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Positive online connections and maybe a new galpal.


Slight update here: I met a Hey! Vina match last Sunday and I feel like overall our coffee, drinks and chat time went well.  She gave me her email and would like to meet up again before Christmas.  I've been "Nevilizing" friendship, I think that's the main technique I've been using.  

I'm also very grateful for the positive online people in my life.  OK not all of them but there are some wonderful ones.  For example, not sure if I have mentioned this yet.  Around about July I attracted being in contact with this guy who knows a LOT about NLP and hypnosis, two things I am very interested in.  He recommended a book and I'm only half-way through it but I've been taking so many notes.  I kind of consider him a mentor, at least in terms of the NLP and hypnosis stuff. We don't chat that often, not as much as we did but I'm grateful for him, Joe.  A lot.  He's also a very positive person.

About a month or two ago, I also attracted free life-coaching.  I don't mean a half hour free session to find out what areas I need coaching in and how a particular coach can help but i literally mean free up to one hour weekly coaching sessions.  And that's something I wanted to manifest.  I thought about it but it wasn't like - I had a strong desire but it wasn't like something I obsessed over either.  Maybe that's why I got it, not sure.  He's also really positive, Kris is his name.  And he also is into actions but also mindset.  I think he and Joe both probably do believe in and practise Law of Attraction, even though we haven't used that term.  And I'm happy to have those two skype connections.  Both of these men are really helpful to me.  

I've wanted to attract new friends. 

Specifically a circle of female galpal friends and a BFF.  I think the main technique I've used is "Nevilizing" based on Twenty Twenty's and Neville Goddard's techniques. Plus some actions too, like responding to an ex colleague's message and swiping on Hey! Vina which is a female friendship app, purely platonic.  I've only met one of the vinas so far and there's not loads of women on there, in fact I ran out of "Vinas" so I've just started swiping any new woman on there now!  But I did meet up with one of the women last Sunday afternoon for coffee and drinks.  And I used some of the NLP techniques, a really basic one but I often have forgotten I know it.  She got in touch after and wants to meet again before Christmas.  I have a busy weekend but I think meeting next weekend would be good.  I was also invited out by a woman on meetup.  I messaged her when I went to an event and nobody was there, we got chatting and she messaged me saying that her and a friend were meeting new people at a certain restaurant, did I want to be her plus one.  But I looked up the restaurant and the reviews for it were appallingly low.  Plus I'd already said yes to a meetup group meal.  So I said no but that I'd love to meet another time. I DID have fun at the meetup group and had a great time chatting to 3 others but just for that night.  And the following week, the NLP skills seemed to help the people to maybe respond even better to me than normal.  As Wild Carrots here said, about invitation to meet the woman, her friend and the new people, she said something like "Well, isn't that what you were trying to manifest? Women asking you to hang out?"  and she's right, it is!

So..hopefully, I'm on the right track in attracting great new galpal friends.

I also listened to Rockstar Affirmations "Circle of friends" not sure how long for though maybe just two weeks, I don't remember.  

I'm also grateful for my online friendships.  Including how they have my back and they're just really awesome just in general and encouraging.  They really care, you know?

So I am in the process of manifesting people like that offline too. 

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