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Abraham-Hicks said:

"We want to make 3 powerful statements to you, and
if these are the only 3 things you ever hear, they
will be enough.

Number One:

The ONLY problem,

the ONLY thing that causes you any trouble,

the ONLY thing that slows you down,

the ONLY thing that keeps you from what you want,

the ONLY thing that makes you sick


Number Two:

Resistance is always accompanied by negative

Negative emotion and/or pain. In other words pain
is an extension of the same thing. Physical

Number Three:

Resistance is always pushing against something."

I was thinking about this after having my on going battle
with my 12 year old about cleaning up after himself.

How many times was I going to make the same demands and
feel frustrated?

I keep turning into an angry witch and he becomes a baby

Well Duh!! Another light bulb moment!

Yesterday I did not resist or get mad when he left his

I cleaned them and felt appreciation for my son and told
him so.

I felt much better. This happened two more times and the
next time he did his dishes himself!

And of course, I let him know how much I appreciated

What will you stop pushing against this week?

What resistance will you release even a little and even
if it is only for this week?

Please post your answer here!

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I'm not sure what it is I am resisting but I know that I want to attract the man of my dreams in my life. The couple of guys whom I admired seem to have been involved with someone already. I know that there are many great guys out there it just sucks when you meet someone you like who have what you are looking for and they are taken. I want my own man!

So, I am waiting for him.........
Wow...that's amazing!! Hey..where do you get these youtube things? How can I save this one? I'm not the most computer savvy person in the world... :)
" I know that there are many great guys out there it just sucks when you meet someone you like who have what you are looking for and they are taken"

There is your answer! :-}
That is the thought that happens for you that does not feel good!

Can you change that thought to something else so you release resistance , feel better and KNOW all is well , more? :-}
this one also.
Love that!
I think I saw him yesterday! He was the mailman and he had cut off the sleeves of his shirt and his muscles were sticking out! VERY nice man..............a vision for all of us standing at the door to greet him! :)

I have enough to get to my new job this week, either for gas or for the internet, of which I need both, to do the job. I am being harassed by some Public Storage guy over 74.00. He has called, left bold messages and even sent a certified letter. I am less than a month behind! If he decides to confiscate my belongings in storage, there goes all of my Christmas stuff, some of which is chrystal and silver, as well as all the years of photos and memories and valuables. Right now he has me locked out. I am going to stop resisting what could happen to me and get on with whatever I can do to solve the situation.
Hey sweet heart, read your post and thought I'd share what popped out at me. "they are taken" " involved with someone already" let go of these thoughts, you are resisting being loved because you don't believe there is any GOOD ones available. Believe that everytime you go out only the single good men will flock to you. :) good luck :)
Start feeling good about yourself, and sending out the vibration of 'positive JGoddess' and keep at it. Then you will start attracting people who make you feel good, and who appreciate you for being you.....and you only. I have done this a number of times and it works a treat.
I can - yes I can believe the messages that are flowing to me this week. The are now coming rapid fire...its amazing and I am grateful. Yesterday I told my boyfriend that it was okay if he didnt call today when he made a point of saying he would. He has a tendency to promise me things when circumstances are such that it is likely to not occur. Usually I insist that no matter what he keeps his word. This time I told him that it was not necessary to make promises. It would be better for him to focus on his obligations in the coming weeks and that if he really wanted to call me or see me it was his choice but that either way I would be happy. I think he is a little taken aback. I just dont want him to feel obligated while he is dealing with some other things in his life. I would rather just let things flow... Anyway, thank you. So timely.
I love this story Marcy! It's so exciting to try these things out and see them in action and realise that it actually really works! :-)

I will stop resisting love - I will stop resisting the belief that I am an amazing person and worthy of being loved.

:-) I feel better already :P


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