I’m moaning … I am! No, seriously, can you say we are really making progress? I still FEEL so ‘lost’ in all of this. Ok … done … your turn if you’d like?

We thought you would never ask! As you sit and write you can feel almost a burning in your heart chakra can you not?


This is absolutely a necessary change in your makeup. From what you once were in human form, to what you are becoming in the new form of human. It is taking place continually at this time and without wanting to disappoint you, yes, it will carry on in this fashion for quite a while to come. We are aware of these discomforts, yet we say that what is taking place is so profound that this releasing and adapting must be treasured … for the transformation when complete will … you will find … be worth every tear shed.
In a way that we might assist we would remind you that your Higher self is fully aware of that which this smaller aspect of you has chosen to undertake. Therefore , being fully connected to this Higher self, one may find it acceptable. Although we do not underestimate the magnitude of these discrepancies, we would say also for you to ‘brush them off’. Allow them to Be, then let go and give thanks that yet another segment of ‘the old’ has transmuted into Light through YOUR doing. Recognise these ‘odd feelings’ as they pass through you and KNOW that by accepting them in GRACE you are playing your part in the changing of all that is of lesser Light into its brightest form. YOU ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU. EACH ONE OF YOU.

Maybe. It just doesn’t always FEEL that way. It sometimes feels like a never ending waiting game.

What is it that you are waiting for?

The transformation into the NEW WORLD. The time when we no longer are among all the ‘downfalls ‘that humankind has created. I don’t understand how different this New World is going to be, but … actually, never mind … you know what I mean. We have travelled this road before … and I have learned that we cannot know what this New world will be like until we get there. So I’ll ‘zip it’, and ask if you would kindly move on to a topic of your choice?


You’re kidding! Must we?

You invited us to choose.

Mmm! Just wondering what ‘YOU' wish to discuss about ‘ME’

We consider YOU to be a representative of OUR TRUTH.And in this you have not faltered. You decline from offers made by others to deny these Truths and remain steadfast in your loyalty to that which you TRUST to be OF TRUTH. In reference to that which did or did not take place on your given date by us of Oct 14th in your year 2008 we would like to clarify a few things … on your behalf. Would this be of providence?

Although I know what providence means, I wasn’t sure how it would work in the sentence just given. So I looked it up and it said “preparation for the future” ‘knowledge of the future’ Is that what you meant?

Have you known us to say something we did not mean?

Nope. Just checking we were on the right track. And it’ s very nice of you , because obviously it is very clear that you are able to take note of my thoughts of late and that whole episode seems to be coming back to ‘haunt me’ in various ways. So yes, please, go ahead. I will be interested to hear what you have to say, as I am having to make sure my ‘ego’ has left the building practically all the time and sort of ‘get over myself!!!’

Do you Blossom, believe that we came on that date ?

In what capacity? Yes, for me, without doubt you showed up to many in various ways. But not in the way that you had PROMISED and therein lies my demise!!

And do you accept the explanation given by us after the event?

My heart accepted it, although my mind questioned it.

Then let us elaborate on the events now that time has elapsed and the ‘hype’ … as your world would say … has settled into a place where one can understand on a deeper level.
FIRSTLY LET US SAY …. WE WERE THERE. Our vast ship as promised WAS THERE in your skies.

Oh I must have been looking the other way! With respect … and simply trying to make Light of this.

There is no need to Lighten this up dear one. We are here to reveal what was. We now feel we are able to break through … for it is time.’

Before you go any further, let’s clarify that shall we. My thought when that last sentence came through about ‘breaking through’ was not that you would ‘break through’ the mists, not that you are about to ‘decloak’ type of ‘breaking through’, but that you can break through verbally and let us know the next level of understanding of the incident.

Either way.

Your words, not mine.

At the time of the event taking place there was a darkness unseen by the human eye. In the same way that it then became necessary for the vessel in which we had chosen to display to remain unseen also. It simply was necessary for the saving of your planet. This may seem drastically dramatic, yet it is so. WE DID NOT REVEAL OUR SELVES ON THAT DAY AS PROMISED IN ORDER FOR YOUR PLANET TO REMAIN IN TACT.
We had been informed of a counter plan by those energies that would choose at all costs to human life …. to destruct themselves as well as millions of souls rather than allow this event to take place.

Yet you said you had every possibility covered and it is known that you are able to dismantle/disarm nuclear weapons …. If this is what you are talking about?

