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Having fun with my family last night and laughing so hard my sides ache!

All I have asked for is on it's way right now and some arrives today!



KNOWING I will ALWAYS BE HAPPY No Matter What!!!!!!

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Thursday 5th November

Extra hours once again today
YouTube songs from Death In Vegas
I also found a very good video of one of their live performances
Heavy rain in the daytime, so I got the bus into work
Timing wise, things were fairly good
Good flurries of custom when it was my turn on the till
Arsenal lost heavily last night, so the store manager got a ribbing
I sold a corporate toy during my time on the till
Sale for £138.01p, the biggest of the day
The slapstick of a mad old woman crashing into a fixture with her mobility scooter
Tidying everything up and repairing the 'damage' created a change in the daily 'events' of the store
Lunch at 1.15pm was rather welcome
Trays of out-of-date Milk Tray chocolates have been left in the staff room
Chat with Cheerful Jamie about memorable Chelsea results and games
Now that he is Christmas shop manager, he has become a good bit more chatty
Covered home and lighting in the afternoon and felt useful
Sorted out a number of click and collects which could have been tricky
Also covered menswear in the final hour and felt useful
An exchange which could have been tricky (with jumpers) actually wasn't
When I was going home, a bus turned up very quickly
Torrential rain in the afternoon, but I stayed dry
Home alone for a while in the evening, playing Spotify songs
My brother slipped over and injured his arm, but it is not serious
What could have been a dislocated shoulder was just bruised muscle, nothing more
One more shift and then a whole weekend home alone
Friday 6th November

All in all, a pretty good day
Heavy rain in the early morning for me to listen to
Still raining in the mid morning, so I got the train in
Very nice cup of tea in Costa Coffee before work
That hour or so, was very relaxing
I have been feeling pretty serene all day long
This made for a fairly enjoyable day at work
Fairly busy in the store with plenty going on
Never any really dull moments which was good
Collected money for the Poppy Appeal and people were very generous
I seemed to get all of the cute girls/women customers today
Memorable customer: cute girl ordering shoes on click and collect
She was quite chatty and was telling me about her home town in Shropshire
My friends turned up out of the blue and invited me along to the pub later
The rota has been worked out in my favour yet again
Cheerful Jamie continues to be quite chatty (asking about football trivia today)
Pretty Charlotte continues to come out of her shell and be more confident
The staff Christmas party has all been sorted out and it will be really good
Tall Kelly continues to get ribbed about her various antics and mishaps
I got a large jar of coconut oil from Panacea for the very good price of £5.89p
Had a nice sleep in the late afternoon after a busy week
Nice walk to Hunton Bridge in what was a very mild Autumn evening
Due to various firework displays, a festive atmosphere prevailed in the local area
Drinking pints of London Pride in the Kings Head
Chatting about dogs, jobs, Christmas, tattoos, and Simon's 50th birthday
Maria fell asleep, so Simon and me chatted about the former Yugoslavia
Walking home in the mild fresh air did me a lot of good
I now have 3 days off work and I am home alone
Having the money, health and mobility to do all of these things

I appreciate that there are still friendly, helpful people around if you ask for help and make my and their day a bit brighter by being friendly and smile.

I'm thank ful for my family, for a roof over our heads, enough to eat, being able to breathe good, fresh air, being free to go wherever we want to without fear.

I'm glad I know the sun is out there even in the midst of november fog, I'm glad it still is quite warm so we don't have to heat a lot which saves money and resources, I'm glad that there are so many sunny day in november (I neeeeeed the sun and the light!)!

I still marvel at the wonderful things I learned here, the havoc I wreaked and especially.... the absolutely awesome humans I've gotten to know.
Saturday 7th November

Day off #1 and a nice lie in for me
YouTube song from Lindisfarne
Heavy rain in the morning but I was indoors in the warm
Good session on Yahoo Answers (questions about continental Europe)
I drank plenty of water during the day
My family had a very good second day in Blackpool
Did a lot of housework in the early and mid morning
Nice walk in the early afternoon around the local area
Gillette Soccer Saturday was very amusing and informative
My team lost, but an England striker scored for the 9th successive game
Long walk in the early evening around the village and environs
The vista of pyrotechnics was pretty spectacular
Chicken korma for dinner and it was lovely
Watching 'The Gunman' on Virgin Movies on demand
Thought provoking action film with really good scenes and plot lines
Two bottles of Doombar bitter as I watched it

Sunday 8th November

Day off #2 and another lie in for me
Dream about making a cup of coffee for my favourite lovely lady
YouTube songs from Expose
I also found some handy subliminal videos about being attractive
Once again, I drank plenty of water today
Playing all sorts of fun Spotify songs in the early afternoon
Jigging around to these (like a wally) felt good
In fact, I have felt quite exuberant all day long
My new thought form is starting to sink in a bit now
Long walk around the village in the early evening (out for an hour or so)
X-Factor had a shock result; but this stops it from being too predictable
Listing and then playing some semi-festive songs from Christmases gone by

