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Asking for change - careful what ya wish for...

I mean that in a tounge-in-cheek kind of way... I am in love with everything I received from the last time I asked for change... But that's a bit cryptic now isn't it?

Let's start at the beginning...

About a year ago, I cut a full foot of hair off my head and when it was done, I still had hair down the middle of my back... I really had some hair going on. hahaha

Now from a feng shui point of view, hair holds a lot of history so to cut a big chunk off moves a lot of energy - quickly... That is one of the reasons women often chose to get a new do when their lives change. You guys who shave your heads really have the market cornered on staying in the moment.

When ya move big energy fast, change comes quickly... It seems it has been a year of change though - I mean just look at North America now at the end of 2008 compared to the beginning. It leaves me wondering how many people cut their hair off this year. Hair dressers must have done well. ;)

All joking aside, there have been massive changes - we've all been hit with huge economical changes which really does affect the rest of our lives. I was feeling that pinch early in the game which was one of the prompts to me cutting my hair. (No matter how good things are in life, there will always be rough spots.) I had reached a point of feeling stagnant and uninspired. I had stopped taking action on many of the wonderful opportunities that were crossing my path. I had become emotionally flat... If ya stop growing you're not going - right?

So I chopped it off...

And change happened... But not in any of the ways I had thought it might... It's resulted in a change in relationship, change in much of what I do for a living, changes in my body, and so much more... Nothing earth shattering there eh?

Yes, for those of you who know us: Wayne and I are no more. We will maintain a friendship - in fact we are still room mates - and The Magic Happens Magazine will continue along with many of the other projects Wayne and I work on together. We simply are no longer a couple. I even have my own bedroom now... (Please don't send messages of condolence - we are good with this whole thing.) Ah... it feels good to finally say that in public... I had been wondering how to break that news to you all... So now it's out and Wayne and I can both get on with things. :)

One of the interesting things that happened was the changes in how I earn my living. Five years ago, I swore I would never get involved with another Network Marketing company... I just didn't want to be one of those pushy, verbal spammers running around trying to 'get' everyone in my business any more. That's just so tacky... And old.

Darn... Was I wrong.

This really cool company found me... And I don't have to run around chasing people... They are actually coming to me. I've had people demand my information. It's really odd... Never seen anything like it.

And in keeping with my desire to not chase anyone, if you want to know about a company that I am making money through inspite of the recession, that carries a simple product that 1 out of 2 people will admit being addicted too (that makes me a legal drug dealer ya know? hahahah) then you are just going to have to send me a message and ask me for it...

It was really fortunate that this company showed up... Having split with Wayne, I needed an income of my own fast. All of our ways of making money were far too tangled to sort it out and split it up. I am good at attracting what I need so I set out to attract what I needed... Now here I am...

There is far more to this story then this, but I won't bore you with it all at once. More to come. I promise I will be writing more now that I am more squarely on my feet so please drop back and stay in touch,

Guys and Gals, no matter how things look, there is plenty of adventure to be had. Shall we find some adventure together?

In Gratitude
Kat McCarthy

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