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for self study, quotes reference, spending time with the material of Abe....

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This space is intended to be discreet and accurate to the tone, context and intentions of JEstherHam and Powerful Intentions.


Workshop Highlight Transcripts

71 minute edited version of longer seminars edited by Esther Hicks


1994 Workshop Highlights

1994-01-23 Houston TX

1994-02-12-A West Los Angeles CA 

1994-02-20 Austin TX

1994-02-26 San Francisco CA NEW!

1994-03-05 Sacramento CA  NEW!

1994-03-12 St. Petersburg FL NEW!

1998 Workshop Highlights

03-04-1998 Larkspur CA

06-21-1998 Seattle WA

08-22-1998-San Francisco CA

11-14-1998 El Paso TX

1999 Workshop Highlights

01-16-1999 Boca Raton LA

04-04-1999 Virginia Beach VA

08-29-1999 Kansas City MO

12-12-1999 Maui HI

2000 Workshop Highlights

01-15-2000 Tallahassee Fl

01-18-200 Tampa FL

01-22-2000 Boca Raton FL

02-12-2000 El Paso TX

02-15-2000 Tucson AZ

02-19-2000 Phoenix AZ

02-26-2000 San Diego CA

03-07-2000 North Los Angeles CA

03-11-2000 San Francisco CA

03-14-2000 Monterey CA

08-21-2000 Monterey CA

11-25-2000 San Antonio TX

2001 Workshop Highlights

2001-01-27 Boca Raton FL

2001-05-08 Portland OR-B

2001-10-20 Silver Spring MD

2001-12-15 Orlando FL

opening and closing monologues by date

Open Statement, Silver Spring 10-20-01
Open Statement, Orland 12-15-01

Open Statement Chicago 5-25-02

Open Statement Dallas 10-20-2010

Closing Statement Mexico Cruise 2010

Closing Statement Online Event 3/31/2010

Closing Statement Philadelphia 05-27-2010

Open Statement Boca Raton, Fl 03-25-2011

Opening Statement  North LA, California Jan 28, 2012

to be continued....


"If you could hold us as your object of attention always, you would manifest all of your desires, all your dreams would come true." Abraham-Hicks

The intentions for this organizational structure is to provide space for Abraham material to be found, explored and spent time with.  All community members of matching intent are invited to build within this community offering, and the community itself is thanked very much for the space to grow, express and  appreciate on topic of self-empowerment  and life as taught by Abe. Much appreciation to JEstherHam as indicated by the enthusiasm! ~Patri

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