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At 8:45am on December 28, 2019, Flowerpatch said…

sending love your way Gen! xxooo Happy New Year!

At 2:30pm on March 7, 2019, ॐDarth Intentionsॐ said…

Sorry I never got to respond back to you previously. The past few years have been a bit rocky my way, but it's walking on rocks that give you the feet to traverse anything, right? :) I'm going to be popping back in/out again, so hopefully we'll get a chance to speak sometime. I hope all has been great your way!

At 11:26pm on January 1, 2018, Flowerpatch said…

At 11:19am on December 8, 2017, Master Manifestor said…

Thank you very much Genevieve.

Peace & Blessings.

At 7:58am on August 18, 2017, Flowerpatch said…
Hi Gen! How are your eyes? I am trying to improve my sight and I recall you had success with this! ((((Hug))))
At 5:19pm on April 23, 2017, MP said…

Genevieve!!! OMG!! What an amazing surprise!!

I'm so sorry, I didn't see your message before.

I'm so happy to get this sweet message from you!! It feels so good to see old friends from PI again to drop by and say hello, and see they're doing well :-) :-).

Aww you're sweet. I'm not really a composer ;-), those pieces on my page are old stuff, from a bit before I joined PI, but it's in my Vortex to do it everyday again as a hobbie.

I hope you're doing great and have manifested lots of wonderful stuff! :-)



At 8:26am on April 14, 2017, Flowerpatch said…
Dearest Gen, Your message was incredibly moving because of the timing. It shows how truly connected we are. My beautiful, precious, best friend, Molly, my doggie, died lastnight. I can't seem to stop crying. Please send a hug. Love you and congratulations on your new family member. The best blessing of all is a dog.
At 8:41am on August 17, 2016, ॐDarth Intentionsॐ said…

G'morning Genevieve, I happened to notice you in a thread and realized you've returned. It's been many years since we've spoke, so no clue if you remember me from back in the day. lol Either way, I hope you're doing great. 

- Mateusz 

At 7:51pm on July 11, 2016, Mary said…

OMG Genevieve I could hardly remember that event its so long ago...and yes I remember strangely we didn't get to talk, I love Dr Brenda Davis 

I am living in the West of Ireland now full time 


At 7:44pm on July 11, 2016, Mary said…
Hi Genieve
Lovely to here from you 
I hope life is good. I don't go into the site at all now.
This is a quick note as its late 
Life is good TG 
At 2:52am on May 1, 2016, Flowerpatch said…
Thinking of you Gen! Hope you are well! Miss you very much :) Come back soon because your contributions here help so many! Love, Fp
At 9:27am on March 29, 2016, ॐDarth Intentionsॐ said…

Hope all is well your way Genevieve. :) 


At 8:39pm on January 4, 2015, Flowerpatch said…
Love you and miss you Gen! Happy New Year!!!!!
At 6:59am on August 30, 2014, Spirit Kid said…

It's been a really long time since I've been here, and happened to be wondering through this morning, so I wanted to stop and drop you a message. I wanted to say long time no see, hope you have a wonderful morning, and I hope the years have been good to you!! :) Take care, and maybe I'll appear again before too much longer.

-Mateusz Laskowski 

At 8:28am on July 8, 2014, Flowerpatch said…
Hiiiiiiiii Gen!!!! How are you beautiful lady?!! Hugs!!!
At 8:19pm on December 31, 2013, Flowerpatch said…

So glad to see ya home for the holidays gen. Love you!8

At 7:35pm on December 1, 2013, Flowerpatch said…

Love you Gen!!!!!!

At 11:18am on July 18, 2013, Flowerpatch said…
Now that it's out there you can take steps to attain what it is you truly want. Live in the moment and be thankful for all you have now, keep your focus on your dreams and make time to hug one another, reassure one another that you will get there. More importantly, reassure yourself, your desires cannot flow outward if you are not 100%. Go back to the little things that convinced you of The Secret's power and build from there.....ANY OF EVERY THING IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE!
At 6:49pm on June 13, 2013, Bullion Grey said…

imagine that, Gen,

Particles of Energy, collaborate to co-create, the sum total of you and me. Either in or out of place, this ongoing type of space, supports our spirit's and as all, within the joy of Grace. Turn toward faith, and spiritual Love, life is just another toy, a kinda gift from above, a silent sign that points toward Joy!

Bullion Grey

At 10:30am on May 8, 2013, Flowerpatch said…

Gen!!! I love you!!!! MISS YOU!!!!!! So happy I came across you today love. How is the family?!

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