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I am LDS. For those of you who don't know what that means I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, or, mormon. I'm not one of those fundamentalist crazies you've seen on Fox News I'm a member of the real mormon church.

I believe "the secret" to be true but I also believe that God blesses us in our lives. It could be possible that the law of attraction is one of his creations and when we use it thats how we get our blessings. Anyhow, I won't discount my religion for anything because I believe it to be the most true thing in my universe...but I would like to know how others use both their religion and "the secret" to improve their lives. Also, how they're able to do it without contridicting themselves.

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I would like to know how LOA fits in with Islam and I'm sure it does somehow! I am not Muslim but my husband is and I'd like to talk more about LOA with him without contradicting his religion! (We have freedom of religion in our marriage and kinda have an agreement not to try to convert each other!) He CAN visualise stuff but unlike in Norman Vincent Peal's books - great for Christians into LOA! - he is not allowed to say draw Mohammed or Allah (Allah means God, Mohammed is the prophet) so I doubt he could say visualise Allah blessing him like a Christian could imagine Jesus doing. I do believe all religions somehow link to LOA including Islam but I'd like to know more about how. I know about the contradictions. E.g. as with many forms of Christianity Muslims believe in what God wills is what will happen no matter what people say or do. And yet my husband has said some things that indicate he DOES believe in thinking and believing positively! So I'd love to know how LOA DOES fit in with Islam.
I believe Wicca, white magick and paganism fit in well with LOA. And I can see links with Hinduism e.g. Mantras and affirmations. But Islam?
I've never had the opportunity to chat with someone about their 'beliefs' associated with Islam so I don't really know much about it. What is your husband's understanding of 'God'?

I understand when you said Muslims believe in what God will is what will happen... that's not an unusual (or necessarily conflicting) belief with LOA... it would depend on how/whether someone has a limited definition/understanding of 'God'. So, in your husbands understanding is God some sort of 'Being' separate from humans... or is God something different, perhaps bigger than that?

In other words... could he hold the understanding that perhaps God designed a Universe governed by laws... with the Law of Attraction being one of them?
Let me be honest with you ChrisTAL... I would think that religion and LOA are two very different concepts... Again understand me well, I dont even think God and religion coincide at all...
Religion teaches you how to be limited... God and LOA teaches how to be limitless...
With religion you are nothing but a sinner obeing to rules... With God and LOA you are the son of God powerful, loved and without boundaries...
The first sign of growth chrisTAL is to start thinking outside the box of religion...

I agree to this,
I think if you want to believe in the secret, than you may have to realize that the law of attraction may contradict your religion, or at least some of the 'rules' that certain religions have. You also are going to find alot of people here who believe in things just as wholeheartedly as you, Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, Wiccans, etc, and have accepted that the Law of Attraction has been one of the themes of those religions anyway. Just meaning that yes you can believe in Law of Attraction, but depending on how open minded you are in accepting that.
Hey Chris"TAL", heres my take on this, Im LDS and I believe the secret too, ive read the feed too and seen the responses. I know how people at church can be, i feel it too sometimes, but our church is christ's true church run by imperfect people. People have said think outside the box out of religion, if it came to LDS or LOA, I would choose LDS everytime, but you dont have to, the principles laid out by Jesus and his prophets teach LOA, they are not contradictory. Its simple cause and effect, keep the commandments you will be blessed, sin and you can expect negative consequences. The secret is really an expansion on faith, you might not usually hear on a sunday because most just talk about faith in Christ (thats hard enough for them), the secret is talking about the things WE can do with faith, read the lectures on faith by joseph smith and see what he would have said about LOA and faith. Christ taught we can move mountains by speaking to them, with the power of thought alone and faithful words, blind can see, deaf can hear, walking on water, turning water into wine(alchemy?), dead raised to life, and tons more. If these things are possible just by using our minds and having faith, this forces us to question the very nature of the universe, and the links between mind and matter. These things were not limited to Christ, he was showing us the way. He said himself that greater things than this shall ye do. Bible and book of mormon prophets performed mighty acts of faith which prove man's ability and dominion over the elements, moses parted the red sea, joshua made the sun stand still, lions were tamed, people stood in a furnace and were not burned, acts of healing, prison walls broken down, weathers controlled, and much more. Christ said nothing shall be impossible unto us if we have faith. He also said we reap what we sow. He also said as a man thinketh so is he. He also said alot more upon the subject, he was a master of the "secret" a law perfectly designed by god to give us each our just deserts. In the secret we also hear about ask and receive, guess who first taught us that too? anyway theres a ton more that jesus revealed to us upon the subject, he taught it, he taught it better than anyone else in history ever has! to a degree that the experts on the secret video or anyone else for that matter could dream of. not to say they cant get to that level though, they can in time become as good at it as the master is. Our religion doesnt not teach us to be limited! Joseph smith taught it first.. we are gods in embryo. That is the plan of salvation for our development and growth until we reach godhood, joseph smith was ridiculed and branded a heretic for even suggesting such blasphemy, that the god of the universe who loves us and more than we could ever know, wants us to be like him and experience the happieness he does. If we follow our inspired church leaders we will be set free not restricted. Thankfully the world is waking up now and starting to agree that man does have divine potential, although joseph smith taught 200 years ago and christ 2000 years ago and all the prophets before christs birth too. Think of the most on the ball people in your ward, the ones who really get it. They prosper dont they? they are blessed, whilst the rest of us stand around scratching our heads (what do they have that i dont?), if we follow the prophet and any wisdom the Holy ghost reveals to be true no matter what the source then we will prosper and receive abundance. The secret is a part of he gospel, but make no mistake it is just part. It doesnt teach us about the atonement or resurrection, or temples or all the other grand principles we must know and use if we are to become gods. The secret covers faith,prayer, miracles,gratitude,giving,thinking and feeling good,that things can get better no matter where we find ourselves at the present time, are we not taught all this at church and much more?? the secret talks about the universe, and i un
Thank you for sharing Joey, that came from way inside and your words are appreciated.....

I lost my job, was in the hospital, got out, and needed a career change. Through the process of relaxation and visualization which is taught in the secret I decided to seek out a minster who prayed with me for a new career change that would suite my talents. Bingo within a week I was launched on a career that was just right for me. Of course GOD is within us I learned that in my Lutheran Sunday School. The SECRET simply builds on the better things I had learned from my religious up bringing and the bible. Of course I also learned things that were not so but take what you like and leave the rest!
Hi All,

Wow! great respones. Just to ditto, one thing about God's word, it is the same everyday. That is why we pray and study the word, and he (God) will give us understanding of his word. We are the church, the temple that God dwells within, for true believers our lives are a living testament of his word.

God has blessed me in many ways, educationally, health, family, career, property, and financially. Now he gave us all this not for ourselves but to share with others less fortunate.
When we obey his word, God will multiply our blessing to make us steward over much. We must be willing to give as he has given us.

So, we give honor to God by our actions, decisions, attitude and how we treat others.
Be blessed, Shar


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