And yet, you are underestimating the vast implement that was intended to be used. We spoke to you regarding this THREAT, being treated merely as that … a THREAT, and we wrongly assumed that the human level of these lost struggling energies within the human form would stoop to this lowest degree in order to protect themselves from their inevitable self destruction. To lose their power … to be shown in their TRUE form, for the deepest greed that they have become … seemed incomprehensible to them at this stage in history. For indeed they have mastered their control to the highest degree. They felt it agreeable amongst themselves to lose everything rather than be uncovered by the one thing they fear above all … THE LIGHT.
We spoke that ‘agents’ informed us that indeed they would carry out this THREAT of mass destruction should we follow through with our promise to the world. Put yourself in our shoes … what would you have done?
Our mission, our Divine purpose is to assist your planet and the Loving human Beings upon it to rise into a NEW WORLD … A Higher level of Vibration … so that once again the Love that you are can be exposed by the self and TRULY ENJOYED.
And yet it has come to this … that it FEELS like a burden at times.

So, you couldn’t have disabled whatever weapon it was that the ones of lesser Light said they would expose?

The preparation by them was too far advanced.

In what way?

By that we mean that it would have been improbable that we could have affect on the situation devised by them.

I keep half seeing as if this ‘devise’ was/is underwater … in the ocean somewhere. Like in a … I want to say … ‘substation’…

And you would be correct in what you are picking up from us. Although we are far advanced in our technology from that of your ‘current ‘ race, remember also that there are certain laws in place that cannot be tampered with. There are laws that WILL NOT AND CANNOT be broken. This would take our topic into unchartered waters shall we say, and we prefer at this juncture to leave that for a much later time. Therefore we would conclude that our choice to remain ‘invisible’ … we still heed to be of the best one. The decision was not one taken LIGHTLTY or by just a few over a cup of tea at a board meeting! We make Light of it also … on your behalf.
This day shall be replicated , yet the outcome shall be one of TRIUMPH.

And yet, with certain TV programmes etc, those of lesser Light are certainly doing well in spreading the fear.

Are you afraid?

Not at all.

Then know that there are many in place just like you. Unafraid and in position. Ready to disperse fear. Ready to teach Light. Ready … simply ready. You are aware Blossom, for it has been spoken of many times … of the armies of Light that are in position for when these great changes take place on your planet. At this time many wonder why they are here. They KNOW they are here to be part of something profound … yet they cannot find their way. We tell you … in your future days … when we visit in LOVE … each soul shall have their duties awakened from within. A vast awakening will take place on a scale as yet unimaginable … KNOWLEDGE shall be redeemed for some instantaneously … and it is for those warriors to take their command and lead those who are afraid and lost BOLDLY into THE NEW WORLD … and dearest souls of earth, we shall proudly be by your side.

Dearest souls of elsewhere …. We SO look forward to it!
In Love … from a heart down here that is full to the brim with many things … and in amongst it all is the deepest LOVE for your ‘giving’. Thank you.

And our gratitude to each one that allows us the privilege to continue, by the support given.

Bye. Until next time then.
Comment by Kerrie on April 5, 2010 at 7:39am

For 10 years now I have worked hard on getting the messages that are brought through me from both White Cloud and The Federation of Light to as many people as possible. These messages have been transcribed into books as well as given freely in the last two years on my website.

And NOW my chance to REALLY get these messages out to the world has arrived!!

I have entered a competition called ‘THE NEXT TOP SPIRITUAL AUTHOR’.

Would you do me the honour of going to :


where you can watch my video and then make a vote.
Blossom Goodchild

The Bridge Top Author Comp. from Blossom Goodchild on Vimeo.

Comment by Kerrie on December 30, 2009 at 1:52am




23rd SEP
Hello there. Just go straight ahead with that which you feel appropriate to enlighten us with.

Dearest souls of earth. We are abounding in Love for you and your service to the betterment of your planet and to those living upon it and within it. May we refresh your memories for a short time? For it was not that long ago that within the very depths of your beings many of you, yes, into the millions were expecting to see a vast ship in your skies.

It is hard to imagine that it is coming up for the 1st anniversary.

And yet dear ones, would you not say that if you were to take a trip down memory lane … your own private individual worlds have changed greatly within this time span on earth? Have you not encompassed much expressing of the souls values? Has not each individual assessed within themselves the Truths that have remained solid and the thoughts of what were once Truths that have now become invalid?
Do you therefore not see how much you have grown and expanded within your OWN TRUTH? Due to excess information one has had to rely upon themselves to sort the wheat from the chaff. And yet do you see? The most valid Truth of all is that you have all come into accepting the Truth that sits well with the self and not worrying any longer about that which does not rest easily within your heart place.
May we say with …as you would say … tongue in cheek …. We have taught well. For is this not what we have being desiring to instil? One can be swayed to and fro with the winds and storms that come across your path as you walk further into the Light … yet once your footing has been established and you KNOW that YOUR TRUTH shall take you home, then the strength that is accumulated from the Higher aspects of yourself is able to hold that ground and guide you safely onwards.

