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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Thank you for the cat that I asked for.. he's so cuteee.. fell in love with him already

Thank you for the extra money 

Thank you for a nice convo with a sweet baby boy

Thank you for good and healthy salad

Thank you for the money that I have

Thank you for the love of my friends.

Some of this is for tomorrow, but I got this news today just that I am working in this school for tomorrow that OK it's a year older than I'm usually comfortable with but being the last week of school term as he said it MIGHT be lighter & easier and anyway WOW they are a "faith" school & while I don't fully agree with raising kids in a religion I like going to faith schools at times because I guess I like the cultural aspects of it & seeing how people do things differently.
So far just been a couple of Catholic schools & a school with a vast Muslim population. And lots of multi faith type ones.
ANYWAY this is a Hindu one! I am not Hindu but there are things about that faith I like well what I like about this one is YES an early start but an early finish! Grass on the roof! Aint that cool! A temple don't know how much of it I will see. Free veggie food for me - free lunch! I bet it will be yummy. They
Mention yoga and meditation & mantras if they do that tomorrow I would be delighted! I guess it depends on the subject in a way. They say
They are eco friendly which is awesome too! "Music, dance and drama lessons encompass Indian instruments and styles as well as western. We also anticipate there being parental demand for extra-curricular tuition in this regard." that would rock & they talk about outdoor learning too.
ANYWAY what else? A really lovely text today, getting to watch the latest episode of a show I like, a bit of a sleep in this morning.

The cold weather I woke up to this morning. I'm glad to have a nice, comfortable bed to have good dreams in. :)

Reading people's appreciation also gives us good vibes n we attract all goodness in our lives.....:))
I appreciate my SELF getting better n clear...
Laughs with family
People around who help me who be with me at the most needed time
My AC ,light,
My heart that loves
My mind that makes me best
My fone to get connected to whereever i want
My new ideas of a joyfull life
My car
My kids
My freedom

I appreciate waking up to summer sunshine, having friends tell me i take beautiful pictures, i looked in the mirror today and   noticed my effort at the gym showing. 

Great post:

Today I am grateful for:

Being happy

Trusting myself

Feeling joy

Having faith






On Friday I mentioned to a friend that I could really "use" a neat dolphin encounter.

Today I SO appreciate the amazing dolphin encounter I had today with a very unusual and friendly wild dolphin!

You post inspired me to share this encounter I had back in the early 90s.  I was at the beach in New Jersey, not exactly the dolphin capital of the world, and I was meditating.  I had just introduced my brother to one of my best friends, hoping she would like him and want to date him.  As I meditated on that very early morning, I said to the Universe, "If my brother and my friend are supposed to be together, when I open my eyes I will see a dolphin." I meditated long and hard.  Finally, when I opened my eyes, hoping to at least see a dolphin surface diving in the distance, I saw TWO dolphins surface diving and playing so close to shore that I was tempted to swim out and join them. My brother and my friend were married within the year.  Man, I love this life!!


I am SO especially grateful today. 

Yesterday I took my boys to the dragon park and we were the only ones there. I wished I had called Judy and invited her and Philip. I turned my head and there she was, walking up from the street. This is on the opposite side of town from our neighborhood. We had an excellent time chatting and laughing. Then more boys showed up, some from our school, and mine had a wonderful time playing with them until we left. 

Then we went to the farmer's market. My guys were incredibly well-behaved there for the first time ever. One of the farmers even gave them each a little bitty green apple for free. 

I am grateful for the way I handled my husband's frustration and anger when I got home because his shoe was lost. He did not change my vibrations at all! Not one bit! But I think I diffused his tension. Go, me!

I am extremely grateful that he is letting me keep his check card! Life is so much easier this way. I will not overspend. 

I am extremely grateful for the way I have stayed calm for several days. 

I am grateful for the new dryer we will be getting because our old one finally went to dryer heaven. It will be a rare deal and will work like a charm and save us money on energy as long as we live here, and for many years to come if we take it with us to the new house.

I am grateful that my haircut is tolerable and actually kind of nice now. I had been down about it, but now it looks pretty good. Just had to figure out how to manage it. Grateful that I did!

I am grateful that my husband is finally full-time at his new job, and that he likes it so much better than the other place. He did get the amount I had been visualizing, BUT-- it is not his salary. The exact amount I visualized was the total of the company's compensation package-- salary plus medical benefits. Oh well. Live and learn. He's still making the same, but not any less, and the stress is waaaay down. So, hooray!

Very grateful for my upcoming school schedule. Two days a week! YES!

Grateful that my room is now painted and the new headboard ($75, never used, just around the corner in my neighborhood) is attached. My room looks pretty good now. 

My boys got the teachers I requested! 

A wonderful day at our friend's friend's pool with two other pairs of brothers the same ages and one other little guy. Grateful for knowing other mothers who are on my wavelength. 

Everything is aligning for us to move to a better school zone. It is happening! I'm visualizing the For Sale sign in the yard. 

Here's the biggest one, though: One of my close friends has been been pregnant with a baby with holoprosencephaly. She wasn't expected to survive birth. She wasn't expected to have two eyes. She was expected to not have a nose, but instead there would be an odd protruberance on her forehead. Well... she was born last night at midnight with two beautiful eyes, a flat nose that is bent into a cleft lip, but I bet it could be fixed, and she is 4 lbs 3 oz and is going to live! I say she is going to live and come home and I keep visualizing her running into my kitchen as she and her brother and sister and mom arrive at my house for a playdate. So many miracles so far, and they will keep coming! 

I appreciate...


My loving girlfriend!

My parents who gave me a wonderful childhood, and wondeful foundation of the man I am becoming!

My brothers, sister, and extended family for just being there!

My guitars and the skills I have (and will continue to improve)!

My job!

Myself for being so motivated!

Every person that has come into my life (good or bad)!

Life in general!

Everything I will attract!

The entire world!


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