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Talking To My Self . . . Up Close And Personal

Say Hello To DATHEN --


This is the name I've chosen for my Inner Being -- my Higher Self -- for the sake of convenience and "personalization", and also because I like the name and what it represents to me.

Dathen is a prominent character in one of my stories, wherein he is the wonderfully wise and perennially patient patron of all Wolven Kin. So having chosen the image above to represent my Higher Self, due to my well-known affinity and great love for all things Canis Lupus, it wasn't long in my search for an appropriate name for him that "Dathen" popped into my head, and I knew right away that it was a perfect match.

Then I got to pondering the process. Every time I considered a different image, I was immediately and insistently led back to this one. And everytime I considered a different NAME, I was immediately and insistently led back to this one. And I remembered my own mantra:

Nothing Impossible Is Imaginable -- Therefore Nothing Imaginable Is Impossible

Which basically means that if you can conjure it up, it must exist SOMEWHERE within the mind of Oneself, because nothing exists OUTSIDE of Oneself, therefore the image above -- which I attracted, I did not "create" it myself -- is in fact the image of the CHARACTER whom I DID "create" . . . because in some reality this being ACTUALLY EXISTS, and actually IS who I say he is, on all counts and in all circumstances . . . and I could not know that if he were not already in communication with me.

And his name is Dathen. Period.

So there . . . THAT was easy!

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Comment by Rascal on June 1, 2014 at 5:26pm

Hi Wee-B-Geeb --

I think you're probably right regarding the fear of confrontation.  But really there wasn't any of that, it was just an interesting talk I was having with Fred when that thread AND Fred simply disappeared, and I dared be so bold as to ask if anyone knew where he went.

Apparently, that's a big NO-NO for some reason.  So I wrote that Appreciation post to let them know what I thought of their hypocrisy, what with all their talk of Allowing, you know :-)  I'm kind of surprised it's still there LOL!

You might also be right about starting a new discussion forum.  That could turn out to be some wild and woolly fun!  It's something to think about.

Nice to "see" you again.  I'll catch you later :-)

Comment by WeeBGB on June 1, 2014 at 1:18pm

LOLOL!  Hi Rascal!  :D  It's been quite a while for me being here, too.  But your name and posts keep popping up in my email, so when that happens, I know it's something GOOD!!!!  LOL!

I think the reason these peeps are so afraid is because humanity is starting to "Awaken", more and more each day, and with that comes very controversial conversations.  And they can become pretty heated, if the "right mixture" is, well, in the mix.  Some people do not want to hear the Truth, and TRUTH is coming out of the woodwork lately.  Not just here, but EVERYWHERE!  And most humans do not like confrontation of any kind.  If anything you are posting here starts ringing that "bell" in Admin., then they will remove it immediately!  So, I'm guessing, if you really want to keep your thoughts, ideas and questions going, so that those of us who truly do LOVE you, and who want to TALK, and discuss and share our thoughts with you CAN continue to do this, maybe you need to start your own "Social Network"/Website where we can go and do just that, without any censorship!  Censorship KILLS ideas and growth!  "Censorship is to art as lynching is to justice!" ~ Henry Louis Gates.

 "The only valid censorship of ideas is the right of people not to listen!" ~  Tommy Smothers  (I just LOVE this one!)  :D  When we are censored, it takes away our right to decide for ourselves if we want to engage in it, watch it, discuss it, or walk away from it.  Now, who seriously has the RIGHT to do that????  Only each person on this planet!  

Missed you!  :)  Have an awesome day, Mr. Wolf!  <3


Comment by Rascal on May 31, 2014 at 7:05pm

It's still happening!  I can't even ask a question now, without being censored!

Let's see . . . what if I post a really provocative argument?  Will that be deleted as well, simply because there are those who don't want to deal with the issues I put forth?

Probably.  That white stuff you see on top of a pile of chicken-shit.  More chicken-shit!  LOL!

What comes next?  Stay tuned . . .

Comment by Rascal on May 31, 2014 at 5:22pm

Wow.  It's been well over a year, yet it seems like yesterday.

Probably because we talk everyday anyhow, so there's been no loss of continuity.

I'm back expressing in words, because censorship is occurring in the Main Forum once again, always a disturbing trend when it shows itself.  Certain people betraying their biases.  And I'm waiting for them to come here and wipe out my comments, because then I will know for sure it's time for me to move to higher ground.

I realize I should just blow it off as childish reaction to things the child does not want to hear . . . but serious and semi-serious things were being discussed, couched in dry humor -- and one discussion wasn't even allowed to become a discussion before it was deleted.  It was one I had posted only a few moments ago.  Next thing I know, it's gone, without anyone having had a chance to say anything.

What's up with that?  What are they so afraid of?

There's definitely an "ego" thing at the heart of it -- can't be anything else -- but the "why" for now remains a mystery, mainly because I'm not sure of the "who" precisely.

But we'll figure it out, won't we, Dathen?  We always do :-)

Comment by Rascal on January 27, 2013 at 1:03am

Hello again, old friend . . . nice to see you here once more . . .


What is it with this site, I wonder, making it more and more difficult to to the simplest things?  Do they not want us to participate?  Things that used to be a simple click of the mouse are now impossible.


Well . . . I'll hang around for a while longer . . . just to see how it goes . . . meanwhile, of course, I'll be in touch with you on other levels.  You know why I haven't been talking to you in here :-)


Later . . .

Comment by Marlene on November 3, 2011 at 9:55pm

 Well I beleive that we all have some kind of fear, and even if it is easy for some to just get over it or just past it, it isn't easy for others, I personal don't know how you just get past it. I must be missing something!!


Comment by Rascal on October 30, 2011 at 1:26am

Why is it . . . the more you try to help someone . . . the more they resist?

Is it some kind of "self-defense" mechanism?  Some unidentifiable FEAR?

Seems logical.  FEAR is the prime mover of HATRED -- and hatred inevitably begets violence.  So the more you try to explain to those in Fear, the more they resist, and the greater grows their Fear -- so the greater grows their hatred.  And the violence increases.

It's the proverbial "vicious cycle".  How do we STOP this?

Comment by Marlene on October 13, 2011 at 3:46pm
Oh, so you do check in here! LOL! Glad to see that!  Well being you don't what to share your thoughts, maye I will just keep mind to myself also, JK! All is good here, Living my life ad being grateful for all that I have! Just relaxing, did alot of work in here last week so chilling this week!  E-mail when you get a chance! Later.............
Comment by Rascal on October 11, 2011 at 8:45pm

Oh no, we still talk, believe me . . . I'm in here every day looking into those eyes . . . but it's been a while since I've wanted to share any of those conversations, that's all.

And how are YOU, by the way?

Comment by Marlene on October 5, 2011 at 9:35am

 So, I guess you just don't need Dathen anymore, I kind of feel really bad for him, leaving him hanging, I thought for sure you would do that to him but I guess it is time to move on for you. Good Luck in all you do! Love and Later......................


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