I was thinking earlier … I am sent many things that conflict with each other … and still sent information which says that YOU are not of Light and that I am being deceived and therefore deceiving many. The good thing is … over this year, I have had to face so many challenges which have allowed me to solidify my Truth and have no doubts whatsoever that YOU are the good guys in my eyes, no matter how much others may try to state otherwise. It came to me that with all these different channellers available to us via ‘the net’ … and many saying that others are being deceived and ‘the dark ones’ are using us etc etc etc … It is getting to become a bit like religion! Heaven forbid! What I like about you chaps, is that you do not say anything against anything. You simply encourage souls to go with what feels comfortable for them. It is not easy to put into words but surely we should all be able to move beyond this ‘my guide is better than your guide’ mentality.

And we would agree with you whole heartedly. For this is the very thing we are trying to avoid. In order for your world to raise itself into a fresher purer ideal, all thoughts of diminishing another’s worth cannot enter in. Until each one can treat another as has been said throughout time … as their brother … indeed be treated as they themselves would wish to be treated … then mankind will not be accepted into the Higher place … for it does not have a place there … if it continues to belittle and judge.
We have offered many ways of understanding the TRUE meaning of LOVE. LOVE OF ALL. Yet we cannot MAKE you be this way … for it comes from deep within each one. Each one is OF IT, and yet this does not particularly necessitate the needs of those who have not found it … even though they are OF IT.
We would also mention that it is not for one to TRY to BE IT. For one must simply BE IT without effort involved. This is what you are working toward.

So wouldn’t you say then that if we are working toward it then we have to ‘try’? Sometimes I am faced with circumstances that I have to work through before I can send Golden Rays to them. I am working toward BEING of it … but at the moment I have to TRY … if you see what I mean? In order for us to BE in the New World do we all have to have reached that place of BEING LOVE? If so … Mmm!! … With all respect … it might be a little empty!

You are not accounting for the fact that there is still time before this reaches completion. There is always TIME … yet not in the way you know it. Think for a second of this time as you understand it … of the speed in which all things are being accomplished. You simply cannot predestine that which cannot be predestined … your destiny!

Yet if it is destiny????????
(The link then broke and I have returned this evening Sept 14th, to see if we can pick it up from where we left off last night. I have not re-read anything other than this last paragraph …)
We were speaking of destiny and that which cannot be predestined. Would you care to elaborate please?

This would be of much pleasure to continue. Yet we are accepting that your energies this night are different from those of your previous evening.

Yep. I was ok ... till I got here and found four really abusive messages on my email. You know … I am in human form at this time and they were so offensive they caught me off guard and I find they have really affected my mood. I did sit and send Golden Rays … I feel you know that … but at the same time, I feel more fed up that I am now in a funny mood about it, because I really wanted to get a channelling done and now, I don’t know if I am in the right space to receive you .

And we would say … let us turn it around. As with all things that seemingly are designed to upset and trivialise the importance of another’s gifts … turn it around. Think only of the opportunity this soul has presented you with. Think only of the need that soul has to receive what you call your ‘Golden Rays.’ Ask yourself also … if there was choice … who would you rather be? This is a Golden opportunity for us to explain that which we encourage you to understand. These scenarios are the very essence of allowing you to become your True selves. They are not tests as some of you consider them to be. They are opportunities. Opportunities to express LOVE in its purity. Chances to show yourself and others the way ahead in LIGHT. For if you choose to react in any way other than Love then it is no more than a ‘pointed’ occurrence to reveal to you where your ‘standards’ of your knowledge are sitting within you. For indeed dear one, there is much that we can teach to many. Yet it is in the practice of these teachings that allows the soul to grow into its True form once again.
And this would engineer us neatly to where we were suddenly ‘disconnected’ last evening.
You see beloved souls … the vibration that is surrounding your Beings is such that it allows a certain level of understanding to be revealed. As that vibration is raised through the enlightenment of your knowing, it sheds Light on the next stage of understanding and so on and so on. Therefore the more you ‘practice’ not ‘try’, the quicker the upliftment of yourselves and the All shall occur. It is destiny. Yet … we cannot predetermine anything! Because … if we would put it this way … your fate is up to you. As we have said many times before … in many different ways … You steer the ship … You map out your course … You GO where you CHOOSE to GO … Each individual maps out its own journey.
Many of you seem to be under the presumption that what takes place for one will take place for all. And this dear ones is where all this confusion arises. This is where conflicts start their game of who is better than who. This dear ones, when misunderstood is indeed how wars begin!!!!!! This is why we implore you to simply follow what feels right for you! If your heart TRULY is speaking to you and telling you that ‘such and such’ is TRUE ... for YOU … then go with that. And this part … you may find causes quite a lot of controversy … yet we say to you … do you not realise that this vast cosmos … this extreme planetary system … this universe that lies within the heart of many other universes … has it never crossed your minds that indeed every scenario may be enacted out? You speak these days in your world of the law of attraction and bringing to you that which you create through thought. Therefore, does not that add up to the very obvious fact that … if each of you are finding a TRUTH that belongs to you …. That there will indeed be many many opportunities for all these Truths to be enacted out. Therefore … we would say that not one is wrong … it would depend on the energy concentrated upon in order to bring a particular circumstance about.

