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Here is part 2 of Kris’s amazing journey with isagenix!

I’m so excited she has written this blog to share with us.

Thanks, Kris

Part II: my introduction to Isagenix…

So there I was, back on the train that I said I would never ride
again. Eating when hungry, eating when not hungry. Squeezing into
jeans to fool myself. Could I go back to that horrible starvation diet? Never. Did I want to gain that weight back. No! As I said, while I am full of advise for others, I was quite desperate for some help for me. Then, when I really was starting to feel quite down, I was touched by the tendrils of serendipity…

My friend, Melissa, also happens to be my hairdresser. And about 5 weeks ago, I was sitting in her salon chair for a cut and color. Normally, I blather on while she works and smiles at my stories. But today was different. She seemed ready to burst with news while I sat sullenly.

“So what’s up with you?” I asked.
“I’m starting into a new business,” she said with a HUGE smile.
“Oh, really?”, I asked.
“Yes,” she said still grinning. “I’ve become a representative for the
Isagenix wellness product line.”
“What that?”, says me, wondering what could possibly make her so enthusiastic.

She told me that the Isagenix products help people to achieve health.
She said that they are made from the highest quality ingredients possible, and that they restore the wellness and energy that you thought you lost forever.

She also said that one of the side effects was weight loss…

What did she just say??? I could feel happy in my body again? I could get control of my eating habits in a healthy way? I could lose those pounds that had recollected around my belly? Was she reading my mind? Did she think I looked fat???

But why should I think that this was the help I was hoping for? Well, there were several reasons that I decided to try Isagenix.

The first is the philosophy of the products. The goal of the products is NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT. Unfortunately, when you read the product literature, it is full of weight loss testimonials. I think that is just because that’s what most potential customers want to hear. But the sole purpose of the program is health. Once you start being nice to your body (flooding it with nutrition, switching processed foods for whole foods, making exercise a routine part of your life), the weight drops off as a part of the process. And not just weight, but inches (more about that later).

The second reason I tried the products was Melissa. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. If there was a pill guaranteed to make you look like her, you would buy it. And if she said it would work, you would believe her. She is an honest person AND a competitive body builder. She has spent years studying and trying every health and protein powder available. She says the Isagenix products are the best and I believe her.

The third reason was Melissa’s sister, Tammy. OK, I had actually ordered my first 30-day cleanse before I met Tammy. But I would have ordered it the night I met Tammy if I hadn’t already. Tammy is also what they call a “walking billboard” for the products. She has teenage kids but could pass for 25. She is energetic and enthusiastic and has been using the products in her own body for a long time with great success.
Tammy graciously held a meeting in her home where she introduced us to
another company representative, explained more about the products, and
gave out samples. I am a sucker for samples.

The fourth reason was the products themselves. The shakes taste good. Great, even. Add a half a banana or a spoonful of peanut butter and you will swear you just came from the Dairy Queen drive thru. And you get to drink them twice a day! Heaven for someone like me with a sweet tooth. The Want More Energy powder can be used straight, or mixed with chilled herb tea and it tastes like a yummy lemonade. I even like the molasses-based Ionix drink mixed with cold water.

The fifth reason was the price. With that nightmare diet 2 years ago, I paid a large(!) sum of money for a piece of paper. A piece of paper! And, of course, the pleasure of stripping down to my skivvies every week to be weighed on a cold, cruel scale. I have easily saved more than the price I paid for the products in food costs that the products replace. It doesn’t make sense that I could get what I wanted for free, but that is actually what has happened.

And the last reason was Melissa’ promise about hunger. Or lack of hunger, actually. There are at least 155 reasons why other diets have failed me. But the number one Achilles heel for me is hunger. I don’t like being hungry. Wait, actually… I DON’T LIKE BEING HUNGRY! It makes me grumpy and unhappy. It makes me feel sorry for myself and angry with everyone who is enjoying their Subway Footlong sandwich. It makes me lose my resolve and head to the food court. I told Melissa that I was intrigued by the Isagenix products, but that I didn’t think I could bear another diet where I was hungry all the time. She
promised me that I would not be hungry with Isagenix.

It sounded to good to be true… Next, stop: shake days.

Till next time!

Lots of love,



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