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some story here.

The imposed 440Hz
In 1939 Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels dictated 440Hz as the standard tuning pitch. This to let people think and feel in a certain manner, and to keep them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. This in spite of that Professor Dussaut from the Paris Conservatory wrote a referendum that was signed by 23,000 French musicians who all were for the preservation of the A= 432Hz. Freedom of choice in bringing back the frequency of the earth is what it's all about today.

The Joseph Goebels theorie seems to be not true, I read something about it on the internet, the true reason to shift from 432 to 440 is stil not clearly explaned..

432Hz quality
Music on a basis tone of A=432Hz is more transparent, more marked, clearer, gives an obvious musical picture and the Overtones and undertones moves more freely and can multiply themselves more. Music based on 440Hz represents emotions and locks up the head. By lowering the pitch 440Hz - 8Hz to 432Hz, the music changes. Which first was painful to the ear changes into a beautiful, warm music whereby relaxation is natural. Overtones are decisive for the sound, this holds for instruments as well as the human voice. The piano tuned in A= 440Hz creates an artificial clarity and strengthens the high stress levels of today. The instruments on which Mozart and Verdi composed their masterpieces were in 432Hz -is the same as C=256Hz- pitched. The original Stadivarius violin was developed to resonate at 432Hz.

Try it out, you wil be suprised of the results.

I have put now the 432hz music on mypage, the gitar is tuned to A 432 hz.


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Thank you for sharing all this valuable information and also to be able to listen to this beautiful music.

Music is Healing.

Namaste' 333
Thanks a lot for this. I'm a guitar/piano player myself and go to music school. Everyone lives and dies by the 440, this should be interesting to create new sounds! Very inspiring!
Hi Graig

First I want to say, a lot off succes with your work.

music is the inspiration of our world, without it everything will be black, but you now.

432 hz is new, also for me, but as a high end amp designer (tube hybrids) I am open for new things like you do.

try someday to tune your gitar to A 432hz nad not 440hz, find a tuning fork who has this fibration of love and balans.

Some cd,s I have translated to 432 and let them listen to other people, the reactions of them was suprised, more warm, more open, and crispy sound who bring relaxation th them who listen, ear damage is a lot less.

Do you now like the secret says, the solution is found in the past? here also a hint who point to it, like I experience with the tube amps, see the electrons means feel the music..
Here A musicband who are the first who make music in 432hz tuned instruments.

listen yourself.

Hi Kees,

thanks for sharing this with us. I have a set of tapes called "Sound Health, Sound Wealth" and "Spiritual Alchemy" by Luanne Oakes, and she uses the 432 Hz which she says also is more healing. I listen to her meditaiton and healing CDs almost daily, and I love them more than any other CDs I have.

I look forward to learning more about this. She also talks about how churches were designed accustically to "Bring the fear of God" into the listeners, when that was a popular idea.

Hi gen

If a church will bring the fear of god, what she does, then we have to end this.

and we do, all together, because God is love, not fear, you now we are the childeren of this God, do you frighten your childeren? no, you don,t you love them and give them everything to grow up and be happy? do you treat them with hell and fire? no, so churches are big lier.

I am not a believer because this God is in everyone, we are the creators like everyone in nature does even plants and anymals, nature creates continue through evolution, that is why we die, to evolutionate.

But churches are also a part of the powerfull men who try to stop our spiritual growth, and scare people, this why God wil burn bad people, it is a big lie, this my darling wil not succeed, she have made a mistake, to invent the internet, without it people are already be puppets, and the secret was still hidden..

And a part of that is the 432hz music, now 440hz what blocks your thinking, 432hz opens your hart, and you now, because you have this cd,s already.

Google is our friend here, search for 432hz in it and you find a lot.

thanks for your message.
Great info.

I noticed this...

The number of the musicians who tried to preserve the 432Hz standard was 23,000.

Naturally. ;-)
Wow, this is interesting stuff, being a professional classical string player myself. I actually tune to 441, my own personal preferred A. It has a certain brightness to it that I like. But I would be curious to play a recital tuned to 432. Thanks for sharing!

-The Creative Soul
Hi Creative soul

Let me now how your experience is, I am curieus.

And yet, all our lives we've all been exposed to dominantly A440 music.....and many of us have experience enormous amounts of joy, happiness and beauty from it.

I think the law of attraction applies to this topic as well. If you believe that A432 music is going to be "better" for your vibration......then it will be! And if you don't accept that into your belief system.....then it won't!

Ain't choice cool?

Tony Rush
Hi Tony

afcouse the 440hz music can sound beautifull, some instruments has to tuned to that, but others who is tuned to 440 is beter of if tuned to 432hz, the frequentie 432hz has a ideal multiplication factor for the higher harmonics, it give "space" tot the music, and les oneven harmonics, that is why it is tunes to 432 in the old days, and then I mean before the 1900's

On my site the music is all 432hz, and for me and a lot of others it have a big impact for them with listening, als a moviemaker who I now go for it, I have the dvd of them recoded in 432hz and send it back, she where really inspired by it.

But as you say, every person is differend and some like 440 more, like the one who love heavy music.

Choice ain;t really cool, freedom is a big hug.

go for it.
Hi all LOA fans... regarding 432hz i've found an interesting source... www.432hz.net - it's the first online music store with some artists inside that compose only with 432hz tuning.... i thought would be interesting for you all :o)


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