Ok … going for gold here … so … are you saying that for those who ‘think’ they are going underground or in your vessels … they will. For those who think a large planet is heading our way and perhaps will collide with earth … it will. For those who believe that they will continue finding out more of True Pure Love and that they shall simply transform earth and themselves with each passing day in to a paradise … they will. You get my drift of what I am asking I am sure?

Yes we understand that which you are saying and we would say that it would depend on the energy that has built up regarding any particular ‘play’. If a vast amount of souls believe for instance that Armageddon will occur then it will … for those souls.

And what of a neighbour that doesn’t believe that, but KNOWS they have to be at ballroom class at 6.30 Tuesday? I am not trying to be funny here … it’s just, as you know, many have no idea of all this sort of thing … so what happens to them when their ballroom teacher has his case packed to go on a round the universe trip for a few eons. It is very hard for me to understand how all of this would work out.

It concerns mass consciousness.

And a great deal of ‘intricate timing’ I would say. You see I have also heard that the Mayans prophesied that our world will go into complete darkness for 30 days and then when the new dawn rises ... hey presto … new World. So … If that happens … what happens to the theories of those who are expecting to go through an 11.11 gateway? You can see can't you … why little ‘old us’ down here can become more than a tad confused?

Dearest lady ... Do you know that you have actually been with us on a different level of yourself and KNOWN everything and understood All that shall occur in these following years?

No … I have trouble remembering what I went into another room for! You see … Truly, what is the point of me doing that if I have no recollection of it?

Because, it was necessary for you to comprehend these things on a level of yourself that could accept the future. This does not mean that you would be able to accept all that you were shown when BEING in your earthly embodiment with all its dysfunctional mind games.

At first I just thought … steady on … but I’ve got to smile for I know exactly what you mean.

Throughout this conversation that we share with you this night we have ONE thing that we are aiming towards explaining within all this that we have given you. Our mission … our reason for coming through to you and speaking with you, is to help you “GET IT’. Because the more of you that do … as we continue to express to you … the more of you shall bring about the ‘destiny’ that you desired to come down here to accomplish.
To transform this earth of yours into its beauty.
To BE beautiful souls in LOVE.
You wanted to have this opportunity to make these changes. So you were given the chance. And now that you have been upon this world of humankind, you have allowed yourselves to be bombarded with outlets of others doubts and fears. You have allowed those who need to control to fulfil their desires. And yet, you came here to set yourselves FREE. This is why we ask you to WAKE UP and REMEMBER who you are. Regain your TRUE reasoning and allow a conscious effort to bring about that which you KNOW is your destiny. That which you came to do. Let go of all the fears of what you think might be and LISTEN to your ancient selves. For that part of you contains the knowledge you seek. We are struggling to give you words for that which we know you can feel Blossom.

It is a feeling of … not urgency … but as if … you just want us to UNDERSTAND. We are doing are best. So many of us, and as time goes on there will be so many more. We have a connection … all of us … no matter what may be presented to us to ponder over. And that connection is steadfast. It is bonded through LOVE and we all know that it cannot be broken.
Funny. Even though we have gone round and about the houses tonight , I have gone from manic typing because you couldn’t get the words out quick enough … to now what appears to be a steady flow of my fingers. As if they are dancing. The rhythm of life. I am experiencing a Knowing of Knowing nothing … other than … EVERYTHING is going to be just fine. When we let go and let flow … what a difference in ourselves … and I guess if we TRUST more and more that by TRUSTING that flow it will lead us to the very place we came down here to get to, then we might all start to begin enjoying the process a lot more instead of concerning ourselves over the ‘what ifs’ that might never occur.
May we finish this session on a note of Light heartedness. Let it be welcomed in the hearts of all that read these words … that we , like you have the same goal in mind. And the more energy that we can gather within that goal … shall allow it to BE.

