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  And I feel like I’m expecting “lucky” things to happen more than before.  I think I said I found 5 p (without converting, that’s like a nickel to most of you) and a couple of days later I found 20 p (that’s like two dimes, I guess) on the ground.  And although Friday night’s date stood me up and seems to be a troll, (internet troll, I mean not like this sort of troll:  www.comingsoon.net/assets/styd/assets/uploads/2015/11/TRoll1.jpg" alt="TRoll1.jpg" />

(Though, who knows?!) But Thursday night’s date was fabulous.  Part-time fitness model and a manager, great sense of humor – made me laugh so much – gentleman and a great kisser.  Nice pub and park date.   So THAT felt kinda lucky?!  And THEN the NEXT day (yesterday) family gave me £100 to spend!  Plus two things I wrote about that ARE happening, is I’m seeing more hunky guys around and I NEVER used to like this.  And my landlord going out more so I get the house to myself more than about 2-3 weeks ago.  Which is just nice, I can sing, kitchen to myself etc.   AND when I went to karaoke the second time, this woman who I think is THE COOLEST person there, she asked me if I could walk with her to the station.  She was even there with other people but asked me.  And we had a chat and a laugh. Possibly a dash of the charisma there too ;-) So THAT was awesome too.  


And another sorta lucky thing that happened - sorta lucky cos it started bad?

There are these two teenage guys and I'm not kidding you I think they actually have a crush on me.  From things they've said and done. Well, anyway, last night I was walking past a shop and I saw them and this other guy (not with them) he sounded drunk and he came out of the shop and said in a slurred voice, something like "Come here, baby" to me and held out his arms for a hug.  I think I said no, he did it again and started to walk behind me, following me, I think he said "Hey, hey" or something like that.  Then he walked next to me. Then one of the two boys, who was on a bike, road in between us and looked at him, saying "Watch where you're going" or something like that.  The man went away.  I walked up to the boy and thanked him.  I didn't actually realize he'd done it on purpose, I thought the man was in his way.  He replied "That's Ok." and then his friend said "What happened?"

"Oh, a guy was bothering her so I rode in between them to make him leave her alone."

Then they sort of flirted, but in a nice way.  I was polite and thankful! but then left. So, I have my own sort of neighbourhood protector too!  So THAT felt lucky too. 


So, it feels like an improvement, you know?  It’s like steps in the right direction.  I’ve had my moments - ups and downs, yes, some setbacks but, overall, I DO feel like things are improving.

I also had some great news but I will write about this later, it's something that could happen in two weeks.

So, some of the subliminals (just youtube ones) seem to be helping.  With the date as well, I just did what I could to keep the vibe high and also I went (after a lot of nervousness initially!) with the intention to have a laugh, find things to appreciate and anything else is a bonus.

And I'm following two paid programs, one I manifested for free a few months ago but took a while to really more consistently listen to.

And just trying to find the better feeling thoughts, I guess. 

I had a dream my date replied to my message, I dreamed this last night and kept a bit of that feeling of the relief of that when I woke this morning.  So, lucid dreaming to help manifesting, yes I want to play with this.

More later, I have to go.

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