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I am LDS. For those of you who don't know what that means I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, or, mormon. I'm not one of those fundamentalist crazies you've seen on Fox News I'm a member of the real mormon church.

I believe "the secret" to be true but I also believe that God blesses us in our lives. It could be possible that the law of attraction is one of his creations and when we use it thats how we get our blessings. Anyhow, I won't discount my religion for anything because I believe it to be the most true thing in my universe...but I would like to know how others use both their religion and "the secret" to improve their lives. Also, how they're able to do it without contridicting themselves.

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I'll be curious to hear responses to this too...

While I have always been spiritually oriented... and was raised within a paradigm of 'religion' (and I truly appreciate that experience). When I started to recognize both the inconsistencies within the teachings of that religion itself, along with the inconsistencies between what that religion taught... and what my experience was... I began exploring other religions. Many, many religions... and found things the same everywhere.

So I decided to put my trust in God... and my relationship with that God of my understanding... and that took care of all contradictions. ;-)

So, while I don't believe there is any reason LOA could or would contradict ANY religion... I'm pretty sure people's understanding of LOA and/or understanding of their religion's doctrine might pose contradiction!
This is a very very personal question and I will give you the best answer I can.....

For me personally, I was baptized a Catholic but there are many things about the catholic religion and countless others that I agree and disagree with and I've come to this conclusion. I now have a faith not attached to any specific religion, my faith - is in my heart, it is a place in where I believe my purpose in this existence is defined.....

The "bible" in its many forms is a way to review some of the greatest moments in history and to learn from them and they each come back to basic fundamentals in a person's life and I have found the simplicity of these fundamentals through The Secret/Law of Attraction. I have found my faith in writing - and it is not different from the teachings of the catholic faith when I was a little girl because at that time LOVE & GOD WERE ONE. Over the years however, that same catholic faith brought me chaos and doubt because it is said that if we stray from that particular belief then we have strayed from GOD.

My faith tells me differently, my faith tells me that the "bible" in its many forms, was written by man, who we know can and will interpret the simplest of words, millions of different ways. My faith now is in my heart, where it is safe and where I have grown and where my God is.....

The Secret/Law of Attraction has changed my life and it is through the empowerment of positive thinking.....No contradiction - actually things are more clear now than they have ever been.....

Hi There

This is my insight into the subject, I hope it helps

I was introduced to the Secret in 2006. I had been practicing it with very little sucess, in fact I can close to Bankruptcy instead of attracting more into my life. Very recently I have embraced Buddhism and I have found that (ironicaly since now I want to give away my possesions) I have had come into some money that will really help me out. I am careful now to make sure that I do not loose sight of my faith now.

I see 'The Secret' or 'Law of Attraction' as a principle that God (or Source) has set up to enhance our belief. When you think about if most religions require faith that God will answer our prayers. The Law of Attraction seems to be the way that God ensures that this is done.

Through my experience, I have found that The Law of Attraction is hard to grasp without faith (this is just through my experience to date).

Watching 'The Secret' one of the teachers actualy advises to release our desires to the universe after asking for what we want. This is the faith part :-)

Hope this helps

Colonel DJ (Dave)
if you ignore all the negativity of your religion, and the guilt/fear inducing parts of it, then I think you'd pretty much be talking about LOA! So, I don't know if there is a way to do that within your religion, but if there is, maybe to focus on the positives only, then I would say yes they can co-exist. But I think generally religion maybe has been a way to keep some away from the power of the secret, not bring them closer to manifesting what they want.

Of course, this is me, heathen, speaking. I respect people's choice to be in a religion that they choose, but for me I don't think religion does me much good.

" if you ignore all the negativity of your religion, and the guilt/fear inducing parts of it, then I think you'd pretty much be talking about LOA! "

Like Mary K I am interested in what people think about this and the above comment
was very "on the mark" and a new way of describing it.

At least for me, who never really had any religion , but after understanding LOA could now at least understand why people did have religion and what the benefits were to them!
I love Joel.....he is truly an amazing man - I've actually never been one to listen to a sermon and yet I find myself turning the channel and if he's on, I really enjoy his presence, another great man in the making.....he's touched me.....

Hi--I read "The Secret" through God's eyes. A book I bought at Target. It really helped me. Just a thought.


