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I’m so thrilled to be able to share with all of you, the journey one of my team members is embarking on with the isagenix 30 day cleanse system. She is an amazing person to have on my team and I want to thank her for sharing her story. She is a true inspiration to everyone out there stuggling with weight issues such as she has in the past.

“Hello. My name is Kris, and this blog entry is to describe my
experience so far (5 weeks and counting!) on the Isagenix system.

Maybe a little background will help. Some of this may sound
familiar… I began trying diets when I was just 13 years old. I
stumbled onto a no carb diet, and lost 17 lbs in just two weeks.
Great, right? Well you wouldn’t think so if you knew what I ate. Meat,
eggs, more meat, more eggs. Not a fruit or vegetable in sight. I had
no idea the harm this could do to the body. I alternated between junk food on the weekends and no-carb during the week to maintain my
weight. It’s surprising I didn’t get very sick, but I just didn’t know
any better.

Well, this perfect system fell apart in college. Everyone around was
having so much fun ordering pizza at all hours of the night, going out
for ice cream, etc. My self control crumbled. I am embarrassed to
admit that gained nearly 65 pounds. It was horrid. I felt helpless. I
couldn’t stick to my no-carb high school diet. After binge eating, I
would swear up and down to eat less. But what to eat? What not to eat? No one around me seemed to have the same problem. A doctor ordered me to “lose some weight!” and then send me out the door. But how? Hunger always got the best of me. I felt like I had to eat what everyone else was eating to fit in. A lot of joy I could have had during those years was sucked away by my struggles with weight. And you don’t get those years back.

This bad situation continued for the next 20 years. Boy, that sounds
like a long time to deal with a problem. And you know what? It is! My
weight went up, down, up, down. I starved myself for 3 months before my wedding, only to gain all of that weight back. I joined gyms. I tried many diets, but always failed. And beat myself up for not having the will power to keep the weight off. Clothes shopping was always depressing. I had fat clothes and skinny clothes. Just like Elvis Presley. I decided that this was how things would always be, and was miserable.

Then two years ago a student of mine lost 50lbs on a lo-carb, low cal,
no exercise diet. She looked amazing. Everyone complimented her. That was it. I made up my mind to do the same plan. I paid A LOT of money and was handed a single sheet of paper: “Thou shat eat only this, thou shalt never eat this… and the extreme, gut wrenching, soul stripping hunger pangs… well just deal with them!”. I wanted to lose that weight so badly that I stuck to that program to the letter. I lost 25 lbs. Now everyone was complimenting me. I had to replace every stitch of my clothing, even my bras and socks. Yahoo me, right? Well, it was one of the most difficult things I ever did in my life. I was hungry and drained 24 hours a day. I would call my diet coach and tell her that I was fainting while teaching class. Her advice: eat 3 almonds. Three almonds?? What was that going to help? Once a week for an hour, I was allowed to eat whatever I wanted. I LIVED for these hours. My husband would take me to the food court at the mall, and I would eat not stop for one whole hour. Do you know how much junk you can eat in an hour? I must have looked like a freak. I would literally stare at my watch as I was cramming food into my mouth. Does this sound healthy to you, mentally or physically? We went on vacation for a week and I ate NON-STOP. Literally from morning to night. But did it make me happy? Absolutely not. I felt guilty with every bite.

And you know exactly what happened, don’t you? The weight once again started coming back. I want to say that it snuck back on my body. But that is a lie. The weight came back with every piece of cake, plate of greasy food, and Dairy Queen Blizzard that I ate. Somewhere in my head, I knew what was happening. My clothes were getting tighter. I actually convinced myself that our new clothes dryer was so hot that it was shrinking all of my clothes. Can anyone say denial? How could I let that weight come back when I worked so unbelievably hard to take it off? Well, it hurts to be hungry all the time and it feels good to be full. That’s why. I was sick of feeling hungry. I thought if I stepped up my exercise routine, the weight would come off. But that just made me hungrier. Those awful, self defeating, embarrassed feelings that I had felt since college began to collect again in my head. Mind you, I was a long way from fat. But I felt myself sliding down that hill of weight gain without a rope to grab. I am a smart person. I have no trouble giving other people advice. Maybe too much, they might say. Yet I did not know how to help myself.

Then, as if by magic, my friend Melissa told be about a wellness
program called Isagenix…”

In the next blog she will talk about her experience with isagenix . I can’t wait!

Till next time,

Lots of Love,



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