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This happened without pre-meditating, in hindsight I realized my daughter and I had indulged specifically in the "wouldn't it be nice" game taught by Abraham Hicks.

Here's how it happened, this is a true story!

I walked along happy holding one of my children's hand while the two other ran playing and exploring up the path ahead. My daughter wants a new dog but we have two and that's not something I'm quite ready to do, but somehow around the topic of finding a wild animal to raise from a baby grew. We contemplated a squirrel and then we agreed a bird and then specifically a sparrow to raise would be fun and good feeling. Then we arrived at the playground where we were going and the topic was forgotten in new fun to be having.

The next day I suddenly decided to go outside where I was and to walk across a small street to a decorative area not made for walking. I sat on a huge rock and got comfy to smoke and drink coffee and that's how I found a tiny little birdie separated from it's mommy. After contemplating a bit I took out some paper and a napkin and picked the little one up. Incrementally as I decided to take the bird into my reality I noticed all the little ways that I was equipped specifically on that day unusually for me but perfectly for this little baby. The specifics were actually extraordinary but natural feeling. 

Here's unnamed birdie (until we know if it's a boy or girl in about 6 weeks from now), this picture is taken about twenty four hours after finding....

 and again a picture taken on the fourth day after finding.

boy do sparrows fill in with feathers quickly!

And now an Abe moment! Recall to mind if you've heard the hotseater asking about the eating of dolphins and Abe responding how sometimes dolphins come to the rescue when a human is drowning and sometimes they come when humans are hungry ...this little sparrow came to fill in a request to raise a little wild thing and I'm appreciating the new activity with my kids called "birdie bonding" and the fact that the little thing obviously came for thriving! Ode to being in a stable enough state of thriving that a tiny little bird was willing to join in and demonstrate! Thank you Abe!

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Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on September 6, 2012 at 4:18pm

...but we wouldn't have known it if you had not lived life that made you want to know it.
~ Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, 1.21.12, disc 3

mmm. i like pausing for that thought. recalling to mind Abraham telling us we AFFORD THEM the vortex reality that they live...

"None of you feel joy unless you are moving into what is new. There is no regression. You can't hold back, you can't stand still. Life insists that you become more and the way you feel is completely about the degree to which you allow the more-ness to be experienced by you here and now. The more-ness is being experienced by the larger part of you, and WE ALL THANK YOU BEYOND WHAT WORDS CAN SAY, FOR THE EXPANSION THAT YOU AFFORD THE ALL-THAT-IS-NESS THAT YOU CALL GOD, THAT WE CALL YOUR INNER BEING. You are constantly responsible for the expansion of all that is, we are not kidding you." Jan 28, 2012


I love the thought that my divorcing mate is seeking to know this from his life experience with me!  

Abe: Our favorite story about that was: a woman who was talking about her now husband who was a former husband of someone else to whom he was paying alimony. And his former wife kept taking him back to court and demanding more money and they wanted to know what they could do, how they could shut her down; she was taking too much of the money that they wanted to spend their now life that they were living together. And we said: We wish your now husband had ten exwives. And we wish that they were ALL going to court and asking for more money BECAUSE the most they're gonna get is fifty percent, (usually), so, if he's got that many people calling that much money through him ...his income is increasing dramatically if he'll let it; and they're only gettin' half. (audience laughter) Anything that causes you to want more when you come into alignment with it; it's a done deal. So, the price of anything doesn't matter because if you want it, source is aranging a way RIGHT NOW for you to have it; you've just got to stop complaining about the price of getting gas ...so, here's how it happens.... 

8.27.2005 Sedona, Az Saturday 
copyright www.abraham-hicks.com 
Workshop excerpt from audio track 6

full quote here

Wouldn't it be nice if my children's dad recognized the value of wanting and the benefit to him of providing the avenue for it's expression to him...to him in that provision of expression for the mother of his children. Wouldn't it be nice if he knew it for a moment, felt it and had that touchstone for himself always to feel good in himself about, to shore himself up with, to recognize the value of others to him, to know the exchange that is happening. 

Wouldn't it be nice if he could feel that, truly? Yes. It would be nice. As nice as being happy doing laundry! A lovely normal feeling of good feeling continuity, a lovely life happening with details that are worth tending for the good feelings one has in the activity as well as the good living results of the activity. 

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