With Divine Love--
The first book I read a few years back,before the secret was ever thought about was "Think and Grow Rich" by Nap.Hill.At first it seemed to conflict with what I was taught to believe.But the more I got into it. I thought everything Hill wrote could actually be based on the Bible,in fact he recommened it as reading.Hill wrote that to be successful one ought not to judge others,to practice "Do unto others..."He wrote several books beside the one I mentioned where he states that one should set high standards where there is no room for jealousy,envy,and the other things considered as "sins."Otherwise you will suffer the consequences of your thoughts and actions.Sounds scriptural to me.FWIW.But people in the LDS church may see things differently...so it really is up to you if you have a conflict...and then decide what choice to make.
Ahh, a very interesting topic. Thank you for bringing it up. Like the others who have responded, I don't see that God and the LOA have to be mutually exclusive. One of the main tenets of the LOA is that the Universe (God or at least a sub-set of God) wants you to be happy. And to achieve it without stepping on someone else's happiness. This is a pretty basic Christian belief -- do unto others etc.

Since no one can presume to really know what's in God's heart or plan, it's probably okay to consider LOA as one of God's blessings. Really, it's all good. At its most basic, LOA asks you to be greatful for what you have, believe in a higher power than yourself, share that joy with others and wait for the "abundance" to reach out to you.

I think it's when we start to focus on the minutiae (the small picture rather than the larger one, the words rather than the message) that we get ourselves into trouble. Personally, and forgive me if this seems shallow, I try not to overthink it.
Hi ChrisTal,

like so many others here, I dont see any conflict between LOA and God.

I see God as LOVE, as the totality of us, we are ONE with God. Some of "Us" have come to experience this Earth and Physical experience. We came here to experience Love and its contrasts or opposites hate, fear, pain. We were given laws like LOA to guide us to know when we are experiencing goodness and when we are experiencing badness. Goodness, makes us feel good and brings more goodness and badness feels bad and brings more badness.

When you ask the Universe through LOA you get not exactly what you ask for but what you are thinking and feeling, so you get happiness if you are feeling and thinking happiness and you get illness and disease if you are thinking and feeling ill.

But I believe that we can always bypass the Natural laws like LOA and can Ask God directly and he also always responds but not with like on like ...even if you are severely depressed or ill and you ask God he always responds with what is best for you ...because he only operates from LOVE. Whereas if you ask the Universe (which is physical) it responds to your feelings and thoughts so you can get good or bad as an answer depending on your motives or intentions.

For me the good thing about LOA is that even if a person doesnt believe in God or the afterlife, the LOA allows that person to take responsibility for his/her actions, knowing that if they behave badly towards self or others there are negative consequences, but if they choose to be kind and fun loving then fun and goodness come their way.

For those of us who believe in a God, it is great to know that we can bypass the Physical if all gets too much for us and just ask a LOVING God for help or guidance. And it is wonderful for us to know that when this physical life ends we go back to ONE who LOVES us unconditionally !!

This from the bible always helps me.

“Have faith in God,” Jesus answered “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask fro in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours, And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. Mark 11: 22-26
Today, my faith always "coincides" with many faiths. I was baptized into the Presbyterian church but meaning to myself inside is what I always sought.
The "Secret" merely supported much of my own experience, further re-inforced "What the Bleep" as for my mind - Understanding and acceptance is personal by ones experience, and when a constant stream of reinforcement find their way to you, it should not be ignored.
"Blind faith" for my mind does not allow you to see the many similarities of world religions. There are many similarities, all positive in a long expoloratory journey. However, I also see "Ignorance is Bliss" in Blind Faith - an also treasured position!
Perhaps your need to search is to reinforce your faith, else a need for reinforcement by your faith.
Either way, it appears to be "the secret".
You cannot lose if you see it both ways.
When I read back what I wrote, it appear confusing to me as well - for that I am sorry.....I believe that all religions are a lifestyle mechanism to encourage faith and positive thought. We can, together, encourage eachother by the best communication mechanism available - often the one we can share with others very nearby to ourselves.
In this time of global electronic communication, I would ask myself to "think locally" and feel faith supported by my group and those nearest to me, but always be "silently smiling" in comfort of knowing that there is a global wish around my intentions.
Cheers and kind wishes.


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