And that goal would be?


Except those falsities we have conjured up. Abracadabra … all gone!!
Thanks for this my friends. I shall now read back and ponder! In Love and Light and those shiny Golden Rays.
Comment by Kerrie on November 4, 2009 at 12:47am
Here Comes the Sun


Dragonflies flying around on the web with beautiful sky backgroundsand music by George Harrison-Here Comes The Sun.

Dragonfly 3rd june

I am in this NOW moment soooo excited I have just now received my first real live dragonfly sitting on my window where I clip my dogs!

For those of you that don't know, that crop circle symbol went down on my birthday 3rd June, The Federation of Lights channeled on that one, it has been my symbol since my awakening in 2006, this morning I have just posted a youtube on mass sighting for November and White Cloud has been so close to me, I feel his presence so strong tears were flowing yesterday when I emailed Blossom. Just 30 min ago I heard them blessing me in my mind as I was sending them my love:)

And this is good!

Iris, please explain the meaning of the Crop Circle symbol above that was manifested on the Earth surface on May 29th, 2009.
This was her reply:
The origin of this crop circle symbol is from the Pleiades. The Pleiades is the original home to much of Humanity. Those from the Planets in this cluster are here at this time to help in re-awakening as many as possible to their starry origins. Every one on Earth is a part of some or of many other Planets in this Solar System and beyond it. The purpose of these symbols is to awaken Humanity to reach beyond the confines of the limited system of belief that have held them entrapped for far too long. When one views the symbols, one understands at a much deeper level, that there is more that needs to awaken to greater awareness. The crop circle symbols have created much questioning and searching for the answers of what they mean and in this way, Humanity as a whole is expanding beyond their limitations. Those who pay attention begin to discern the message held within each symbol.


http://lightworkers.org/channeling/91... ....
Comment by Kerrie on September 17, 2009 at 8:57am
September 16th, For those of you who recognise themselves and acknowledge that they are here in this sacred time to assist, they will feel a difference within themselves that is unsurmountable



Hello there. It has only been a week of our time since we last spoke and yet it seems like ages. Again I sit here with an empty canvas for you guys to paint on … what will your picture be this night? I do love the excitement of wondering what will have been spoken of by the end of this communication.

And what would you have us say dear lady? What would be the desires of YOUR soul that you would like us to embellish upon in order to create for you a scenario that allows intention to better your world?

Oh, there are a thousand things one could ask about what is to take place … about what is the meaning or indeed the point of this and that … but really … all my intentions are when I begin a session with you is for those who follow your words to be uplifted. For their soul to find Truth in their hearts about what you offer us as a way forward. Do you know that many are getting a little frustrated with all the channellings saying more or less the same thing and nothing really happening that’s any different?

Yes. We have been made aware of this and we smile. If what we are saying is what is Truth then why would we consider changing it in order to fulfil the desires of those who want to hear the ‘miracle cure’?

Please elaborate, even though I know what you are saying.

Dearest souls of earth. You are in a position NOW to adhere to EVERYTHING that you came down here to accomplish. You say you do not know what it is. You say you are waiting for something to happen and then you will know.

Well, in the depth of my heart, although I don’t necessarily agree on a human level of comprehension and believability … something … somewhere within me has this knowledge that one day many of your vessels will be more than apparent in our world and that many of us down here will then spring into action. Then…. will we KNOW what we are here for. That’s what I ‘feel’ about the future and yet I have no grounding facts for it whatsoever. I can’t even say it is a sort of fairy story that I want to come True because the image of that actually happening seems too like a movie to me. Also I am aware of the carnage … the fall out, because of those unawake, and I consider the world and how it would be. For indeed won’t there be chaos?

Let us try to calm the contemplative thoughts surrounding this agenda. When this takes place it will be of the most momentous situation that your earth has ever encountered. For indeed , in days past, when our ships were in your skies there was a difference in the way those living on the earth felt about us, because … many WERE us. As time moved on, we became Gods to many on your planet. This was not our intention. Already fear and greed had settled in its place upon your land and in the Beings of many … and what was worshipped was not that which was worthy of the adorning.

