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Not to sound over dramatic but years ago after I found law of attraction I spent years studying spirituality and even some parts of black magic and parts of  hermeticism then later I started researching frequency and the impact frequency can have on physical objects. Plus I researched Astral projection and did a little astral travel. 

After years of research  I feel like I finally 100% understand how reality works. Maybe if someone takes the time to read this it can help them. Every single second of your life is filled with energy that your 5 senses is translating into people,places and things. All this energy is your soul because your soul isn't just in your body it's everywhere.  You can't see out side of your soul. Your soul is the energy field people call "God".  This field of energy changes based on your strongest feeling on every single subject in the moment. So when people say you attract what you want, I think it was a watered down way to introduce information to people but in reality you attract nothing. YOU CREATE EVERYTHING via your emotions. Everything  and everyone in your life is a representation of your strongest emotion on each subject. If you would like to manifest something different other than what you're seeing then you must change how you FEEL. You can do that by trying to feel a different emotion or think a different thought.   In Law of attraction teachings  "thoughts" become things. In my opinion after years of researching this,  our thoughts are nothing more than a COMPLEX FORM of our feelings.  

I feel like the process in creation is,   Feelings  = Simple Wave form  becomes   Thoughts = Complex Wave form   becomes   Physical Manifestation  = Your 5 senses tuning into the Complex wave form which leads to you living in what we call reality.

This process in my opinion is why Spirituality  teachers such as Abraham and others talk about feeling good and just being happy.  If everything you see, hear and touch is nothing more than a translation of your strongest feeling on each subject then simple feeling good and being happy would lead to everything everyone your life changing to your IDEA of happiness and feeling good.    If you decide just to feel good today then you will start to see everything around you change and it's not changing to match your frequency. it's changing because everything in your life is made out of your energy so changing your feelings is changing your energy. 

I believe this is the reason why miracles happen for some but not others and why some have perfect health, wealth and others don't.  

I know this post is all over the place but hopefully someone will get something out of it.    

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Comment by May K. on November 30, 2017 at 11:07am

Is life really a dream? Sometimes it feels like it.

Comment by May K. on November 19, 2017 at 7:33am
Thank you so much! I love reading your posts:) always so encouraging!
Comment by Grace on November 19, 2017 at 1:44am
Yes. This resonates so deeply. Thank you

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