Monday 9th November

Day off #3 and something of a lie in for me
YouTube song from Mott the Hoople
It stayed dry so I could go out cycling for the first time in days
This felt really good and was good exercise for my muscles
Fairly strong breezes gave resistance for me to exercise against
Got all the way to London Colney which made a change
The coffee shop in Next had plenty of space
Very nice gingerbread latte and relaxing sit down
Made a list of events and zeitgeists from the summer months
This helps me to appreciate what is actually going on in my life
It also crystallises how intriguing my life can be (most of the time)
Interesting posts on the Football Nostalgia Facebook group for me to comment on
The journey home in the very fresh air was also pleasant
There has been a plethora of 555 digits today (a big change coming in for me)
Later on, an interesting post about Brighton and Hove Albion on Football Nostalgia
Good long walk around the village and Studioland, to burn off any stodge
Dinner tonight was very nice (lean chicken and steamed veg) and good for me
Finished off my list from earlier on, in the late evening
Friends of mine who write interesting and amusing status updates
Having the last three days off to get my beauty sleep etc

I appreciate the love and support of my family, my faculties to effect positive change and growth in everything I do as well as the awareness and potential I am yet to fully realize!

I appreciate Sir Neil's most enjoyable daily reports - it is fun reading them! Also I very fondly love GB so I enjoy hearing things from this country!

I enjoy that it is still warm enough to only wear light clothes. Sun comes out everyday, even if only for short periods - but it is there! I enjoy watching livecams from Rome (another big love)if I have some minutes, from beaches with my beloved sea, the waves, the sky...my energy elixir.

I appreciate that even though I have tons of work to do I don't whine but think that I will handle it all and that I don't mind. And I really feel that way (something I felt all the time when younger, seems it is getting back to me).

I appreciate stop sweating the small stuff,, more and more.

I appreciate my wonderful family. Husband. Business. Home. Being warm and fed. Surrounded with love. My car and possessions. Wonderful friends. My health. And peace. Xxx
Tuesday 10th November

YouTube song from the Scissor Sisters
Got into work safely despite gusty winds
Extra hours today due to an earlier start
I had about 4 successful click and collects during the day
(That counts as 4 extra sales which I have drummed up for the company)
The wry amusement of when a shelf of nail polish collapsed
'Banging' Lisa has won Star of the Week Award, and it's merited
Tall Kelly keeps giving me things to make fun of her about
The amusement of Angry Andy grumbling about Dorothy Perkins parcels
Chat at tea break about spectacularly rude customers
I livened up after tea break having felt sluggish in the morning
The rest of the afternoon passed by quite quickly
Covered menswear and added value to the business
The menswear staff vacancy has now been filled by a new starter
This was music to my ears because I won't be required to cover that department
The new starter comes across as a nice bloke, with a good general knowledge
On the way home, met a local eccentric who I have known for years
Chatting with her along the High Street was really nice
She was telling me about her son who now has bad rheumatism
Hearing this made me appreciate that I am fit, healthy and mobile
And just to prove this, I appreciated the evening walk in the humidity and breezes
I also found an amusing YouTube video of funny moments from the Graham Norton Show
In the evening, found an excellent article about appreciating '-what is'
(More precisely, how doing this then draws what you want into your life)

I'll try to do one (max two!) day/s at a time and keep this up heh heh!

OK for today:

Pre-booking and cos someone - NOT me but either my agency's consultant or the school - made a mistake, I started later.  meaning I got some extra time at home that I feel like I kinda needed cos I was quite tired & it was just nice to have that!  Got to relax a bit first.  Really lovely kids & staff and so happy it is foundation stage (Reception) Getting to do a sit-down activity for most of the afternoon- I often do a lot of constant walking around so that was a refreshing change!  Having my lovely bagel from yesterday to enjoy on the train for lunch and again changing trains at one of my favourite stations with the good shops.  It also has a supermarket so I stocked up on a few things - handy!  Getting home just a little after 5.  A lovely email.  Reading this thing that got me feeling the feeling place of abundance a bit, which I'm very pleased about.  With the mistake about the time and then train problems, it's weird, at first it was like I "lost" an extra hour at home, but actually I ended up having a lunch break about half an hour after starting so I kind of made it up again and it felt possibly less rushed.  

Wednesday 11th November

Slept right the way through during the night
YouTube song from The Way
Making fun of 'Banging' Lisa in the staff room before my shift
The amusement of Tall Kelly losing her glasses
The amusement of Lynne laughing at this, and then losing hers'
Half way through I was whisked away to home and lighting to cover
Two people had phoned in sick, so I added value to the business by covering
I also rather enjoyed the change of scenery
I stayed fairly warm, in what can be a cold area during the autumn and winter
I also had pretty Charlotte to admire and interact with during the day
Sale for £124.95p (mother and daughter buying all sorts of cushions)
Sue found me a box of sack bags when we had run out
Customers were friendly and quite chatty today
When I needed overrides, Giggly Grace and the commercial manager obliged
Excursions to the training room to get larger click and collect parcels
Sale for £125 (lady buying a ceiling light)
I generally found all click and collect parcels easily enough
Today is Diwali, and Hindu colleagues put sugary toothsomes in the staff room
Easily found two birthday cards afterwards, and they were pretty apt
Replied to some posts on here, and get very clear-headed
My email stopped working for a while, but is back up and running now
I am also appreciating the wifi connection I have at home
Continued with my department store satire: now to intend getting some printing
Night walk was spent appreciating my current job


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