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Abraham-Hicks said:

"We want to make 3 powerful statements to you, and
if these are the only 3 things you ever hear, they
will be enough.

Number One:

The ONLY problem,

the ONLY thing that causes you any trouble,

the ONLY thing that slows you down,

the ONLY thing that keeps you from what you want,

the ONLY thing that makes you sick


Number Two:

Resistance is always accompanied by negative

Negative emotion and/or pain. In other words pain
is an extension of the same thing. Physical

Number Three:

Resistance is always pushing against something."

I was thinking about this after having my on going battle
with my 12 year old about cleaning up after himself.

How many times was I going to make the same demands and
feel frustrated?

I keep turning into an angry witch and he becomes a baby

Well Duh!! Another light bulb moment!

Yesterday I did not resist or get mad when he left his

I cleaned them and felt appreciation for my son and told
him so.

I felt much better. This happened two more times and the
next time he did his dishes himself!

And of course, I let him know how much I appreciated

What will you stop pushing against this week?

What resistance will you release even a little and even
if it is only for this week?

Please post your answer here!

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I am just going to try to be mindful that when I feel that something is harder than it needs to be, that if I am feeling resistance, to stop and think about whether this is an opportunity for me to try things a different way, an opportunity for me to change course and float downstream instead.
I am going to resist pushing against my daughter and her need to FIND A JOB AND MAKE TONS OF MONEY SO SHE CAN MOVE OUT AGAIN! I am going to see her as a successful, happy, well adjusted child with lots of friends and love in her life!

I am going to resist pushing against my husband and the things he does that annoy me. I am going to focus on his strengths, qood qualities and humanity!

I am going to focus on the amazing successes I have had in business lately and allow creative ideas to flow to me!

First, Marcy, I want to tell you that I look forward to your postings every week. I may not have/make(?) the time to respond, but I read them faithfully and they always add a bright spot to my life.

Now, resistance...I have a 13 year old son so understand the frustrations you have (LOL) I have also learned to let go (a little) of my demands/resistance and it does work. His biggest issue is and has been his room. It goes from somewhat all right to disaster in less time than it takes me to fuss and fume at him and his eyes glaze over and I get a "Yes, mom".

However, my biggest battle right now (that I could use help with) is my husband of 18 years. He has been out of work for over 18 months. For most of that time I have harbored ill feelings against him and resisted any appreciation of him or finding any goodness in him. I've been very angry at him and really don't like him much (other issues, too, beyond the unemployment). In the last few weeks my attitude has begun to thaw and I'm trying to see him in a different light. I don't quite know what to do because he has made it clear to me that he has no intention of staying and wants to live elsewhere (again - we've moved a lot). My kids (17 and 13) and I won't move. I just don't see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. He's been to a few on-site interviews, but no offers yet. I try not to get my hopes up, but I so want things to get resolved so we can move on. Everytime he gets an invitation to interview we wonder if this is it. No job offer and he's a bear to live with. It's all taking such a long time, and I am so tired.

Let your husband go... the ill feelings you harbor towards him is affecting your children as well. They deserve your best.

You cannot bring back your childrens childhood. Their childhood teaches them how to be an adult. This is your one chance to make a good life for them. Teach them that life is Good.

You can start letting him go in your mind. Stop yourself from thinking even one thought about him. Replace all thoughts of him with thoughts that bring you joy to your heart.

This will bring you and your children some relief from the pain he is causing you.
What I resisted in the past is doing the things I know I should be doing to move me towards having the life of my dreams. Today and tomorrowI am not going to resist anymore. I know what I want and the exciting life that it provides and I am just going to do it.

I will let go of "wanting approval", "wanting security" and "wanting control"
I love how you turned around the situation with your son! The road ahead will bring more challenges for you :)
1 resistance
2. negative emotion
3.pushing against something
feeling that I have to do everything on my list
take time to appreciate my wife and my friends.
I like this topic. I have a similar situation with my kids. I am always complaining about my teenage boys not cleaning the kitchen to my satisfaction. Unbeknownst at the time, I raged against it so much that it appeared the kitchen was messier each and every day. Now, that I've realized my resistance is what's making the kitchen to be more of a mess. This weekend, I just let it all go. If I want the kitchen cleaned to my specifications, I just get up and do it myself. That's what I'm letting go of starting this week. I will report results when they occur. Thanks for such an engaging topic. I'm printing off this topic to post on my desk to help me to be less resistant in other areas.
I will stop pushing against my daughter when she is using her way loud voice in the house. I already tried it once today and it was really just so much better! This is a good one to put down.
As with anything in the universe, this came just in the right moment. My wife and I have been having an ongoing battle with our 18 year old daughter about helping around the house and cleaning her room. She leaves for college in the fall and we are at the point that we just want her to go.

Now, I see that the more we have been pushing it, the more she has been resisting. WOW. I can not thank you enough. I can feel the pressure already lifting from my shoulders!

I am going to stop pushing against my son's tendancy to be absent minded, I will let things go and be as grateful as possible that he is so gentle a spirit. He will be fine.
Also, I need to stop pushing against wanting others to be what I think they should be or how they accomplish their work, maybe things will be easier this week.


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