Fellow brothers and sisters from our core Being we say to you …. that come the day when we meet … much will be understood by those who can accept us from the start. By those who KNOW already who we are …… your family. Think of the union as we greet each other in the embodiment that can be accepted by many. Who we are is who you are. Therefore the level of Love that we have within us is the very same that is within you. Yet for so long now, you have had to endure the suffering of the lower vibration that the human flesh had brought itself to reside in.

For some … you will be ‘treated’ to a ‘top up’. A chamber experience where upon you may ingest an atmosphere of purity into your souls. It will be as refreshing as the summer rain and reignite much remembrance of who you are.

That would be quite a task. For I expect there are many who would like to book an appointment for that IMMEDIATELY. How many spaces have you got to offer … and may I say here and now … the queue starts just behind me !!

Here we would say that you are underestimating in your mind the vastness of our ships and all that they are capable of dearest lady. And yet for many of you, you will know your way around because you will remember your visits from your dreams. You see, these are the kind of things we say to you of things you already know. You have just to ‘switch on’ to that channel.

Yet, sometimes we cannot get good reception for a channell because of interference or bad weather or we are ‘out of range’. No offence … but you say we just need to ‘switch on’ … but how about you come down here, be in the human flesh and try it. It’s not that easy …believe us, many of us are working at it!

Agreed we are not in that same ‘space’ as yourselves and we perhaps expect something from you that is not quite as easy as we say it is … would you say this is correct?

Well, I am just one person and can only speak for how it is for me. Maybe there are many who can ‘switch on’. Actually, I can’t even remember what the switching on thing is all about. I’ve lost the plot along the line somewhere. Oh yes, recalling what we know. You see, that’s why I think that when this ‘time comes’ …. Then we WILL KNOW. THEN we WILL recall what it is we KNOW to do. Because … we will just go about what we have to do … as if we have been doing it all our lives. I know that sounds bizarre, but I get the feeling so often that is the way it shall be. Of course, it could all be my imagination. Any thoughts?

Many dearest one. Yet all you can do to see if this is so, is be patient. Because we say to you as many of you can now feel ………. Things are stepping up. The pace of newness and change is quickening to a degree that is having an effect on matters that are soon to exhaust those who are struggling to oppose the Light that is streaming down upon you and within you.

For those of you who recognise themselves and acknowledge that they are here in this sacred time to assist, they will feel a difference within themselves that is unsurmountable. There will be no more ‘what if’s’ or ‘buts’. There will be only understanding that all that has been foretold is underway. It is not beginning for it began in years past. We would say that you are in the midst of it NOW. And it cannot pass you by unnoticed. But it is for you to recognise it and use the energy that is now with you to the best of your ability. It is of no use accepting that stronger brighter more powerful energies have entered your world to align and balance and stabilise … if you do not incorporate utilising these energies in your very breath. As you become aware of the intensity of these energies and allow each breath you take to ‘LIFT YOU UP’ then you will discover yourselves in a new LIGHT. It will be as if you look at your hands and are amazed at the difference in them. For although they have not changed …. Your perception of them has! This is once again what we call “The Turning Point’ dearest ones. Do you see? Because you are ‘inhaling’ the Higher energies you are adapting to their frequencies and therefore discovering all that they hold within them.

THESE ARE THE WONDERS THAT WE HAVE SPOKEN TO YOU OF. And they shall be right in front of you … before your very eyes. The change … the change will take place as you watch. The Transformation will display itself to you in a more apparent fashion. It has been working subtly behind the scenes and then, with in the blink of an eye it will have changed. And yet it has been ‘morphing’ in a silent world as many of you sleep on.

A question was asked by a lady who wrote to me … now maybe appropriate …. Is there a difference between frequencies and vibration’? When you speak sometimes … I feel you use both words, yet they mean the same thing? Is this so?

We would reply in the easiest way that we can help you to understand. For this is a complicated matter. And even your most scientific humans would have difficulty explaining that which is involved on a level that they could understand, let alone the level on which it Truly exists.

Ok … so if you had to tell a nine year old all about vibrations and frequencies … how would you simplify it in order for it to be understood.

We show to you a saucepan of water. We show the bubbles rising to the surface as the temperature heats. In this we show of garden peas on the bottom of the pan and as the temperature rises … so too do the little green balls of goodness. Let us call the heat ‘the frequency’ … but the pressure the heat brings forth making the peas jump around in the pan of water is the ‘vibration’. So in a sense … the temperature … shall we put it … the temperature/heat of LOVE is the frequency … which then creates the vibration. The cooler the water the lower the vibration. For the frequency that the vibration is resonating within is compounding with the elements that ARE the water. Does this make sense to you Blossom?

