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For more information, you can look it up. It has to do with clearing one's karma so that good things can enter your life. People have claimed to have found success in anything from money to relationships. I have done Hooponopono and still do although it was never clear to me how it really works! From the book Zero Limits it seems like that the only way you can learn more about it is by going to some expensive seminars. Dr. Joe Vitale made it sound so easy that just by saying 'I love you' to the Divinity, you can solve everything yet they say that you can't put focus on anything in particular nor can you expect any results. Anyway, I still do the four phrases silently whenever I feel like it throughout the day. I think sometimes I feel peace inside but nothing major in my life.

But this chanting I do twice a day for 15/20 minutes and I had some breakthrough in second week. Ideas came to me from nowhere regarding something from the past that I ended up taking a trip and found something really positive regarding my deepest desire. The actions were so inspired as if something was forcing me to take that trip. I also combined my powerful intentions by writing things down and 9 out of ten came true in the same week and half of them were absolutely miraculous ones! There was no way I could've created them! Then all of a sudden things started going wrong. Well in my current reality and from where I stand they seem wrong and against my desire. But I have no way of knowing if the Universe is working behind the scene.

Anyway, I don't know what I am saying just that I'm confused with the mixed messages I am receiving regarding my desire. When things happened like that after such a long time (several years), my vibrations were so high, the highest ever been! Now i don't even know where I am or where I am going and what the message I received--yes or no to my desire?

Please express your thoughts and ideas. Thanks, Love, Mary.

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Hi Mary,

I havent heard of this chant but I did a search on the net and found some info..I'm glad to know that most of your wishes came true but I cannot understand why things are going wrong now..I hope everything is sorted out soon for you and wishing you well....lots of peace and happiness.

I would love to learn more about this mantra..as I have been in the process of learning the benefits of various mantras past few months but there has been a small gap where I havent done much work on this..

I thought it was a Buddhist chant. Anyway did you ever see the movie " What Does Love Got to Do With It"? The movie about Tina Turner? Well in that movie when she was leaving Ike and trying to center and gather all her strength, she chanted it. ( I think thats how it went if I remember correctly.)
That's EXACTLY what I thought of when I read the title of the post. "Hey, wasn't that in What's Love Got To Do With It?"
Yeah, you guys are right this is a Buddhist chant and Tina Turner sure lives by it and she is also a devoted Buddhist (I think) for many years. She did this chanting on Larry King a couple of years ago (check You Tube) that's mind-blowing. Larry was in awe! Anyway, without becoming a Buddhist, people have seen results and as I mentioned that in less than two weeks I thought I made a breakthrough and I couldn't think of anything else but this chanting. So what seemed like didn't work out in the end, may turn out to be a temporary thing that things will work out but it may not be the time and I may need to clear more bad karmas. It's just that everything was going so well, then poof! Now everything has come to standstill and I don't even know if my desire is being handled by the Creator in the background or what?

I do the chanting with a video on You Tube (replaying a few times for 20 mins or so). So it gives me the feel of being with other people and also chanting the right way. If anyone interested, I thought it also burns a lot of calories because I get so hungry at times. LOL!

Happy chanting whoever is interested!


I became interested through Tina Turner. I love to hear of others who are changing terrible conditions because I have some deep conditions I don't know how to change with my conscious mind and I hope through chanting the ways will show themselves to me. Thanks for the post and the encouragement.

The first time I heard this chant, it was on an episode of The Monkees! Micky used it during the show. I'd be very interested in learning more...
Hi Tammy,

Here are some links to more information. I myself do not know much and I do not belong to any organization. This is not me. I am just trying out the chanting. I think it has certain power. If nothing, you may find peace. It releases stress and eventually negative thoughts. I have been chanting for that more than anything else. They say you can chant for something particular as well. I also read that you may go through a period of highs and lows. It's the cleansing process. So no need for alarm if that happens. After all, it's just a mantra which has good intentions. It can't kill anyone. But there are all those organizations who are using this as business like tons of people out there making big business with LOA after Secret came out? LOL!

I love this post, Thanks for sharing it.
To all who are interested in the teachings of the Buddha and the "later-day" twelve-century Japanese Buddhist monk, Nicheran Daishonen, who perceived the "lotus sutra" to be the most all-encompasing of the Buddha's teachings: there are regular gatherings of those who chant the entire lotus sutra twice daily on their own and together in group settings. Nam myoho renge kyo as I understand it is basically a metaphoric statement referring to the lotus plant which blooms and produces seed simultaneously. Since the entire sutra (teaching) is chanted in Japanese and you don't have to know what it translates to, the power of it comes from the chanting itself. You can find groups doing this if you want to try it.
Thank you Janet

I will look into it
Wow thank you so much for this post. When my sister was dieing she had a care giver who chanted this chant. She used the chant to bring her many good things like peace, health ,trips whatever My sister and I chanted it and it was very calming. I went with the care giver to a meeting where everybody was chanting. Very nice


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