Erm … hold on, I’ve got to read it back to see what you put.

A little lost at the end there … compounding meaning … according to the dictionary …To combine so as to form a whole; mix … Ok so … resonates means … correspond closely or harmoniously … so … therefore …. In my kindergarten way of explaining it … the frequency is the ‘what is’ … and the vibration is what is created from the ‘what is’ depending on what the level of ‘what is’ is? Oh Yes … that’s really simplified it … That’s perfectly clear now! Marvellous! Yet I really do know what you are saying. It’s as you say … difficult to put into words.

And yet we feel you have recognised the definition of the two .

Well, inside of me somewhere has. No wonder I chose theatrics … being a teacher would have done my head in!

Dearest souls … each and every one of you. We lie in wait … this is Truth from all that we know to be Truth. We say to you that these days that you sometimes think are fairytales … will come to life.

Please don’t say ‘soon’. That wouldn’t go down too well. We earthlings don’t understand your meaning of ‘soon’. It is of a different frequency to ours! If we went by ‘our’ ‘soon’ those peas would be pretty shrivelled up by now!

And yet if we went by ‘our’ ‘soon’, they would be just coming to the boil.

There you go again. So we’ll let it ‘simmer down’ for a bit to absorb the flavour and await ‘the saucer’ to put them on! Thanks very much for this. I’ve really enjoyed our conversation tonight.

And we also. A certain Lightness abounds.

Love Light and Golden Rays to you until next time .
Comment by Kerrie on September 13, 2009 at 5:46pm
Sep. 7th,


Too many of you are wishing to sit their university degree and yet they are in the first week of kindergarten. Which brings us back to the playing!

Hello oh non earthlings!! I am asked by so many to ask you so many things. It would not be realistic for me to ask them all. You are probably fully aware that on this internet system we use there is a mind of information about EVERYTHING. TOO MUCH if you ask me … but you didn’t … that’s why I am going to ask you! I feel there is guidance needed as some folk seem to be … with all respect … ridiculously engrossed in all the information (much conflicting) … instead of LIVING! This computer world is all well and good for some things, but on the other hand has it not made us forget how to ‘go outside and play’? Any advice on the best way to deal with all this Ascension lark (if I may be so bold) would be greatly accepted and very much appreciated. It’s all getting a little out of control … and this is only the beginning if you know what I mean?

Dearest soul, indeed we are at one in thought with your sentiment. For there is much that we would like to express on this matter. A matter that is quite considerable we would say.

INTERPRETATION of that which is brought ‘down’ to your earthly vibration can become very distorted depending on the understanding of the soul that is A) channelling the news, and B) those that read it. In your world you have a speaking game named Chinese Whispers is this not so? What one originally ‘gives out’ is nothing like that which is received back again once it has been around the wheel a few times!! Again we give this word INTERPRETATION. If you were to really listen to your hearts when you receive new information, you would very quickly surmise that which is worth continuing with and that which is not.

We ask you to accept that there are very intelligent forces at work that are not connecting with you for the betterment of your soul but they put into practice very cleverly the fears and the control that they feel necessary to emit … that which those of lesser strength begin to believe as a coming reality. Have we not also spoken to you in times gone by of your days … regarding the outcome of the days ahead being based on that which you of your planet choose to create?

May we suggest something? It would be most beneficial for many to break free for a time … for quite a reasonably accepted time … and not read or delve into any information that is given out regarding matters of that which lies ahead.

It would be far more beneficial to ones soul and to the planet as a whole to go out and make a daisy chain perhaps … or to sit by a brook and breathe in the energy of the trees and natures little ones. Outside … where one can absorb the goodness of the air, smell the sweetness of the rose. So much of one’s days are now confined to a chair and a screen and an intensity that comes with it … trying to decipher that which is going to actually take place and that which is not.

We would say with a smile … one may be so encumbered by the searching on the machine that they miss the glory that is taking place in the skies!!!!

Dearest souls …. Have you considered what your lives may be like if these computers were to ‘crash’ for a time … all of them? What would you do? Whom would you rely on for your ‘fix’?


You seem to be forgetting about yourselves. And yourselves are the ones that hold the answers to ALL things and yet many of you are determined to keep searching far and wide. RELEASE THE PANIC. Let go of the striving to find the answer to what really is going to take place in the next decade of your time. Take the time to enjoy the day … the night. Take the time to relate with friends. Take the time to Laugh. LET GO. Create and abundance within yourself and others and your planet of sheer joy. Purify your thoughts once again for indeed many of them have been deeply contaminated with stories that have been induced to make one subservient.

What is to take place in the future will take place in the same way that what has taken place for your today has taken place. Each moment of NOW will simply unfold and you will LIVE IN IT. So therefore your future is NO DIFFERRENT from any other day …in any other way. You carry on breathing, eating drinking sleeping, and in the same way … this you shall be doing also in the days that are in your NEW DAWN. It is a gradual process. Do you not see? Do you not understand? Have we not explained ourselves well enough dear ones? It is a process! It is happening NOW…. This future that you are pondering upon. This NEW WORLD that you are creating is being created NOW.

So we would advise you to think wisely upon this. Is this new world you desire to live in to be one where the entire population eventually have ‘ports’ in their heads to ‘connect up… dial up’ to get on line with a machine???? OR … is this new phase you are moving into going to be one where you do the very same… you connect up … you dial up … to your HIGHER SELF. Your greater creation that you have created … OF YOURSELF.
You are all now very in tune with the workings of the mechanical technological networking and many of its wonders …. Do not engross yourself so much with all of this wonderful amusement and forget the valuable time one could be spending doing exactly the same thing … yet with your own connection … to each other … to the all. The connectedness TO each other … With each other … Of each other …

And no bills!!!

We have been studying the progression of these computers … and their uses … We have been doing the same with human form … we would say if there had to be choice … it would be you humans that we would very much like to embrace. Your appeal is far greater than any intellectually advanced ‘chip’ that may have many answers and yet …. Those answers have to be programmed in at some stage do they not?

Let us look then at the similarity dear ones. Your programming is greater than any knowledge that any machine could endure. For you as ‘LIFE’ … as Soul Being (s) have inside of you the answers … the answers to it all.

Yes, but we did touch on this last time … can’t always find the right page inside the old heart place and therefore left a little frustrated …

And we would say to you …… then let it be ………… the answer is not yet ready to present itself to you and the more you allow the frustrated feelings to tangle the inside into a knot … the more the answer shall remain locked away.

Have you considered dearest soul , dearest friends, that one cannot undertake a subject at school and on day two expect to sit the exam … for the more one learns … the more one finds answers, and yet it is a step by step process. So that by the end of the term much has been gained and the questions posed are ones that one will have gained the answers to.

Too many of you are wishing to sit their university degree and yet they are in the first week of kindergarten. Which brings us back to the playing!
Ask yourselves … Truly find the answer … when was it that you last ran in the fields in bare feet? When do you last giggle so hard your sides ached? When did you NOT CARE whether the chores were left? IT IS TIME TO HAVE FUN. If in this new world you wish for fun … would it not be a good intent to start creating more and more of this frivolity?

Create laughter. We would say it is one of the best healing medicines … much of its design had this intent … and yet you keep it contained in a bottle and only allow the lid to come off on a ‘special’ occasion. Then it’s back to the serious side, for one must surely move on.

RELY ON YOURSELVES to tell you what is what. If it is your need to discover new ‘messages’ then we ask you to be discerning. It is easy dear friends. As your read…. How is your heart feeling? That is all that is required. Many times have we suggested this.


FOR YOUR FEELINGS ARE YOUR TRUTH. There has never been one that could deny this.
You know … in some other realms we see souls not by which outfit they purchased from which store, but by their colours of how they are FEELING. Shine your colours of TRUTH and LOVE.

Brighten up your world … and the world that you are co- creating … with the colours of the rainbow emanating from the energies that you are offering to the space that you reside in and the souls you come across.
Brighten up and Lighten up.

Thank you. I sometimes find myself chained to this machine. You are so right … I certainly don’t envisage the NEW WORLD to be a place where the sunlight ceased because nobody bothered to go outside and play anymore.
I feel we are coming to the end of the session. Cool by me … I have things to do … finding my bucket and spade being top priority. Thanks again.

Much Love Light LAUGHTER and Golden Rays. In Love and thanks always.


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Brilliance, Fun, Luck, Joy and Ease can't help but rub off on them to positively raise their vibration!

Unlimited numbers of the "right" people attracted to P.I., collectively co-creating the most abundant and brilliant ideas, actions and manifestations that have ever been experienced on this planet!

AND we are Happy, Connected, and Abundant, with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease!!!!!

It's a DONE DEAL and it sticks No MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!



Powerful Advertising Group

Advertising Group on Powerful Intentions.

Join our advertising group and learn about placing ads on Powerful Intentions and the rates.

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